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<blockquote>Feng Zhiyao was slightly stunned when she heard Helan's words. However, she was mostly moved, he was accepting of her, and he was trying to get to know her. This was very good. Therefore, Feng Zhiyao smiled.

"Dad, don't let your thoughts run wild. It's already so late, you should hurry up and rest. Tomorrow morning, you still have to go to the morning court." Feng Zhiyao comforted him, thinking that Father Feng's worries were not without reason, but she would think of ways to avoid them.

"Well, what about them? You wouldn't be living in your Begonia Garden, right? " Feng Wucai smiled as he ridiculed, a profound light quickly flashed past his eyes. It seemed that he wanted to change the guards of Prime Minister's Mansion into a batch of Death Soldiers, and not just anyone could come to his Prime Minister's Mansion!

"Father, what are you thinking about?" "It won't happen, they've already finished eating, so of course they'll leave together with you." Feng Zhiyao looked at Situ Yelei and Helan Qi, and turned to Feng Wucai and said.

"Yao'er, I shall take my leave now." Helan didn't want to leave any bad impression on his future father-in-law, so he stood up and said.

"Yao'er, I have to leave too. You should rest earlier." Situ Yelei's elegant and persistent handkerchief moistened her cheeks as she stood up and said.

In reality, none of them wanted to leave so quickly. However, since they wanted to leave a good impression on their future father-in-law, they could only reluctantly leave.

"Dad, take care." Feng Zhiyao said as she sent them to the entrance of Begonia Garden, full of smiles.

"Mn, Yao'er, remember to wake up early tomorrow morning." After Feng Wucai finished speaking, he walked away together with Helan.

Feng Zhiyao later on thought that they would definitely think of a way to return to Begonia Garden even if they left their bedroll there.

"Eldest Miss, do you want to take a bath?" Zi Yun asked with a smile.

"No, not today." Feng Zhiyao shook her head.

Feng Zhiyao waited for Zi Yun to sleep before changing into a night attire. Just as she was about to fly out of the Begonia Garden, he saw a black clothed Father Feng appearing on the short wall.

"Yao'er, who are you meeting?" Feng Wucai asked. Fortunately, he had taken the initiative, and changed all the guards around Begonia Garden to the Feng Family warriors.

"I... Didn't I feel that I ate too much and came out to take a stroll? " Feng Zhiyao pulled down the black veil over her face and laughed awkwardly.

"Yao'er, stop bullshitting, you are the young miss of the Prime Minister's Mansion, each and every word of yours represent the Feng Residence, Daddy does not wish for you to be like Qiong'er, and do the ugly things of getting pregnant first!" Even though Feng Wucai really wanted to hug his grandson, he didn't want the child to have already been born without a marriage.

Therefore, at the moment, Feng Wucai was stern, his eyes sharp.

"Father!" How can I be like Feng Zhiqiong, you have to be at ease for a hundred. In terms of security, I will take care of it. " She didn't dare say that she did not want a child. If she said that, Father Feng would definitely be angered to death.

However, when Feng Wucai heard that she would take care of her safety measures, the corner of his mouth twitched for a long time. This girl was forever shocking, making him feel extremely helpless.

"It's good that you know what you're doing. Hurry back to your room and go to sleep!" Feng Wucai waved his hand towards Feng Zhiyao.

"Understood, Father." Feng Zhiyao returned unwillingly.

Looking at Feng Zhiyao's dark figure, the corner of Feng Wucai's mouth lifted into a doting smile, and thought to himself, "Daddy is doing this for your own good. If you go out so late at night, daddy will really worry about you!"

… ….

It was another cloudless, warm morning.

Due to Father Feng's orders last night, Feng Zhiyao woke up a long time ago after being called by Zi Yun.

"Eldest Miss, quickly go to the lobby to thank us!" It was the butler's voice. He was now standing by the door, waiting with a smile on his face.

Seeing Feng Zhiyao dressed in a crimson Yan dress, he immediately cupped his hands and smiled, "Congratulations, First Miss. She has been conferred the title of a princess by the Emperor. "Now that the emperor's reward has been delivered to the front hall, the lord wants you to hurry over to receive the imperial edict."

"Alright." Feng Zhiyao said with a sweet smile.

So Feng Zhiyao brought Zi Yun and the butler to the hall.

When Feng Zhiyao accepted the decree to thank her, all the aunts in the family congratulated her. Only Third Concubine was so angry that she gritted her teeth with a face full of displeasure.

Feng Wucai and Feng Zhiyao both did not expect that the one who would pass down the decree would actually be Xuanyuan Haohan himself.

When Feng Zhiyao personally saw him out and passed by the Lotus Pond, he stopped. He held her hand and asked suspiciously, "Girl, why did you become the foster daughter of my royal father?" He could not understand, in just a few days of effort, how did the girl suddenly become his royal sister?

Feng Zhiyao told him everything that happened yesterday, causing his brows to knit tightly together.

"That's the way it is." Feng Zhiyao laughed, "Why aren't you happy? I have become your royal sister. Hehe."

Unexpectedly, his long and clean fingertip slid across her cheek, and raised his hand to stroke the hair at her temples. As if it was a burning hot strand of hair that followed his finger to suddenly freeze on her cheek, "If it's royal sister, then how am I going to be together with you in the future … Together? " His heart began to ache and pinch.

