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<blockquote>"Yao'er, where is that ancient book of yours?" Feng Size seemed to have thought of something, and asked.

"Ancient book? I've long lost it." Feng Zhiyao stuck out her tongue at him cutely.

"Zi Yun, don't just stand there. Sit." Feng Zhiyao instructed Zi Yun and pointed to the stone chair beside her.

"Princess, your humble servant's status is low, you can't do that." Although Zi Yun was moved by her concern, she still rejected him.

"Alright, you can sit down when you're tired of standing." Feng Zhiyao said with a slight smile, as she fiddled with the ancient Western Bell with one hand.

"Zi Yun, since the princess has ordered you to sit down, you should sit down. After Feng Size finished speaking, he made a big tiger-like grimace towards Zi Yun, showing his teeth in a cute manner, making both Feng Zhiyao and Zi Yun laugh.

Feng Zhiyao thought that there was hope for the two of them, but Zi Yun's identity was not simple, she was afraid that when the two of them were together, there would be someone who would cause trouble, furthermore, with Zi Yun's background, maybe she would only be able to be Feng Size's concubine, as it was truly a grievance to Zi Yun.

After hearing what Feng Size said, Zi Yun's little face immediately turned slightly red. Under Feng Zhiyao's persuasion, she sat down, but she did not dare raise her face, as she was afraid of seeing Feng Size's handsome face that looked like he deserved a beating.

"Yao'er, your father doesn't seem to be too happy about you being conferred the title of princess. What are your thoughts?" Feng Size asked in a brotherly tone.

"Father will understand. This is also a way for me to protect myself!" Feng Zhiyao had not forgotten about her disguise of being infected by an illness, with the Alchemy Book iron securities in her hands, she was afraid of nothing. Becoming the emperor's goddaughter, at least she could avoid Xuanyuan Haoyu and Xuanyuan Haohan. Needless to say, this was also a good thing.

Brother Size, let me tell you, I saw Murong Chong yesterday afternoon near the Ningji Lake of the Imperial Palace. According to the crown prince, Murong Chong and you are from the same sect, is that true? Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Murong Chong is indeed a fellow disciple of mine, but his origin is very mysterious. He's my junior brother, and he hasn't even started training, and his light skill is the best, moreover his poison arts are invincible in the world, if you see him again, remember to hide away. That guy has a white snake on his body, if you get bitten by that white snake, you'll suffer!"

Feng Size's handsome face immediately changed when he heard Feng Zhiyao mention his junior brother Murong Chong, and he shouted anxiously with fear in his eyes.

"Brother Size, is Murong Chong really that scary?" Feng Zhiyao was really worried after he said this.

"Anyway, you have to be careful and not to provoke him. Moreover, his identity is a mystery, so up until now, I'm afraid only his deceased master knows of his origins." Feng Size frowned.

"Brother Size, Zi Yun and I both feel that your light skill is already the best and fastest light skill, but there is still a faster one!" Feng Zhiyao held her forehead and sighed, it seemed that she had to properly learn martial arts.

"That's right, Murong Chong is seventeen years old, and there's no one who can match him in the light skill now. It really makes me ashamed!" Feng Size sighed.

"What?" Murong Chong is only one year older than me? " Feng Zhiyao thought of the Murong Chong she had met yesterday, and her heart was filled with doubts.

Even my late master said that he was a prodigy who cultivated martial arts. However, I can't guess, why did he appear in the Nan Shao Palace after going to the Western Regions? Could it be that the sky is going to change? " Feng Size held his head with one hand and the cup of tea in his other hand as he exclaimed.

"Western Regions? Are you saying that Murong Chong is from the Western Regions? " Feng Zhiyao was very curious. It was said that the Western Regions had the most poisons in the place. She was an expert in making poisons, so she was naturally very curious about that mysterious place.

"I can't be sure. Weird, Yao'er, why are you so interested in Murong Chong? Don't tell me you. You're interested in him? Want to marry him? " Feng Size asked curiously, why would he think that way? This was the first time that Feng Zhiyao had asked him about the strange man in such a detailed manner.

"It's not that... Brother Size, don't speak nonsense. That's right, Murong Chong was indeed a beautiful guy, but he was so mysterious, and she was also so damn curious. The so called curiosity would kill a cat, and it just so happened that she was a cat, so she had been preparing for the past few days to go to the Imperial Palace to meet the old emperor, and meet Murong Da Mei and the evil man by chance.

"Yao'er, you had better not provoke Murong Chong!" Because, people who provoked Murong Chong were the unluckiest!

"Brother Size, stop talking nonsense, I … How could I possibly offend him? " However, he was a pretty boy, and his poison arts were so good as well. How could she not be curious, and compare notes with him to test out his poison arts?

