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<blockquote>The Green Lotus Palace was currently the residence of the Noble Madame Lin.

Hanging next to the wide bed of the six feet wide Agarwood cymbidium was a dragon-silk tent! The tent was embroidered with all sorts of gold threads, like rolling dragons, the wind rustling the silk as if it had fallen into a sea of clouds.

Purple jade with a fragrant pillow, covered with soft silk ice, folded with a jade belt bed. On top of the treasure hung a massive South Sea Night Pearl, shining like a bright moon!

The floor was covered in white jade, and the interior was embedded with golden beads. The ground was carved with lotuses, each of them shaped like a clear lotus. The petals were vivid and exquisite, even the stamens could be discerned.

No one was able to appreciate such exquisite and detailed beauty.

A man and a woman snaked around each other like snakes on a wide wooden bed.

"Your majesty, do you like Lin'er?" Feng Zhilin's delicate voice floated towards the old emperor's ears.

"I like it, I like it." Xuanyuan Kang embraced her body and worked hard to "work".

"Your Majesty, then why is Lin'er still a Noble Madame?" Feng Zhilin felt that she had suffered a great loss. This old emperor had been spending these past few days together with her at the Green Lotus Palace, but he didn't manage to level her up!

Even though she was given the gorgeous and spacious Green Lotus Palace, she still had to bow to the old lady from Imperial Concubine Duan. She was so angry that she died because of it, and she hadn't seen Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen lately.

In comparison, these two father and son, she still liked the young and handsome Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen.

But now, this old emperor came to the Green Lotus Palace almost every day to pester her, causing her to have no chance to go to the Imperial Garden to "bump into" Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen.

"Lin'er, you were born from a concubine, it is already not bad that we bestow you the title of Noble Madame. Unless you give birth to a dragon for us, we can raise your grade." Xuanyuan Kang was in a dilemma.

"But …" Feng Zhilin still wanted to say something, but Xuanyuan Kang's mouth was already aimed straight at her captivating red lips and kissed.

"Lin'er, hug me tight." Xuanyuan Kang ordered in a low voice.

"Your Majesty … "Ah …" After the sound of her delicate breathing, it became a beautiful spring scene.

After a few rounds of rain and old rain, the two of them rested for a while.

"Your majesty, Lin'er misses sister." Feng Zhilin thought that since she was favored now, she might as well take revenge for the fact that Feng Zhiyao bullied her mother.

"Which sister of yours?" Xuanyuan Kang embraced her body and asked.

"Feng Zhiyao, the one who was infected with the disease, the one who the King of Qi rejected the marriage with! Your Majesty, Lin'er and her sisters had a deep relationship since childhood, I hope that Your Majesty will allow her to enter the palace to see Lin'er once. " Feng Zhilin said in a spoiled manner, her charming eyes bewitching.

"Since it's a deep sisterhood, then I'll grant it." Xuanyuan Kang agreed, to let the beauty be happy, she would do her best in the future to serve him.

Feng Zhilin's eyes quickly flashed with a sinister light, and thought to herself, "Feng Zhiyao, I really look forward to what fate will befall you, this legitimate daughter?

"Thank you, your majesty!" Feng Zhilin bashfully smiled, and then kissed Xuanyuan Kang on the cheek, causing him to be beaming with joy, as though he had become twenty years younger than the Primordial Profound God.

As for Feng Zhiyao, after returning to Begonia Garden and eating dinner, she wanted to sleep early.

Only, she did not expect Helan Qi to come at the same time as Situ Yelei.

"Young Master Helan?" Just as Situ Yelei entered the room through the window, he saw Helan Qi wearing a gold mask and dressed in black follow him in.

He turned his head to see that it was actually Helan Qi. The golden mask on his face was too golden, he had no choice but to recognize it.

Helan Qi nodded his head, he did not have a good impression of Situ Yelei, he had previously said that Ye Weiyang was an assassin and was not compatible with him, so he simply grunted and did not reply.

"You all … You. Why are you here together? " Feng Zhiyao's expression was very frightened. Oh her god, why didn't these men take it easy? They actually came at the same time.

