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<blockquote>"What, let me sleep in your bedroll? Situ Yelei, you … You. You. Get lost! " When Feng Zhiyao saw the two, she immediately sweated profusely and messed up in the wind.

"Yao'er, I won't scram. I will only do it with you." Situ Yelei held the white chess piece, and raised his head to look at Feng Zhiyao, his handsome face rippled with ocean like gentleness, and his tone was firm.

Oh my god, Situ Yelei, can you not be so frank! Good, Helan Qi was also present.

"Yao'er, ignore him." Helan threw Hei Zi down, got up gracefully and hugged Feng Zhiyao.

"Mm, I knew you were the best." Feng Zhiyao immediately smiled and heavily bit his neck twice.

"Oh right, let me tell you guys a piece of good news, the old Emperor bestowed me with the title of Princess Lianyan, haha, I just got back from the palace." Feng Zhiyao was elated when she thought of the Alchemy Book Security. She didn't expect the old emperor to be so generous.

"What?" Princess Lianyan? " Situ Yelei's scalp went numb, how could it be another princess?

"Alright, then I'll definitely be your consort!" Helan Qi thought that the old emperor would definitely give him and Yao'er a marriage. The matter of bestowing the title of princess had really taken his heart, it was as he wished!

Seeing that their attitudes were completely different, Feng Zhiyao asked, "What's wrong, Yelei, could it be that you are not happy that I have been conferred the title of princess?"

"Didn't you know that I had to cancel Princess Lingxi's engagement? "If I want to marry you, I'll have to ask the emperor to marry me. Sigh, what a headache!" This time, Situ Yelei didn't even take the chess pieces, threw them to the side, and walked towards Feng Zhiyao, head lowered, as he sighed.

"I declare that I do not wish to marry anyone right now! "Definitely, definitely, definitely won't change it!" Feng Zhiyao expressed her stance. She was more comfortable being alone, what kind of bullsh * t engagement was this?

"Huh?" When Helan Qi heard her words, he could only sigh.

"Yao'er, then when exactly are you willing to marry?" Situ Yelei wanted to know the date.

"Let's wait for a long time!" Feng Zhiyao laughed slyly.

"What?" "How many years has it been?" The corner of Situ Yelei's mouth twitched.

"How many years has it taken for me to live on in this world?" Hearing this, Helan Qi's body trembled, cold sweat running down his back.

"How about this, you don't want to force me to marry, why not just be my bed warm-up lover?" Feng Zhiyao did not care about those worldly rumors, she just wanted to do whatever she wanted and have a unique and flamboyant character. It's fine if she's lecherous or lustful, but is it easy for her to be transported once?

Furthermore, beautiful men were devils that were used for sleep to fight for hegemony!

"You — Yao'er … "How can you say such shameless words?" When Situ Yelei heard the words "bed-warming lover", he was thoroughly angered and grieved.

"What is it? You are only allowed to have three wives and four concubines, so you don't allow me to recruit a warm bed lover? " Feng Zhiyao thought that it would be best if each and every one of them could leave in anger! Only then would she be able to find other delicacies!

"Yao'er, you can't speak nonsense." Helan Qi immediately raised his hand to cover Feng Zhiyao's mouth.

"Why?" Feng Zhiyao asked them as she blinked her bright, clear eyes.

"Yao'er, you are dreaming!" Situ Yelei glared at her.

"Yao'er, you are unrealistic!" Helan Qi also nodded his head in agreement with Situ Yelei's words.

"You two antiques that have not melted for a thousand years, scram. The farther you go, the better. Tomorrow, I will go to the old emperor and ask him to reward me with many beautiful men." Feng Zhiyao said this purely because she was mad at them two idiots.

The two idiots actually foolishly agreed.

"I'm not scram! "I've just said it before, I only know how to do it with you, I won't scram!" Situ Yelei said those words with a clear, sonorous and forceful voice. The power of the aura caused the sun, moon and stars to dim, and made Helan Qi quite agree with his words!

That's right, Helan Qi had the same idea.

"Yao'er, choose one of us tonight." Helan Qi was very sure that Feng Zhiyao would choose him, and that was why he said that.

"I don't choose!" Feng Zhiyao laughed, she did not want to choose, what could you do with her?

"Even if you don't want to, you can!" Situ Yelei said after he and Helan Qi looked at each other.

Last night, the two of them had drunk a whole night's worth of wine, which could be considered a drunk revolutionary relationship.

"That's right, Yao'er, who did you choose?" Helan Qi asked.

"I still say that! "I won't choose!" Seeing that they seemed to want to make things difficult for her, Feng Zhiyao's little face darkened. "Zi Yun, come out and bring me a bucket of water!"

"Eldest Miss, what's the point of carrying a basin of water?" Zi Yun was busy working in the kitchen, and upon hearing Feng Zhiyao's orders, she immediately brought out a bowl of clear water, with an expression that made her feel confused.

"Of course I'm going to wake you two up!" Feng Zhiyao quickly took the basin of clear water from Zi Yun's hands, aimed it at the two of them and poured it all down, causing their bodies to be completely drenched.

"Ah — —" The two of them did not expect Feng Zhiyao this little girl to be serious!

"Yao'er, we didn't drink alcohol today, why are you throwing water at us?" Situ Yelei regretted it a little. If he had followed this little girl a little, he wouldn't have been so restrained that he wouldn't even be able to touch her little finger.

"My wife, is your hand sore? Let me rub it for you, okay?" Helan Qi raised his hand to wipe the water droplets on his hair. He felt helpless about it, but his words made Situ Yelei want to kill him.

