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<blockquote>Four rainy days had passed. These past few nights were rather quiet. The Earth Dragoons really hadn't appeared.

However, since they did not appear, Feng Zhiyao felt that her days were boring.

Thus, on the fifth day, the weather just so happened to be very good. The sun was bright and it was a perfect day for a trip.

Early in the morning, Feng Zhiyao had already put on a purple beautiful dress with golden butterfly patterns on it. The dress was newly made and it was gorgeous, Feng Zhiyao said that she looked good in it, Feng Zhiyao thought it was beautiful too and wore it.

"Princess, where are we going?" In the carriage, Zi Yun asked with a smile on her face.

"Naturally, I'm going to inspect the business of First Soup Retaurant of Xian Yang. Is it as business as I imagined?" Feng Zhiyao casually replied.

However, Feng Zhiyao still felt a bit of unease in her heart, especially since the imperial guards were searching house by house.

"Zi Yun, have you investigated clearly? Who are these imperial guards looking for?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"It is said that the Crown Prince is looking for a beautiful young man called Ruiyu. It is said that she is incredibly beautiful!" Zi Yun asked what happened just now.

Beautiful youth? The Crown Prince was looking for him? Could it be the red-clothed youth that Uncle Xian saved last time?

Could it be that the youth in white was really the crown prince's catamite?

"Princess, what's wrong?" Zi Yun looked at the dumbstruck Feng Zhiyao, and waved her hand in front of her eyes.

"Stop swaying, swaying so much that I want to doze off!" Feng Zhiyao yawned lazily. "Yes."

"Oh." Zi Yun thus kept quiet.

"That's right, why don't we go to the residence bestowed upon me by the Emperor?" Feng Zhiyao had actually wanted to go to the store to see the chicken soup business, but she suddenly didn't want to meet Xuanyuan Haoyu, so she changed her mind. Since the weather was good today, she might as well go and take a look!

"Princess, there are too many people and the carriage is not easy to pass. Can you take a detour to the back street of the market?" The coachman, Wan Sanzi, who was driving the carriage asked. The carriage moved slowly, he asked Feng Zhiyao to change the route.

"Alright! Go around it! " Feng Zhiyao nodded, she was also not willing to get too close to the crowd, furthermore, the distance from here to the manor was not too far. Furthermore, the imperial guards were looking for her, so she was too lazy to cause any trouble.

The carriage turned into another street with very few pedestrians. The noise of the market gradually died down, and only the footsteps of a few pedestrians could be heard.

Only then did Feng Zhiyao gently lift up the curtains and look outside, to see a masked old man sitting on the stone steps at the side of the street. It was so hot that he was almost hit by the heat, he didn't even have the strength to shout out, she felt pity in her heart, and felt sympathy for him as she said: "Go and buy that old man's mask, it's so hot, you'll have to pity him."

After saying that, Feng Zhiyao felt that when she was in the Ancient Realm, she was no longer the cold and emotionless Meixi, so she lightly shook her head and sighed.

Zi Yun acknowledged, then called the carriage and jumped down, walking towards the old man.

Feng Zhiyao lowered the curtain and said: "Drive the carriage to the side of the road and wait. Don't block the way."

Wan Sanzi immediately drove the horse carriage to the alleyway's entrance, and just as he was about to drive to the alleyway's entrance, he exclaim: "Who is it?" With a few sounds of weapons clashing, the carriage's curtain was opened with a "huff", and before Feng Zhiyao could react, a bright, short blade was placed on her slender neck.

"Take a ride to the northern suburbs, or I'll kill her!" The man threatened Wan Sanzi fiercely.

"Brother Ranbai?" Feng Zhiyao's body trembled, and she shouted out involuntarily in shock.

Didn't he go to the Xi Liang Kingdom with Su Muyan?

The person turned his head in disbelief, staring at her blankly. His face was filled with shock that could not be hidden, and even the blade in his hand had fallen.

Just as he was in a daze, Wan Sanzi suddenly threw out the short blade he was holding with his backhand, and the two immediately started fighting in the narrow carriage.

"Stop!" Feng Zhiyao growled, the two of them stopped at the same time, Feng Zhiyao frowned and was about to say something, when she heard Zi Yun's little voice sound out: "Princess, we have bought all of them!" She gave Wan Sanzi a meaningful glance, and said in a low voice: "Take her away!"

