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<blockquote>When the servant s saw that the Emperor was crying so enthusiastically, they could only cry as well. Their wails were filled with emotion, burning Feng Zhiyao inside out.

Feng Zhilin was flabbergasted, how could this be? Had the idea she was so busy preparing been put to rest?

Feng Zhiyao was a little regretful that she had added some seasoning to the tea. It was actually the Seven Days, she wondered if the old emperor could continue holding on for Seven Days after drinking the tea. She wondered if he could do that sort of thing with the seventy-two concubines of the Three Palaces and Six Academies.

She definitely wouldn't find out that it was her doing. Alright, while they're crying, she has to run far away.

Feng Zhiyao secretly sprinkled some aphrodisiac powder on the nearest servant girl, then she swung her sleeves. The wind was blowing smoothly, and her jade hands were stained with aphrodisiac powder. Feng Zhiyao herself had already taken the antidote, so naturally she would be fine.

It just so happened that the Imperial Concubine Duan arrived at this time. When she saw that the emperor was crying loudly, her beautiful face immediately paled.

"Your majesty, your majesty, what happened to you?" Imperial Concubine Duan stared at Feng Zhilin, thinking, this little vixen, is really getting more and more sly. Hmph, even Feng Zhiyao is here, she scolded once again, the Feng Family's fox spirit sisters, the more they look at them, the more they hate them.

"My beloved concubine, Prime Minister Feng is really a talented girl. It's a pity that she's so seriously ill. Sigh." Xuanyuan Kang took the handkerchief handed to him by the attendant and wiped away the tears on his face.

"Your Majesty, chenqie also feels that there is some fate between this girl and myself. It's a pity that chenqie's Fei'er is unlucky!" Imperial Concubine Duan sighed and said.

"How about this, we have decided to take her as our goddaughter, when I have free time, we can discuss poems and songs, Feng Zhiyao, what do you think?" Xuanyuan Kang's temper was a little weird. He belonged to the action faction and could do whatever he wanted.

The goddaughter of the Emperor, that was a princess?

It seemed like the princess' identity wasn't bad. At the very least, those two princes wouldn't bother her anymore. It was best to agree to such a matter as good as this as soon as possible!

Feng Zhilin was dumbfounded. Feng Zhiyao had become the emperor's foster daughter, then wouldn't she also become his foster daughter? What a messy relationship!

Imperial Concubine Duan could not help but admire the old emperor secretly. In this way, the powers of the Prime Minister's Mansion would no longer be able to help any of the princes' factions. Or perhaps, it could allow Feng Zhiyao to become a pawn of marriage!

"What, you... Don't you agree? Or do you look down on me? " Xuanyuan Kang looked down at the world with his sharp eyes, but only for a moment, because the current him was about to be controlled by the Seven Days's medicinal properties.

"Your majesty, this is Yao'er's fortune, of course he would be willing, but I wonder if there are any benefits?" Feng Zhiyao laughed weakly, but this woman was very daring, she actually made a request to the old emperor.

"As my goddaughter, what other benefits do you want?" It was the first time Xuanyuan Kang heard such bold words, but he was not angry, and only asked with his mouth wide open.

"I want a piece of Deathless Medal!" The Deathless Medal was a type of privilege. Feng Zhiyao was smart, she didn't want to die so early without knowing why or what, so she wanted to hug the beautiful guy more.

"No problem." "That's it, don't ask for anything else!" Xuanyuan Kang felt that he was almost unable to hold back anymore. This time, he was holding Feng Zhilin who was standing closest to him in his arms, rubbing her chest as he spoke.

"Ok, deal!" Feng Zhiyao beamed, this is great, a blessing in disguise, she had obtained a piece of Deathless Medal! It was worth the palace.

"Little Li, quickly bring her down, and tell Fourth Elder to prepare to give Feng Zhiyao the title of Princess Lianyan, and bestow him with the title of a princess of the first rank …" Xuanyuan Kang quickly finished speaking, and after they left, he could no longer hold himself back anymore. He tore apart his clothes on the spot while hugging Feng Zhilin, then performed passionately.

Unfortunately, Feng Zhiyao was brought out of the Green Lotus Palace by the Inner Palace Mistress Lin.

After talking about the old emperor and Feng Zhilin, he looked around. Oh my god, the surrounding group of servant girl, including Imperial Concubine Duan, all took off their chests and pants, covering them with gorgeous white flowers.

Thus, it became the most popular event in history!

Everything that happened next made sense. The old emperor was just playing around! It was called earthshaking, chaotic, continuous, fiery and wild, filled with passion. It made those who heard it sigh, and made those who heard it feel what it meant to have Xiao Hun experience what it meant to have his bones corroded?