However, she couldn't leave any of them behind tonight, because her neck was full of's pink strawberries. Naturally, she couldn't leak any of it, or else she would definitely die a miserable death.

"Yao'er, I miss you." Helan Qi walked over to Feng Zhiyao and gave her a big hug.

"Yeah, I miss you too." Feng Zhiyao smiled like a flower on her charming little face.

"Yao'er, do you not miss me?" Situ Yelei felt that he had been wronged. Last night, he had been squatting here for an entire night, playing chess with Su Muyan had been tough, but he had not done anything during the day.

"I also want to." Feng Zhiyao laughed.

She wanted to make them happy first, then make them willingly leave as soon as possible, otherwise the strawberry mark at her collarbone would be exposed.

"Yao'er, I'm not going back tonight." Situ Yelei immediately said, he was sleeping here tonight.

"What about you? Helan Qi? " Feng Zhiyao asked. She could not say that Helan Qi was actually Ye Weiyang in front of him.

"I will naturally stay behind as well. In case someone has ill intentions, I can also protect you!" Helan Qi's cold voice sounded. He had been infected by petal poison and could not touch Yao'er recently, but he would be done in a few days.

"You — —" Situ Yelei felt infuriated when he heard this.

"Oh yeah, did you solve your petal poison?" Feng Zhiyao ignored the arguments between them and asked Helan Qi concernedly.

"Not yet. It will take a few more days. " Helan Qi gently said to Feng Zhiyao.

"Oh, that's right. Can you let me try and see if I can force out the poison for you?" Feng Zhiyao recalled that she had an excellent poison refining skill, maybe she could give it a try.

"This... This won't do, this poison has no antidote, so it requires me to use up my energy to remove it. This petal poison brought half of its Dispersing Technique Powder, so don't waste your time! " Helan Qi said as he raised his hand and caressed her hair.

"Then... "Fine." Feng Zhiyao felt that it was a pity.

"Yao'er, why are you so concerned about him? Oh right, Young Master Helan, why are you wearing a gold mask? Have you been slapped in the face by a woman recently, and do not dare to reveal it to Yao'er? " Situ Yelei bitterly glanced at Helan Qi. Why did he have to be so concerned about a gold mask on his face? He was jealous.

"Yelei, don't speak nonsense. From start to finish, I was the only woman he had. That petal poison also came because he refused the love of that Holy Daughter of the Flowers Sect of the Western Region!" Feng Zhiyao patiently explained.

"Is that so?" Situ Yelei was in disbelief.

"Yelei, you played chess with Su Muyan last night. Aren't you tired?" Feng Zhiyao asked the Demon Emperor.

"Not bad." Situ Yelei found it embarrassing to say that in order to continue squatting, he had specifically slept at the mansion for the whole day. It was to recuperate himself, and to fight with his beloved woman for three hundred rounds at night, hoping to make Situ Yelei Jr.

He thought that Situ Yelei Jr. calling him father must be really wonderful!

Thinking about it, Situ Yelei couldn't help but smile.

"Yelei, what are you thinking about? So happy? " Feng Zhiyao was curious.

"Hehe, I was wondering if your child and I were more like you, or me." Situ Yelei was very happy to think about it, so he told her.

"Ah?" You want children so early? " Feng Zhiyao looked at Situ Yelei, then at Helan Qi. It seemed that Helan Qi had the same intentions.

"After that child is born, a woman's figure will be out of shape. If I turn into a water bucket in the future, will you, or you, still like me?" Feng Zhiyao asked blindly just for the sake of it.

Because she had no plans to have children at all.

Perhaps the matter of having children was not within her consideration at the moment.

"I like it. My feelings for you won't change." Or "Like is like everything about her!" The two of them were both determined to do as they were told.

"Hehe …" Feng Zhiyao was very happy when she heard it, because sometimes women would like to hear sweet talk. Of course, Feng Zhiyao was no exception.

"Yao'er, are you there?" Feng Size's voice came from outside.

"Brother Size? It's you. " Feng Zhiyao asked Zi Yun, who was standing outside, to open the door.

