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<blockquote>"Ugh …" "I'm sorry..." Mo Ranbai felt that he went overboard and immediately retracted his hand, and apologized with a red and handsome face.

So it was just a false alarm, it was the waiter who brought them the bath water.

Seeing him apologize, Feng Zhiyao immediately laughed unnaturally: "Brother Ranbai, there's no need to apologize, it's not like we're really fine!" Wasn't it just his palm covering her small mouth? Was there even a need for him to apologize? But this also showed that Brother Ranbai was very pure. She had a very good impression of such a cute and pure beautiful man.

"Oh yeah, the temperature of the bath water is about the same. Hurry up and bathe. I'll go out first." Although Feng Zhiyao really wanted to see a pretty boy come out of the bathroom, she didn't want to scare Mo Ranbai. Thus, she left Mo Ranbai's room feeling extremely unwilling.

After waiting on the corridor for around an hour, Mo Ranbai finally opened the door.

"Zhiyao, I'm done bathing. Come in." Mo Ranbai was dressed in a loose white crepe robe with ink flowing clouds pattern, and a few pink cherry blossoms were sewn out from the sleeves. They were luxurious and elegant with a refreshing sweetness after the rain, just like his temperament.

His lips hung a faint smile, his elegant figure was dazzling, shaking Feng Zhiyao's small heart so much that her heart was thumping hard.

"Brother Ranbai, you still look good in white!" Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Yeah, I think so too." Hearing that, Mo Ranbai was startled, he squinted his eyes, but his face still had a faint expression.

"Brother Ranbai, I will help you change your appearance. This way, if the imperial guards come search again, you won't have to hide anymore." Feng Zhiyao thought that she couldn't possibly accompany him twenty-four hours a day, right?

"Alright, sorry for the trouble!" Mo Ranbai said indifferently.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao walked towards him, and still used the wet tea leaves to rub on his face.

Previously, when they were in the car, the atmosphere was tense, but now that he had relaxed, his eyes could just happen to see the beautiful scenery on Feng Zhiyao's chest.

"Hey, Brother Ranbai, can you cooperate with me a little, don't keep moving around? If I change your appearance to an ugly one later, you're not allowed to criticize me." Feng Zhiyao was annoyed. Previously, this man was very cooperative, but now he was like a child suffering from ADHD. How could he not cooperate with her obediently?

"I …" This was the first time Mo Ranbai was incoherent.

"Don't say anything about me. Be obedient and don't move!" Feng Zhiyao's slender and jade-like fingers painted on his fair and handsome face, drawing line after line, extremely detailed and detailed. Due to her slender fingers touching him, it brought about a soft and refreshing feeling.

Shockingly, with his rationality, he pushed her away.

"Ah!" Feng Zhiyao was so angry that she did not flirt with him, why was he using so much strength to push her away?

After pushing her away, Mo Ranbai immediately regretted it and immediately helped her up.

"Zhiyao, right … "I'm sorry." This was the first time in his life that he was apologizing to a girl.

"My little pp fell so much it hurt. Mo Ranbai, I saved you so much but you almost broke me into a bone! What if I fall and become a cripple? "Humph!" Feng Zhiyao rubbed her hurting butt, she was so angry that blood almost splashed onto her butt.

"He shouldn't be crippled from the fall, right?" He did not feel that he had used much strength. "If you fall and become crippled, I will support you for the rest of your life." Mo Ranbai's face was gloomy as he promised.

"Humph, it's true that it isn't damaged from the fall, but you can take care of it yourself after this. I'm done with it!" Feng Zhiyao was also a temperamental child, but this, she saw his expression, was extremely unwilling, and immediately decided to leave him alone, and prepared to leave.

"Zhiyao, I … I was wrong, I won't push you to the ground in the future. " Mo Ranbai felt guilty, thinking that his mistake was outrageous. Thinking that a man could do something, or not, he stood up, straightened his back, and blocked her path.

"Damn, and beyond?" What you want is beautiful! If I say no, then no! " When Feng Zhiyao thought about the pain coming from her butt, she almost wanted to kill him. It was not on account of him being a handsome man, she really wanted to give him a push as well.

"Zhiyao, is that place where your butt hurts? Can I give you medicine? " Mo Ranbai was conflicted. He apologized to her mostly in his heart, so he carefully asked her.

"You don't need to apply the medicine. Let go." Feng Zhiyao roared at him.

"Then... "Alright then, before you leave, help me change my appearance first." Mo Ranbai himself did not know how to disguise, so he replied her.

"I was in a good mood before, but now I'm in a bad mood. How about this, if you can make me feel good, then I'll consider it!" Feng Zhiyao swung her hand, sat on the chair, supported her cheek with one hand, and looked coldly at him.

"This?" Mo Ranbai was in a difficult situation.

"What is this?" Say something that makes me happy, or I'll go. " Feng Zhiyao this little girl was deliberately making things difficult for him.

"No. You can go! " Mo Ranbai shook his head and gave up.

"Sigh, you're too honest. Alright, I'll just help you." Feng Zhiyao shook her head. Forget it, forget it.

After he finished changing his appearance.

"Zhiyao, the last time you planted a sex drug, was it on purpose?" Mo Ranbai suddenly asked, these words caught Feng Zhiyao off guard and made her face turn red.