"Ugh …" Feng Zhiyao smiled but did not speak.

Xuanyuan Haohan only looked at her with a smile without speaking a word, but his eyes were filled with a lingering look.

She saw that his smile was a little weird, and was bored to death. When she saw Zi Yun beside her with a red face and a smile, her heart suddenly lit up, as if her face was on fire, and her ears were on fire.

"Why are you so shy right now?" Xuanyuan Haohan's cold voice swept past her ears.

When Feng Zhiyao thought of the palace maids and eunuchs standing at his side, she hurriedly tried to retract her hand and anxiously said, "Don't …"

The corners of Xuanyuan Haohan's usually cold eyes suddenly filled with a hint of a smile. However, his smile grew wider and wider. "What are you afraid of?"

Feng Zhiyao turned her head to look. Unknowingly, Zi Yun and the others had already retreated five kilometers away, and were standing with their backs facing away from them.

Xuanyuan Haohan pulled her hand and stood up, gently pulling her into his embrace. She was mesmerized by the fragrant aroma of dragon saliva in his clothes, the cool, pleasant smell of mint, and the familiar, strong smell of adult men on him.

His breath was warm on his neck and had a tinge of moist warmth to it. It was as if he was wearing only light clothes to cool off during the summer.

Beside him, the branches of the Begonia were blooming with red spots that looked like they were ready to spit on stamens. Xuanyuan Haohan quietly embraced her as his heart raced.

The days were warm, and the cherry blossoms flew in the air, hazy like smoke. The gentle breeze blew those light and thin petals, making them slightly bulge up like the smiling cheeks of a young girl.

The sound of the wind rustling through the leaves was like a very intimate whisper.

The voice was so far away, as if it were calling to her from the other side of the river.

Although she was bold and unhurried, she only felt a soft spot from her palm spreading to her entire body. Her mind was blank, but her heart was filled with joy.

"I'm not afraid..." Feng Zhiyao's body froze for no reason, and the oppressive aura of Xuanyuan Haohan grew stronger and stronger.

"Are you really not afraid?" Xuanyuan Haohan's arms tightened as he looked at her eyes that were deep as the ocean, unable to see the bottom.

Feng Zhiyao was surrounded by a wave of pressure, her head was slowly moving backwards, the Xuanyuan Haohan in this state made her feel unfamiliar, her entire body was releasing a plundering domineering aura, as though she was going to eat her alive.

"You … Why are you looking at me like that? " She slowly raised her eyes and looked straight at the vortex in Xuanyuan Haohan's pupils. It was so deep that it seemed like there was some sort of magic that was attracting her and she was unable to move.

As Xuanyuan Haohan looked at her alluring, pink, and cherry lips, the thirst in her heart grew even stronger.

So what if you're a royal sister?

His hands took advantage of the opportunity to seize her and pull her into his embrace. His warm lips unhesitatingly covered that crimson red. Even if it was a swamp, he was still willing to sink into it …

Xuanyuan Haohan's warm lips gently caressed Feng Zhiyao's lips that were as tender as a rose. The tip of her tongue moved about as she drew the outline of her lips, again and again, with a sweet allure.

"I'll let you off today. If you have the ability to obtain the title of princess, then this king will have the ability to remove your title of princess!" When the kiss was over, he whispered in her ear.

After he brought the servant s away, Feng Zhiyao slowly came back to reality. He had just said that he would get rid of her title of princess in the future?

"Eldest Miss. Ugh. Princess." Seeing Feng Zhiyao in a daze, Zi Yun called out to her softly from behind.

"Zi Yun, is there something you need?" Feng Zhiyao turned and saw Zi Yun calling out to her with her mouth wide open, and asked.

"Your servant doesn't know if I should call you 'Eldest Miss' or 'Princess' now?" Zi Yun was embarrassed.

"You can't abandon your manners. Call me princess." Transmigrating to become a princess was not a bad habit either.

When Feng Zhiyao went to Nihan Study again, Feng Wucai was playing with the zither, it was the first time she had heard Feng Wucai playing with the zither.

"Father..." Feng Zhiyao stood at the door and lightly called out.

"Yao'er, don't get too close to those princes or else disaster will descend upon you and even Father will not be able to save you!" Feng Wucai did not raise her head, but continued to play the song "Pure Spring Willow Scream".

"Dad, I'm not that close to them!" Feng Zhiyao felt that she had been wronged. Those princes, she did not dare to provoke.

"That's for the best! Anyway, your father doesn't want you to get involved in the struggles between the princes. " It was very obvious that someone had reported to Feng Wucai about her hug and kiss earlier.

"Father, I understand. If you have nothing else, I will return to the Begonia Garden first." Feng Zhiyao said indifferently.

"Yes." Feng Wucai waved his hands, indicating that she should take her leave.

"Right, the imperial edict just said that the emperor has bestowed Rising Sun Villa upon you to be the princess' mansion. When do you want to move in?" The moment Feng Wucai saw her turn around, he suddenly called out to her.

"You can move it when you want, I'm not in a rush." Feng Zhiyao said blandly. She could not move over, if she went there, those Earth Ape Rats would definitely not let her go. She decided to stay in Begonia Garden obediently. After all, based on her father's attitude, he would definitely send experts to protect her Begonia Garden.

"Alright. "Then you can leave now!" Feng Wucai was satisfied with the answer, and laughed.</blockquote>

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