Of course, this secret of the royal family couldn't be leaked out. After that, the old emperor made everyone seal their mouths, otherwise, if it was leaked out, it would be a decisive action!

Most of the servants were afraid of death, so they could only keep their mouths shut.

… ….

Feng Zhiyao walked out of Green Lotus Palace in a good mood, her face constantly smiling.

Not far from the Green Lotus Palace was the Ningji Lake.

The Ningji Lake rippled and rippled like water. From afar, the water and sky looked the same color of blue and green, reflecting and glowing.

The lake is scattered over several islands, the island is built with towering pavilion buildings, there are also strange flowers and plants, unique flavor.

At this time, the Ningji Lake's scenery was just right. Along the shore, there were green willow trees and the branches and leaves of the trees had been extended with a fresh and tender yellow and emerald green, just like the beautiful eyebrows meticulously painted by the palace maids.

Even Feng Zhiyao laughed when she saw this: "Jadeite is put up to a tree's height and thousands of green silk ribbons hang down. So it was such a beautiful scenery. "There are so many willow trees. It really is the atmosphere of the palace."

Cherry blossoms danced in the air, and the cool breeze blowing by the lake was tainted by the dense and green fragrance of the flowers, causing one's heart to waver, as if one was in the morning dew.

It was undeniable that they were only seen in the Imperial Palace.

"Congratulations, Princess." Xiao Li congratulated Feng Zhiyao when she saw his smile.

"Mr. Li, here, Yao'er needs your care in the future." Feng Zhiyao was very good at being a human, so she quickly took out a blue crystal snuff bottle and handed it over to Xiao Li with a smile.

"Thank you for your gift, Princess." Before Feng Zhiyao entered the palace, she had already asked the Father Feng about it. This Young Master Li Zi liked collecting strange snuff bottles the most.

This time, Feng Zhiyao was right.

In the palace, Feng Zhiyao had never thought that she would run into the Crown Prince Wolf, Xuanyuan Haochen.

At this moment, Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen was wearing a bright yellow Crown Prince attire, leisurely and elegantly waving his bright yellow fan as he chatted and laughed with a white clothed man.

Feng Zhiyao suddenly thought about it. She was already a princess, and that could be counted as being personally conferred by the old emperor. Although she hadn't made it public for the time being, it was going to be soon.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao smiled sweetly at Xuanyuan Haochen who was walking towards her.

"servant Little Li greets the crown prince." Little Li waved her horsetail whisk and bowed as she greeted.

"Yao'er pays respects to Brother Crown Prince. A thousand years, a thousand years, a thousand years." Feng Zhiyao smiled and bowed as well.

"Why did you, Feng Zhiyao, come to the palace? And why did you call me Brother Crown Prince? " The moment Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen was called out by her, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart, how could he not know what was going on with himself? Was it because he did not obtain the embroidered ball last time?

"Mr. Li, I'll have to trouble you to explain to Brother Crown Prince what's going on." Feng Zhiyao pursed her lips, thinking, I should still let Xiao Li tell it to him, in order to let Crown Prince Lang know and believe me.

Thus, Little Li clearly explained the sequence of events.

"Princess Lianyan?" Xuanyuan Haochen raised his eyebrows, his slender eyes following the movement of his eyebrows. It was clearly a simple action, but in Feng Zhiyao's eyes, it was definitely not just a movement, it was a conspiracy.

"Yes, Brother Crown Prince." Feng Zhiyao smiled as calm as the clouds.

"How did you become my royal sister in the blink of an eye?" A hint of deep thought flashed through Xuanyuan Haochen's eyes.

Feng Zhiyao kept feeling that the shadow of the man in front of her and the rumored Prince Wude could not be merged together.

If it was Prince Wu De, why did the beautiful man beside him let her see the beautiful man Li Jinran?

It was just that there was a slight difference after looking at it carefully! Sigh, why did she think of Jinran? Where did he go? Or did he run into a Pear Blossom Demon and hide him?

Don't think about it anymore. Let's deal with the matter at hand first.

At this moment, she saw the young man beside Xuanyuan Haochen, who took an indifferent attitude towards her, and had only lightly glanced at her, but his eyes did not reveal any hint of shock. He only smiled at Xuanyuan Haochen like a friend, and did not have the intimacy between lovers.

He wore snow-white clothes, and had snow-white hands. His jade-like long hair was tied up with snow-white ribbons, and half of it had been let loose, while the other half had been tied up. He was as handsome as water with a proud expression on his face.