When Zi Yun saw Feng Size, her expression immediately turned sour. With a stern face, she lowered her eyes.

"Yao'er, why are the two of them here? It's not good for you to have a good name in the middle of the night! " Feng Size saw the two black clothed men in the room, Helan Qi and Situ Yelei.

"Brother Size, it's not what you think, they are here to get a cup of tea from me before leaving. Oh right, why are you here at my Begonia Garden now?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"I'm hungry, but in the past few days, my appetite has been fed well by your Begonia Garden's food. Can I borrow your personal lass to make me a midnight snack?" Feng Size asked as his cold eyes drifted towards Zi Yun who was standing with her head lowered.

"About that, if Zi Yun doesn't have any problems, then I'll lend it to you for a while." Feng Zhiyao nodded and agreed, then she turned to look at Zi Yun.

"Zi Yun, are you willing to come to Jusong Hall to cook supper for Eldest Young Master?"

"This …" Zi Yun originally did not want to go, but after thinking about it, this was the best opportunity to take care of Feng Size, so she would not give up.

"Fine." Zi Yun replied in a low voice.

"Then, let's go." Feng Size saw that the two inside were still considered well-behaved, and that he had politely greeted them just now. Now, he could feel at ease to bring Zi Yun to Jusong Hall.

"Brother Size, you cannot bully Zi Yun!" After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, she covered her lips and laughed, she always felt that there was hope for Zi Yun and Feng Size.

She thought that she could let Feng Size use a beauty's trick to make Zi Yun rebel, and get him out of the control of the person behind her.

Speaking of which, it was really strange. Recently, she didn't notice any underhanded movements on Zi Yun's part, and had always been taking care of her. Many times, Feng Zhiyao felt that she was the friend that understood her the best.

"Hey, Yao'er, you recovered your soul! Your Brother Size is gone! " Situ Yelei was jealous again. When he saw how absorbed the other men were, his heart was in pain and he was in a mess.

"Ah, he's gone? Oh. Then … Then why are you still here, and why aren't you going back? " After Feng Zhiyao heard this, she asked.

"Didn't I say it already? I'll be sleeping here tonight." Situ Yelei walked forward and pulled her soft little hand, and giggled. He thought, touching Yao'er's little hand was also not bad, rubbing, rubbing, the soft, warm breath made him suffocate.

He was so attached to her beauty, but no, he was bound to be here today.

"Don't hold Yao'er's hand!" How could Helan Qi have seen such a dazzling scene? He immediately wanted to pry both Situ Yelei and Feng Zhiyao's hand away.

"Alright, stop pulling me. It hurts like hell. How about this, you're not allowed to leave a single one tonight. Go back and forth from whence you came!" Feng Zhiyao shouted loudly.

"Yao'er, are you hurt? If it's painful, bite me! " Helan Qi felt his heart ache, so he apologized.

"Yao'er, it's my fault, can you not be angry? My hand will let you break until you are satisfied! "Is that good?" Situ Yelei said vexedly, and he actually extended his wrist to try to break it for Feng Zhiyao.

"..." Feng Zhiyao almost fell into chaos when she heard their replies.

"No …" No …. I can't bite and I can't scrape you all. You all have esteemed identities, yet you all want to crush me to death. What I am doing now, aren't I asking for a beating!? Forget it, if you all are doing this for my own good, then please quickly leave my Begonia Garden and return me a peaceful sleeping space. " She let out a long sigh. "Please, let's leave quickly. Her eldest miss is also very tired after this day, okay!?"

"Fine, then let's go, we'll go together, just in case someone shamelessly stays here!" Helan Qi agreed with a nod of his head. He had been infected with petal poison and so he could not do it with Yao'er, but Situ Yelei was different. If he were to go back to the Begonia Garden halfway, wouldn't Yao'er be at a huge disadvantage?

Therefore, Helan Qi had cleverly used this method of provocation!

"Yao'er, you should go to sleep early." Situ Yelei thought that if Helan Qi returned halfway, he would be at a disadvantage, and the only thing he could do was to leave the Begonia Garden together. It was a pity that he did not know how the petal poison were to be spread.