Wan Sanzi nodded his head, then immediately retreated, Feng Zhiyao picked up the dagger and gave it to Mo Ranbai, she then said calmly: "Hide in the carriage!"

Outside the carriage, Wan Sanzi smiled at Zi Yun: "Zi Yun, the princess said that she wants to eat Zhang Sheng Ji's Plum Blossom Sugar. You go and buy two bags first, I will drive Miss back home first!" Zi Yun did not hesitate to follow the order, handing the wrapped up noodle to Wan Sanzi, then he turned and left.

"Brother Ranbai, you're injured?" Feng Zhiyao frowned when she saw Mo Ranbai's arm that seemed to have been shot by an arrow of some sort, dripping with blood.

"Yes." Mo Ranbai nodded, his face did not have any expression, and just remained calm.

"Wan Sanzi, I can't go to the other villa today. Find an inn nearby and settle down. Feng Zhiyao instructed Wan Sanzi.

After Wan Sanzi received the order, he immediately drove the horse carriage towards the other direction.

"Brother Ranbai, the person the imperial guards were searching for just now was …. Is that you? " Feng Zhiyao asked, she still felt that the possibility of this happening was high, as for searching for catamites, it was probably an excuse!

Mo Ranbai did not reply. Instead, he picked up the teacup that Feng Zhiyao had drunk before and gulped down a few cups of tea.

Feng Zhiyao secretly laughed, he was not courteous at all!

"So you agree?" Feng Zhiyao laughed, as expected, this beautiful man had a story, and as for the beautiful man who had a story, she was even more interested.

"Thank you for today's matter!" Mo Ranbai said indifferently, her voice did not have any undulations, and her tone seemed to carry a faint sense of alienation.

"Brother Ranbai, I will help you change your appearance first. Otherwise, if those people search the inn and find you, you will be in trouble." Feng Zhiyao frowned and said.

Even though this beautiful guy was indifferent, when Beitang Ziqian wanted to use the black jade fan to bully her, it was still with the help of the beautiful guy in front of her. No matter what, she would definitely help him get through this time.

As for why he would become the target of a large number of the imperial guards' searches, that was not what Feng Zhiyao wanted to investigate, because she believed that everyone had their own secrets.

"Yes." He said lightly.

Just as the two of them were talking, they suddenly heard Wan Sanzi's surprised shout and the carriage suddenly stopped. Feng Zhiyao was caught off guard and almost knocked into the wall, luckily Mo Ranbai pulled her back in time.

"Sir, what are you doing? Why are you stopping my carriage?" Wan Sanzi asked loudly on purpose.

Feng Zhiyao looked through the gaps of the carriage and saw a group of imperial guards wearing bright and colorful clothes standing in front of the carriage. Before Wan Sanzi could even finish speaking, they had already surrounded the carriage.

Mo Ranbai took out his short blade and was about to fight to the death with it, but he was stopped by Feng Zhiyao. At this moment, the people surrounding the carriage opened up a path for them. A commander of the imperial guards was riding his horse forward.

Wan Sanzi bellowed: Master, this is Princess Lianyan's carriage! What are you all doing? " He did not come with good intentions. There was still a person on the princess' carriage of unknown origin. If there was any situation, he could only bring the princess out with him.

The commander ignored him, and looked at the carriage with the curtain tightly shut, and said coldly: "So what if you're a princess? "Search the train for me!" Immediately, several imperial guards dismounted their horses and approached the carriage.

"Stop, this carriage is my Princess Lianyan, and it is also the legitimate daughter. How can we let him casually search us!" Wan Sanzi anxiously blocked in front of the curtain.

"Bastard, we are here to capture a spy from the enemy countries. We clearly saw him running into this alley, yet your carriage was stopped here. Could it be that the spy was here to support him?" The commander asked angrily.

"Wan Sanzi, let him investigate!" Feng Zhiyao's beautiful voice sounded out.

The curtain of the carriage was lifted, and Feng Zhiyao walked out. The dazzling sunlight shone down on her body, as if it was plated with a gold light, the gentleness was filled with holiness, like the rainbow in the sky, it was extremely beautiful.

"I am a Princess Lianyan under the title of Emperor, how can I have anything to do with the enemy nation's spy? All of you can go and search! But don't mess up my things! " After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, she jumped down from the carriage.

Two imperial guards climbed onto the carriage and parted the curtains. The interior of the carriage was rather simple, and it was obvious at a glance that there was only a single soft chair and a small cabinet that could not be used to hide people. The two looked around, got out of the carriage, and went in front of the commander to report: "Sir, there's no one inside!"