Then, looking at his eyes that were like the warm snow that had yet to melt in the spring, he saw that they were shiny, crystal, gentle, dazzling, as though they contained a sharp coldness that had yet to be detected. His lips were like warm jade, and the corners of his mouth were slightly curved.

Xuanyuan Haochen looked at the young man beside him for a long time before he smiled and said, "This is my younger cousin, Murong Chong. He had just returned from learning at Mount Kunlun and is your brother Feng Size's junior brother."

and Feng Size were fellow disciples of the same sect?

Feng Zhiyao was startled.

Then, she once again looked at Murong Chong, sighing inwardly to herself. How could such a beautiful man ignore her charm as the "number one beauty in Nan Shao"! Well, she was going to reflect.

"Cousin, she is my royal father's newly conferred Princess Lianyan, she is also a legitimate daughter of the Prime Minister Feng." Xuanyuan Haochen introduced to Feng Zhiyao yet again.

"Oh." Murong Chong glanced at her again, and then fell silent, standing perfectly straight, like a proud peacock, raising his head and ignoring her.

Feng Zhiyao was completely speechless, she had met the Ancient Peacock Man. And it was a very proud peacock!

"Brother Crown Prince, you guys continue. Yao'er will take his leave." Feng Zhiyao saw that Murong Chong was looking elsewhere, so she did not want to cause trouble.

Right now, she had already caused enough trouble. She didn't want to stay in this dangerous place like the Imperial Palace any longer. It was best if she left with thirty-six tricks in her hand.

"Mm. Alright." Xuanyuan Haochen seemed to have changed. He did not make things difficult for her and only continued to talk about Murong Chong's skills at Mount Kunlun.

Xiao Li dutifully escorted Feng Zhiyao to the entrance.

"Princess, this servant thinks that the Emperor's rewards will arrive at Prime Minister's Mansion tomorrow. Remember to wake up early tomorrow. Kneeling to welcome your grace! " Little Li smiled as she shook her whisk, commenting on Yang Fei's latest chapter.

"Thank you, Mr. Li, for the interesting snuff bottle. I will definitely remember you." Feng Zhiyao smiled, and teased.

"Then this servant will be waiting for the princess' reward, haha …" Little Li smiled and turned away.

Feng Zhiyao also got on the Prime Minister's Mansion's luxurious carriage, and it was Wan Sanzi who drove the carriage.

"Eldest Miss, you left for quite a while, you …" Are you alright? " Wan Sanzi asked in concern.

"I'm fine. Hur Hur, let's go back to the mansion." Feng Zhiyao happily got on the carriage.

… ….

Nihan Study of the Prime Minister's Mansion.

"Father, isn't bestowing the title of princess a good thing? "Why are you frowning?" Feng Zhiyao didn't understand why Father Feng's expression seemed to be as bitter and tight as if he had smeared a Yellow Lotus Fruit.

"Do you know? Since ancient times, she wasn't a princess of the royal family, so she could be used as a pawn in the marriage between the two countries! "How could you be so stupid as to give your consent?" Feng Wucai angrily struck the desk with his palm, almost splitting a hole in it. Luckily the desk was made of Southern Real Wood, it was extremely sturdy and hard.

"Father, I only believe in victory over all! In this sort of situation, if I do not agree and the old Emperor rages, then my life will be forfeit. Feng Zhiyao curled her lips. The reason was because Father Feng should not have concubines, and should not have so many daughters.

"Besides, Father, don't I have a fiance? That pockmarked beggar? " Feng Zhiyao explained.

A pawn of a marriage? She, Meixi, had always been a living weed that could get along with the wind and water wherever it went.

"That's right, that's good. Father will immediately find someone to choose a lucky day. You and him should get married early!" Feng Wucai felt that this was the only way he could relax. He didn't want Yao'er to marry that far.

Pfft! To marry her to Feng Size? Laughed to death.

He would go down to tease Feng Size and ask him about it!

"Yao'er, it's decided!" Feng Wucai said decisively.

"Fine." As long as you can find that pockmarked beggar, that's fine!

However, even the Father Feng would find it hard to find him!

Feng Zhiyao was elated, humming an English song as she walked back to the Begonia Garden.

Suddenly! Her provocative English song suddenly stopped because two extremely handsome and black-bellied "Earth Dragoons" were playing chess under the crabapple blossoms with bright smiles on their faces, causing her to unconsciously take two steps back.

"Yao'er, you seem to be in an extremely good mood? Did something good happen? "

"Yao'er, those are my bedding rolls. Your bed will belong to me tonight!"</blockquote>

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