"Okay, then go back and rest quickly. Good night!" Seeing that they were finally willing to leave, Feng Zhiyao did not hesitate to throw them a beautiful flying kiss.

Thus, the two black figures looked at Feng Zhiyao lovingly for a moment, and then left as fast as lightning.

Feng Zhiyao saw that the two black figures were getting further and further away until they became two small black dots.

Halfway there, Situ Yelei stopped at a large elm tree. He wanted to rest for a while.

"You … Do you want to turn back? " Helan Qi asked, looking at him calmly.

"You want to turn back, don't you? I'm tired from flying, can't I rest for a bit? " Situ Yelei felt that he was very unlucky. Last night, he didn't sleep at all when he played chess. He was considering whether he should just throw the bedding over to Begonia Garden. He could live there directly, but he could only think about it, after all Begonia Garden belonged to Prime Minister's Mansion!

"Are you taking a break?" Helan Qi didn't believe it!

"What do you want?" Situ Yelei asked helplessly.

"We should naturally find a tavern together and enjoy the night!" After getting drunk on you, he rushed back to hug Yao'er. Helan Qi thought so.

The venomous Situ Yelei naturally thought of this idea. He was not afraid of fighting wine, he, Situ Yelei, was not one to get drunk.

"Alright, let's go to Songhe Restaurant together to drink. I'll treat you!" Situ Yelei laughed.

… ….

Feng Zhiyao thought that after they left, she would be able to quiet down.

"Zi Yun, why are you crying?" Feng Zhiyao unceremoniously yawned, she was really sleepy.

"Eldest Miss, that bastard Feng Size wants to molest this slave, wuwu …" Zi Yun cried her heart out. She adored her master, and now that something like this had happened, how could she not be sad?

"Zi Yun, what did Brother Size do to you?" Feng Zhiyao was very suspicious. She was thinking how such a pure man like Feng Size would treat Zi Yun.

"He... He … "Woo woo …" Zi Yun was still crying, her small eyes were red and swollen.

"Zi Yun, say it!" Feng Zhiyao was so worried about her.

"Eldest Miss, he …" His mouth touched a servant here … "Woo woo …" Zi Yun pointed to her own mouth as she cried like the rain.

"Zi Yun, wasn't it just a kiss? "Why are you crying so miserably, as if someone from your family had died?" Feng Zhiyao started to sweat profusely.

"Young miss, Zi Yun is still a virgin, although he accidentally touched my mouth, it can be considered as me losing my virginity!" 'Damn it! 'She wasn't worthy of her shrewd and powerful master. Wuuuuuuu. She probably wouldn't even have the qualifications to be a concubine anymore.

'F * ck, if she lost her virginity just by kissing me, then who knows how many times she has lost her virginity. Will she still be able to live? '

"What did Eldest Young Master say?" Feng Zhiyao was more curious about Feng Size's thoughts.

"Eldest Young Master didn't say anything about sleeping! Furthermore, you ignore this servant. " Zi Yun also thought that it was strange.

"Could it be that Brother Size has sleepwalking sickness? Didn't you know martial arts? Why was I even kissed by him? " Feng Zhiyao was also curious.

"His martial arts are better than mine, I can't move!" This was also what made Zi Yun depressed.

"Alright, alright, wasn't it just a kiss? Isn't your gatekeeper still here? " Feng Zhiyao lifted her sleeves, and laughed when she saw the bright red gatekeeping mark.

"Yes, there it is." This time, Zi Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

"It's good that you're here, you're still a virgin. This matter should be treated as a secret between us! Be good, wash your face, and go to your ear room to sleep! " Feng Zhiyao smiled and comforted her.

"Yes, thank you for your explanation, Eldest Miss." Zi Yun laughed through her tears.

After drinking a cup of chrysanthemum flower tea, Feng Zhiyao turned around and went to the inner room to sleep.


The sudden clear male voice startled her when she entered the room. This … This … This … Why was she so vicious!

She had actually only chased the two away, yet there was actually an even more astute, black-skinned, and beautiful man hidden in her room! </blockquote>

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