The commander was startled, then laughed: "A misunderstanding, disturbed Princess Lianyan, please forgive me!" He naturally heard that the Emperor had adopted a foster daughter a few days ago, but he didn't expect that the person in front of him was actually this person.

Feng Zhiyao chuckled: "Of course, you guys are also responsible! How could I blame you! "

The Commander saw that she was tolerant, her bearing was natural, and he praised her in his heart, this girl was indeed not an ordinary person, no wonder she was able to make the Emperor personally bestow the title of Princess Lianyan upon her, allowing her to join the Imperial Jade Butterfly.

With his order, a group of people quickly retreated. As expected of the well-trained Nan Shao's imperial guards.

When they left, Wan Sanzi broke out in a cold sweat because of what happened just now. "Princess, luckily you're smart, otherwise, you'd be in big trouble today, otherwise, how would the old master explain himself!"

"Wanzi, I didn't expect you to know some martial arts, I really can't see through you! "Hehe, you did very well just now!" Seeing that the danger was resolved, Feng Zhiyao laughed and ridiculed.

"He only knows the basics!" Wan Sanzi blushed from embarrassment. He was honest and loyal, maybe he was not used to being praised by others.

"To be modest is a good thing. Hur Hur, quickly find an inn and settle him down." Feng Zhiyao instructed with a smile.

"Alright." Wan Sanzi nodded, then asked: "Where's the young master?"

"Over there!" Feng Zhiyao pointed to the bottom of the carriage.

"Brother Ranbai, come out!" She called out tenderly.

Then, a wooden board fell from the bottom of the carriage, followed by a person. It was Mo Ranbai.

When Mo Ranbai once again entered the carriage, Feng Zhiyao did not say a word and quietly sized him up.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" When had Mo Ranbai ever been looked down upon by a young lady for so long? Therefore, at that time, his handsome face was blushing red as he asked.

"I was thinking, why is the blood on your arm suddenly stopped bleeding? And you didn't use any Gold Sore Medicine just now! " This was what made Feng Zhiyao very curious.

"If you seal off the acupoints there, the natural blood will solidify." Mo Ranbai lightly sighed and said.

"I'll help you bandage it." In the end, Feng Zhiyao's heart ached for the beautiful man who was injured. She immediately tore a corner of her skirt and wrapped it around him, forming a beautiful bow.

This bow tie made Mo Ranbai's handsome face turn black.

"Stop looking, isn't this really pretty? I'm really different from others when I wear the butterfly knot!" Feng Zhiyao smiled at him.

Then, Feng Zhiyao picked up the tea leaves from the teacup and rubbed it with her palm. She rubbed the juice and carefully rubbed it on Mo Ranbai's handsome face, and very quickly, the miraculous moment that had happened, made Mo Ranbai's face look much more ordinary.

"Hehe, even if we were to walk in front of that commander, he might not be able to recognize such a face!" Feng Zhiyao was satisfied with her disguise technique, and smiled.

In the entire process, other than Mo Ranbai, who was not used to her small hands touching him, he occasionally furrowed his brows and was basically very cooperative.

Feng Zhiyao purposely let Wan Sanzi find a small inn, it was not under the three families, so it was natural that the room and room would be cheap.

After getting a room on the second floor, Feng Zhiyao let Wan Sanzi go back first. She told him that she would return to the Prime Minister's Mansion later.

"Brother Ranbai, there's only you and me here, can you tell me why you didn't go with Su Muyan to Western Lion City?" She did not want to know about the imperial guards searching for him throughout the Xianyang City, but she still asked about this matter out of curiosity.

"I want something that belongs to me!" Mo Ranbai said as he wiped his face with the wet handkerchief.

That is why you were able to return to the Nan Shao. That is to say, even Su Muyan does not know about this? Feng Zhiyao guessed boldly.

"Yes." He replied lightly.

"Brother Ranbai, I …"

Mo Ranbai wanted to drink his tea, but when he heard the footsteps outside the door, he immediately reached out and covered Feng Zhiyao's fragrant cherry lips.

Feng Zhiyao's lips were suddenly covered by Mo Ranbai's slender and white hand, and she could feel the warmth from his palm, which was just inches away, so close that she could smell the faint scent of lavender on his body. In an instant, two red clouds swiftly flew onto her small, white, and smooth face …</blockquote>

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