She was carrying a basin of water and was worried that her hands were sore, so she wanted to help massage them.

"Hey, Helan Qi, are you a man or not?!" Situ Yelei felt that if Helan Qi continued to act like this, he would definitely spoil Feng Zhiyao completely.

"Whether I am a man or not, Yao'er is very clear about my ability in that aspect!" Helan Qi said.

Then, Helan Qi thought to himself, Yao'er was really spoiled by him, now that she had splashed all over his body with water, he did not have any intentions of reprimanding her, aiya, he really became addicted to Yao'er's love!

However, he was happy to have his wife throw water on him. It was also something he was stupid and did not understand to make his wife happy. So he wouldn't blame her.

"Situ Yelei, Helan Qi's size is really comfortable for me. Are you satisfied with this answer?" Feng Zhiyao did not expect Helan Qi to spoil her so much. Her beautiful eyes turned misty as she thought, So, he doted on her so much.

"This?" Yao'er? Then … Then my size. Don't you like it? " All men cared a lot about their size. Of course, Situ Yelei, who was strong and handsome, was no exception.

"Satisfied? Not satisfied? "Ah, let me think?" Feng Zhiyao intentionally swung her little hand, as if it was in pain.

Therefore, Situ Yelei, who was smart enough to love her, immediately understood and helplessly smiled. He helped her gently rub her slender arm, and naturally took the other arm for himself to rub as well.

Feng Zhiyao felt like a queen that was enjoying the care and attention of beautiful men. She was in an extremely good mood, the corner of her lips slightly raised as she looked around, her beautiful eyes fluttering with unconcealable brilliance.

Getting rid of one is one, getting rid of two is a pair!

"Not bad, it's still very … It's very comfortable. " Feng Zhiyao's face blossomed into a smile, like a warm March sun, warm to the heart.

"Eldest Miss, dinner is ready." Zi Yun covered her mouth and laughed. She suddenly felt that the eldest young mistress and these two young masters, no matter which one they were, were extremely compatible.

"Since it's ready, let's eat together! However, the two of you should first change your clothes. Feng Zhiyao knew that what she had done was overboard, and the tone of her voice became softer.

"Yao'er, your hands aren't sore anymore, right?" Situ Yelei touched her arm that was as white as white jade and was immediately startled. He wished that he could immediately roll in the bed with her.

"I'm not jealous anymore. Why are you looking at me like that?" When Feng Zhiyao saw him blatantly revealing a fiery gaze, she knew what he wanted to do. Thus, she rolled her eyes, telling him to restrain himself.

"No …." No …. "Heh heh …" Situ Yelei thought that it was dinner time, so he forced out a few dry laughs to cover up his embarrassment.

"Yao'er, are you tired?" Helan Qi held Feng Zhiyao's hand and asked softly.

"No, not tired!" Why don't you go back and change your clothes? " Feng Zhiyao shook her head and laughed.

Suddenly, was there some sort of plot behind the two of them treating him with such gentleness?

For the time being, she could not care less. As the emperor was big, it was better if she ate her fill before she had the strength to pounce on the pretty boy.

"Just use inner force to dry it." Situ Yelei frowned, if not for Yao'er, he would have already attacked him. Now, other than frowning, he could not blame anyone else.

Helan also had the same intention, as he nodded his head in agreement.

During dinner, the two of them gave her food to eat, one on each side, causing her to raise her eyebrows. Did they think that she was Zhu Bajie's reincarnation? She actually wanted to eat so much, so she cleverly split the rice in the bowl into two halves and poured one of them down the bowl.

"You guys should eat more. I'm already full." Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Yao'er, where are you going now?" Helan Qi could sense that there was something wrong with Feng Zhiyao's expression, or should he say, the light in her eyes flickered. In short, he felt that there was something wrong with her.

"I... "What am I thinking?" Feng Zhiyao pouted.

"Really?" Situ Yelei also felt that she had a problem, was she really full after eating just a little?

"There really isn't a member of the Embroidered Uniform Sect. Don't keep pressing me, as if I'm going to be interrogated in the Three Halls! "" No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Feng Zhiyao was very unhappy!

"Eldest Miss, the old master has come." Feng Wucai walked over quickly.

"Ah?" What's dad doing coming to see me at this time? " Feng Zhiyao was startled, then she remembered that the two of them were eating at her place, what should she say later?

"Yao'er, how come they are also here?" Feng Wucai asked curiously after seeing them greet him.

"Father, they are my friends. They only came to Begonia Garden to eat because they thought that Zi Yun had good culinary skills." Feng Zhiyao walked in front of Feng Wucai with small steps and said coquettishly.

"Is that so?" Feng Wucai secretly laughed, thinking that Yao'er was truly a girl that could not be stopped. However, this was also good, since after becoming a princess, she would marry her relatives far away.

"Yes." Feng Zhiyao quickly nodded her head.

"I believe Yao'er has already told the two of you about her being conferred as a princess, right?" Feng Wucai caressed his beard and laughed, as he spoke, he observed their reactions.

"Master, my heart towards Yao'er, the heaven and earth can be seen, and the sun and moon can be seen. So don't worry, no matter what, I won't let Yao'er marry into another country." Situ Yelei immediately continued the conversation, trying his best to express his attitude.

"Master, I respect Yao'er's decision." Helan Qi looked at Feng Zhiyao, and sighed.

He knew that even though Feng Zhiyao looked weak on the outside, she was actually a black-hearted person. She would definitely not do something that would cause her to suffer a loss.</blockquote>

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