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<blockquote>Under the guidance of the servant, Feng Zhiyao indifferently looked at the palace in front of her. At the edge of the golden sky, there was a wisp of a red sun that was as glaring as an egg yolk. The dazzling sunlight scattered on the ground like dazzling crystals.

The palace was filled with a delicate fragrance of flowers, and on each side were red sculptures. Many lifelike flying dragons and phoenixes were meticulously carved on these round sculptures, dancing in the air and gradually spreading to the cobblestone pavement.

Reaching Green Lotus Palace, Feng Zhiyao sneered.

Feng Zhilin wanted to see her now? Was she trying to show off to her? Or was there some conspiracy?

servant who had good eyes already saw Feng Zhiyao and went in to report.

Hearing that, Feng Zhilin's eyebrows turned red as she smiled, and thought to herself, with her here, we can begin her play.

"Master, Feng Zhiyao requests an audience." The servant outside the door called out.

"Come in." Feng Zhilin leaned on the beauty's bed, her pair of beautiful phoenix eyes slightly flying upwards, revealing an indescribably enchanting look. Behind her, Zhu'er helped her massage her back, and she enjoyed it a lot. Nanny Rong lowered her eyebrows as she waited on the side.

Her body was slender and supple, her skin delicate, her face like a peach blossom with dew, her fingers like spring onions and tender lips like spring onions, her ten thousand strands of black hair combed into a gorgeous and complicated bun made from a hairpin of pure gold and ruby. Indeed, her lips were red and her teeth were white. She was gorgeous.

Feng Zhiyao bowed to the current Noble Madame Lin in accordance to palace etiquette.

Feng Zhilin only replied with a light "En". She did not call her "get up", she did not say anything, but leisurely fiddled with the jade bracelet on her wrist, looking at it for a while, she smiled and said to Nanny Rong: "This bracelet, does Nanny Rong think it's pretty?"

"The Emperor gave this to Master, so of course she looks good." The Nanny Rong laughed, thinking, it's just a second class jade, on Madame Duan's side, it's all top class treasures.

Feng Zhiyao bowed for a long time, but did not wake her up. She was furious, but when she remembered that she was in Feng Zhilin's Green Lotus Palace, she had to endure it.

"Ah, I was so focused on talking to Nanny Rong that I forgot to call you sister. "The ground is cold, hurry up and get up." Feng Zhilin laughed softly, but that smile was not in the bottom of her eyes.

Only then did Feng Zhiyao slowly stand up, she suddenly felt that her feet were numb, and her body started to tremble.

"You are Master now, I don't deserve to be called your big sister." After Feng Zhiyao stood up, she also let out a gentle smile.

"Zhu'er, pour my sister a cup of tea." She leisurely patted Zhu'er's hand and said.

"Yes, Master." Zhu'er immediately and obediently walked over and offered some tea for Feng Zhiyao.

Just as Feng Zhiyao was about to receive it, she did not expect Zhu'er to let go first. As a result, the scalding hot tea instantly poured onto the hem of Feng Zhiyao's skirt, worriedly causing her thigh to feel pain.

"Ah — —" Feng Zhiyao cried out in pain, and anger towards Feng Zhilin rose up from her heart. Good, you're heartless, don't blame me for being heartless!

"Zhu'er, you have guts, you actually poured the tea on my sister, come, pull her down and beat the crap out of her." Feng Zhilin lifted a cup of tea that was on the side of the table, and said with a stern tone as if she was very angry, but Feng Zhiyao saw a complacency flash past her eyes.

"Don't blame Zhu'er. It was my fault, I couldn't catch the teacup. "Alright, let me do it myself." Oh, and add some stuff, by the way.

Thus, Feng Zhiyao gracefully walked over and cleanly poured a cup of tea.

Feng Zhilin did not expect her to be so bold. Thus, she became furious, "Feng Zhiyao, without my orders, you cannot touch my Green Lotus Palace's things!"

"But you said you would buy me a cup of tea. Zhu'er, Nanny Rong, I believe you heard it too, right?" Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth and laughed, he caught it and said, "Ah, Master is inviting me, what is it?"

"Naturally, I'm inviting you to reminisce about the past." Feng Zhilin straightened her body and laughed sinisterly.

"Speak of the old, why are the two of them carrying the palace's torture instruments?" Feng Zhiyao sneered as she looked at the approaching servant girl. One of them held a dagger, while the other held a pinching tool.

"The reason I asked you to come is naturally to properly 'receive' you!" She emphasized the word 'entertain'.

"Hahaha... If the Emperor or Madame Duan knew that Master had such a secret torture device, would she still be able to walk a road of wealth and prosperity? " Feng Zhiyao was not afraid. In her previous life, she was a Gold Ranked Assassin from the "Night Demon".

The four words, Madame Duan's, reminded Nanny Rong. She remembered Imperial Concubine Duan's instructions and immediately signaled to a blue-clothed servant outside her room. After that, that blue-clothed servant who had understood the situation disappeared very quickly in front of the Green Lotus Palace's entrance.