"What …" "How could that be …" Feng Zhiyao did not expect him to grab hold of this weak point, and immediately refused to admit it.

"Is that so?" Mo Ranbai did not believe it, when he first saw her, her eyes revealed a burning look, and he still felt goosebumps whenever he thought about it.

"Mn, of course, you and I have only just met, why would I give you that sex drug? Naturally, I did it for Su Muyan! " Feng Zhiyao smiled slightly, she was shocked in her heart, how did this man know everything?

"You like Su Muyan?" Mo Ranbai did not know why he suddenly asked this question.

"Mm, I should like it!" Feng Zhiyao admitted it and nodded, she missed Su Muyan a little, and did not know when he would return?

"Why are you so concerned about whether I like Su Muyan or not? Could it be that you fell in love with me at first sight, Brother Ranbai?" Feng Zhiyao laughed and teased.

"No …" "That's not it..." Mo Ranbai shook his head. Love at first sight? On the other hand, she was already Su Muyan's woman, how could he get involved with her?

Seeing him deny it, Feng Zhiyao felt a little disappointed in her heart. Originally, beautiful men were not interested in her, but she had a good impression of this fresh and intoxicating beautiful man, and wanted to push him down, but this man was too smart. If she drugged him, it would only be a loss.

Forget it, forget it. It was her. After all, it was hers, not hers. A forcefully twisted melon was not sweet.

"It's getting late, I should go back." Feng Zhiyao looked at the sky outside the window and said, it was time to leave, the beautiful man did not have her in his heart, and she did not want to stay any longer, so she was tired of it.

"Oh right, just now you called yourself 'this palace' in front of the commanders of the imperial guards, what does that mean? Could it be that you are the Princess Lianyan who was recently bestowed the title of Emperor of the Nan Shao?" he asked doubtfully.

"Ah, this is the longest sentence you've said since I've met you. Yes, I am Princess Lianyan. Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Not much." Mo Ranbai shook his head.

"I think it's good, so be it. Ah, if we really have to go back, then I'll take my leave!" Feng Zhiyao thought that she should return quickly. Otherwise, if she returned too late, Father Feng would definitely talk about her.

"Alright, then I'll send you back." Mo Ranbai thought that he had disguised himself, and would not be recognized by the imperial guards, and suggested.

"No need, I can do it myself." Feng Zhiyao shook her head. She had finally managed to save him, why would she put him in danger?

"Alright, be careful along the way." Mo Ranbai watched her back as she walked further and further away.

… ….

It was already dark and windy after dinner. The stars were all over the sky and the fragrance of the lotus was pleasant. The lakeside is lush with wild grass, narcissus, water kite and calamus, rustling against the wind, a few waterfowl, white cranes play in it. The night wind blew gently, bringing with it a faint chill.

It was almost the end of October, and in a few days, Su Muyan should be back in the Nan Shao.

Feng Size invited Feng Zhiyao to view the moon recite a poem together.

Feng Zhiyao originally did not want to go, but after thinking that Zi Yun, the little girl by her side, might have something to play with, she brought along the unwilling Zi Yun, and headed in the direction of the Jusong Hall.

"Yao'er, you're here? This bad girl is here too? " Feng Size gritted his teeth as if he wanted to tell Zi Yun something.

"Why does Brother Size look at Zi Yun like that? "Could it be that you —" Feng Zhiyao deliberately wanted to say something, but stopped herself.

"Yao'er? What are you talking about? " Feng Size raised his eyebrows, turned his head, and leisurely sat down. No one knew whether he was sulking or just watching the moon.

"Brother Size. "Why did you ask me out to admire the moon when I recited a poem? Why did I feel that the moon tonight is not round at all?" Feng Zhiyao laughed and teased.

"I got something rare for you to see." Feng Size thought that he was just angry at Zi Yun, so he did not want to go against Yao'er.

"Just what is it?" Feng Zhiyao asked curiously.

Feng Size then took out a red wooden chest from her room.

"What treasure?" "It looks very mysterious." Seeing how mysterious he looked, Feng Zhiyao laughed and teased him.

When she opened the mahogany box, Feng Zhiyao was immediately overjoyed when she saw it. This was a Western Bell.

"Brother Size, where did you get this from?" Seeing this, Feng Zhiyao felt that her hope of returning to the modern era was very high. Hence, she anxiously pulled on Feng Size's sleeves and asked.

This was the first time Zi Yun saw her young miss being so excited.

"Zhiyao, do you know what this is?" Feng Size frowned, and asked while staring at her.

"Ugh …" I read about it in a very ancient book. This item is called a bell, it has an hour hand, and a minute hand, it is a type of precise timing tool. It's just that Yao'er doesn't know where you got this strange item from, how did you get it? " Feng Zhiyao was very curious as to how Feng Size obtained it, so he asked him.

"Half a month ago, on my way back, ah, it was by the sea, I met a man with blond hair. His eyes were dark blue, his hair was thicker, his bones were not protruding, his jaw was flat, and his nose was narrow and tall. Maybe He came from overseas and said something that I didn't understand. I gave him some silver and he gave me this weird thing. " As Feng Size spoke, he immersed himself into his own memories.

Hearing Feng Size's description, Feng Zhiyao felt that the golden-haired man he met was definitely a citizen of another country. Was there a country like England in this world?</blockquote>

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