Feng Zhilin did not care about all these. Whenever she thought of that day, when her mother was imprisoned in Prime Minister's Mansion by Feng Zhiyao, she would think of wait until she made a name for herself and take down this legitimate daughter.

"Feng Zhiyao, this is the Green Lotus Palace, not the Prime Minister's Mansion. Someone come, pinch her fingers to let her know what it means to be a wise man when the time comes! " Feng Zhilin waved her hand, shouting at the servant girl who was holding the pinching tool.

Zhu'er was from the same nation as Feng Zhilin, so she naturally would not advise her against it. As for the Nanny Rong, she naturally hoped that Feng Zhilin would cause a big ruckus for this matter.

"You want to pinch my fingers? You're still too tender!" Feng Zhiyao was not a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, thus she did not pretend to be weak.

"What, you don't even listen to Master's words anymore?" Seeing the look in Feng Zhilin's eyes, Zhu'er hurriedly scolded the two servant girl s whose statuses were a level lower than hers.

"Yes, Master, this servant obeys!" The servant girl walked towards Feng Zhiyao while holding the pinky finger tool, but when she saw that there was no fear in Feng Zhiyao's eyes, she actually felt an inexplicable sense of fear in her heart.

"Who dares!" Feng Zhiyao had already expected that Feng Zhilin would take the chance to deal with her, so she had already prepared the aphrodisiac!

"Why wouldn't I dare?!" Hurry up and pinch it! " The current Feng Zhilin had long been blinded by her majesty and wealth, and had long forgotten that Feng Zhiyao was not that easy to deal with.

"Yes — — ah —" Suddenly, the servant girl's mouth was covered with Feng Zhiyao's aphrodisiac, and her face was covered.

"Daring slut, you actually dared to act so atrociously in my Green Lotus Palace. Quickly go and invite the Emperor into the legitimate daughter's personal space!" Feng Zhilin knew that she might be wrong about one move today, but she thought that the old emperor liked her so much that he would definitely come and save her.

"You with the dagger also want to come up and deal with me?" Feng Zhiyao played with her fingers gracefully as her extremely lazy smile spread across her lips.

"What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and shave her!" Feng Zhilin thought about her identity as a Noble Madame and was afraid for a while. Then, she summoned her courage to shout once more as she stared coldly at the other servant girl who was holding a dagger.

Feng Zhilin reckoned that in a while, the old Emperor Xuanyuan Kang would arrive, thus she became even more arrogant.

Nanny Rong laughed in her heart. Sister-fight? It was much more pleasing to the ear than the scenes sung by the Dan Jue. However, she did not know when Madame Duan would be able to come over.

"Master, she is your big sister after all. Nanny Rong decided to add a fire to the fire and ignite it.

"Nanny Rong, this is a private matter between my sister and I, you seem to be meddling in it too much!" Isn't that a chess piece brought by the old lady from Imperial Concubine Duan? When she had the dragon seed, the first thing she had to do was deal with the old lady from Imperial Concubine Duan and the dog that was Nanny Rong. However, Feng Zhilin kept her eyes down and hid the trace of sinister light in her eyes.

"Please punish Master." Nanny Rong said this but she was only pretending.

"I can't bear to punish you. My Green Lotus Palace is under your care!" As the saying goes, if she didn't look at the Buddhist Sangha, she still had to beat the dog to look at the owner!

"Thank you, Master." Nanny Rong bowed slightly, then stood up and smiled, thinking, is the person from Imperial Concubine Duan someone that you, Master, can touch?

"Feng Zhilin, if you want to deal with me, hurry up. Could it be that you are a timid illegimate daughter like the Prime Minister's Mansion? " Feng Zhiyao scoffed as she spoke.

"Scratch her face for me immediately!" Anger, anger, anger, Feng Zhilin felt as though her lungs were about to explode from anger!

"Come on, my face is waiting. Let's see if you have the ability to scrape me." Feng Zhiyao turned her body slightly, her beautiful face dodging the bright dagger from the servant girl.

No matter how fast and nimble the servant girl was, she would not be able to catch up with Feng Zhiyao who knew the light skill.

"Idiot, Rice Bucket!" Feng Zhilin saw the two of them chasing each other for a long time, but the servant girl with the dagger was still unable to catch Feng Zhiyao, she was completely enraged.

"The emperor has arrived!" Suddenly, the shouts of a eunuch could be heard.

Feng Zhilin immediately changed her face, her expression immediately changing, as she cried miserably, as though she was the one being bullied.

"Lin'er, what happened? Who made a scene at Lin'er's Green Lotus Palace? " Xuanyuan Kang had only read half of the report, but someone had reported that someone in the Green Lotus Palace was making a scene, thus he came in a hurry. His sole purpose was to take care of the person who made a scene, and then roll in the bed with Feng Zhilin.

When everyone saw that the emperor had arrived, they all knelt down, and Feng Zhiyao was naturally not immune to it.

Feng Zhiyao inadvertently raised her head to look at the old emperor, and she felt extremely disgusted for no reason.

Unexpectedly, the old emperor only glanced at Feng Zhiyao and stared at her blankly, unable to look at anything else.

Her small mouth curled up slightly, and her red lips slightly opened. She seemed to be trying to seduce someone, and this was a woman who was bewitching from the depths of her bones. She seemed to be tempting men all the time, pulling on their nerves.

Therefore, the old Emperor, who was famous for his lecherous look, felt an itch in his throat, and ordered someone to pour him a cup of tea. Thus, while observing Feng Zhiyao, he sat down on the mahogany chair next to him.

Feng Zhiyao's face was burning hot from his gaze, her knees were also feeling sore, and she was complaining in her heart. Crap, the old emperor had eaten the Seven Days.

That was a deadly sex drug!

However, now that the old emperor was looking at her with such a lecherous gaze, an ominous premonition flashed in her heart.

Could it be that the old Emperor had his eyes on her body?

That's right, thinking that Feng Zhiyao had always had the reputation of "Nan Shao's number one beauty", it would be strange if the old emperor didn't like her. Maybe he didn't dare to make a move against his son Xuanyuan Haofei's marriage earlier, but it was different now, had she been annulled? Then if the old emperor had his eyes on her too, wouldn't she be very unlucky, to become the emperor's wife just like Feng Zhilin?

No, she didn't! Besides, this emperor was too old and too ugly!

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao made up her mind that she must think of a good way to escape today.

"Lin'er, she … "Who is she?" Xuanyuan Kang looked at Feng Zhiyao in a daze, and silver saliva trickled down the corner of his mouth.

"She is... "She is …" When Feng Zhilin saw the old emperor's gaze, she was jealous. Why did Feng Zhiyao not do anything and cause the man to lose his head?

"Who is it?" Xuanyuan Kang asked anxiously, but her burning silver eyes never left Feng Zhiyao's beautiful little face.

"She is Lin'er's unlucky sister, Feng Zhiyao, whose body has been infected by a disease. Three months ago, her life was still in danger from the King of Qi's annulling of the marriage." Feng Zhilin racked her brains to think of a way to say these unfavorable words to Feng Zhiyao, but she seemed to be gentle, generous, and gentle, refined and intelligent.

What? Sick? She was annulled by Seventh Brother?

When Xuanyuan Kang heard the two words, "Evil disease", his expression immediately changed. He regretted in his heart, such a pitiful beauty with the evil disease, although he was perverted, but because of an illness, he would not lose anything!

After thinking about it, Xuanyuan Kang seemed to have lost the thought of wanting to take her as his concubine when he first saw her.

Feng Zhiyao was secretly happy when she heard Feng Zhilin's words. Fortunately women were jealous, and had helped her a bit, if not she would have lost herself to this lecherous old emperor today.

"Your Majesty, do you remember? Last night, Lin'er did say that he missed her elder sister, and you were right. You said that Lin'er could let elder sister come to the palace to meet her, but just now, she actually insulted Lin'er and made a scene. She even wanted to — sob sob — "As Feng Zhilin spoke, she sobbed, and even leaned into Xuanyuan Kang's embrace like a little bird leaning against a person.

Mother, oh my, she really admires Feng Zhilin. A young girl in her early twenties was actually so sticky with a man in her forties or fifties, it made her think of an old cow eating grass!

"Lin'er, continue talking." The old emperor's heart was already thumping in his chest, but now that Feng Zhilin this kind of soft and warm fragrance was approaching, he immediately became excited, and rushed into his brain as he asked anxiously.

"She wants to ruin Lin'er's appearance, wuuuuuu … Fortunately it was snatched away by Lin'er's servant. Look, this is her dagger. " After saying that, she hurriedly handed the dagger over to the servant girl.

"How dare you, how dare you act so rashly?! How pitiful is our little Lin'er now, someone come!" Take her down and chop her! " Xuanyuan Kang was a beauty, and upon hearing that Feng Zhilin was going to lose her beautiful face, Long Yan was immediately enraged.

"Your Majesty, this subject has something to say!" Feng Zhiyao cursed in her heart. The old pervert emperor, she was going to curse him to die on a woman's body!

"What else do you have to say?" Xuanyuan Kang frowned, and asked impatiently. Right now his body was extremely hot, like boiling water.

"Your Majesty, this subject's daughter is afflicted with an ill illness. How could she, before her death, disregard the deep affection between sisters and frame such a close sister? We were originally born from the same root, there's no need to be hasty about this. " As Feng Zhiyao spoke, his face was covered in tears, causing those who heard to be moved, and those who heard to shed tears.

"What a talent!" A pitiful beauty … "Wa! Wa! Wa!..." The old emperor had always been a lover of poetry, but when he heard that Feng Zhiyao was so talented, he could not help but cry out loud, scaring the entire group of servant to death.

She's not dead yet, okay?

Feng Zhiyao thought that although the old emperor was lustful, he was still compassionate, so she continued to pretend to be sad.</blockquote>

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