"Not the best." Hearing her affirmation, Feng Size heaved a sigh of relief and laughed heartily.

"Brother Size, isn't that a poem? Why are we only chatting now? " Feng Zhiyao's gaze swept across Zi Yun and Feng Size's faces.

"Princess, it's already late at night. Shouldn't you go back and rest?" Zi Yun lowered her head. During the day, she had joyously come to meet him, saying that Master had something to ask of her, so she had to hurry over. She missed him a lot, but when she thought about her unlucky elder sister, her eyes dimmed down.

"Ah?" So early? " Feng Zhiyao was a little dispirited. Why would she go back so early? If it was in the modern world, she would be carrying out tasks at night, rolling in bed with a beautiful man, or going online. In short, she wouldn't be as relaxed as she was now!

"Yao'er, it must be because this girl is tired. Let's just wait for another day before we admire the crescent moon chant, alright?" Feng Size looked at the night sky. It was indeed too late, so he decided to let them go back first.

"Alright then, Brother Size, we will be leaving first. You should go to bed early as well. " Feng Zhiyao smiled lightly.

After leaving the Jusong Hall, about half an hour later, they arrived at the Begonia Garden. Feng Zhiyao lamenting that the road was far away also showed how vast the Prime Minister's Mansion's land area was.

After Feng Zhiyao bathed and went to sleep, Zi Yun returned to her room and quickly changed into night clothes. Just as she was about to go out, she noticed the long breaths of many experts near Begonia Garden.

Damn, she thought, she couldn't get out tonight.

Thus, she went back to her ears in frustration, preparing to find an opportunity to meet Master tomorrow at Spring Yard.

Forget about Zi Yun who was inside the Begonia Garden, even the two outside could not come in.

Helan Qi had completely cleared out all the petal poison s, and now that he had not seen the beauty for several days, he missed her a lot. He wanted to see her, but seeing that Begonia Garden was surrounded by martial arts experts, their martial arts must be even stronger than the guards, so he did not dare to act rashly.

And it just so happened that Situ Yelei came as well.

Naturally, Situ Yelei was also unable to go in and steal from him, which was why he and him were both extremely depressed.

"Helan, it seems that Prime Minister Feng has invested quite a bit this time." Situ Yelei took off his mask and laughed.

"Yeah, there's a possibility that a few of their martial arts are even above ours and yours, so it's even harder to go in at night to see Yao'er than to ascend to the heavens!" Helan Qi couldn't help but sigh. He wanted to kiss his wife, how could it be so difficult?

"Sigh, why don't we go to Songhe Restaurant together for a drink? You will be treating today, what do you think?" Situ Yelei laughed.

"Mm, let's go." Helan Qi had probably gone to sleep long ago when he thought about this. Since he couldn't see her at night, he could come see her during the day.

The two of them looked at the direction of the Begonia Garden longingly, and just left with their toes touching the ground.

The next day, rain kept on falling. It was not suitable for people to travel, but Feng Zhiyao still wanted to go out.

It was because she had dreamt of Li Jinran last night. At that time, he was lying in a pool of blood and his entire body was covered in blood.

"Princess, this rain might not stop anytime soon. Why don't you go to Jiu Yin Temple to pray for your blessings another day?" Zi Yun disagreed.

"Zi Yun, how about this, I'll go by myself. "Feng Zhiyao said considerately as she saw Zi Yun frowning.

"Alright, thank you Princess." Zi Yun frowned, she had to go to the Spring Yard to see Master, yesterday, she delayed Master for so long, if she went today, she would be punished.

Feng Zhiyao sat on the horse carriage, and on the way there, it started to drizzle. It was probably autumn already, and the wind blowing towards her face was a little chilly.

Feng Zhiyao pulled open the carriage's curtain, and took a glance at the scenery outside, and saw that she was already near Jiu Yin Temple.

The road was bumpy, and after travelling for such a long distance, the carriage even made Feng Zhiyao's butt hurt.

Suddenly, a horse in front of the carriage raised its hooves, the carriage was kicked all over, Feng Zhiyao did not expect the horse to go berserk.

As she was thinking about how to escape, Wan Sanzi's cry for help caused a wisp of white shadow to appear. Quickly and cleanly, he plucked out two peach blossoms from the peach tree nearby and infused his profound Spirit Qi into the horses' throat, heart and body, then aimed at each other, aimed at the horse respectively, and shot out once more. Thus, the frenzied horse finally collapsed onto the ground with a long hiss, barely able to breath.

"Thank you, young master, for saving my life!" Wan Sanzi cupped his fists and thanked the white shadow.

"You're welcome." The white shadow only glanced at Feng Zhiyao who was walking out safely from the carriage and said coldly.

"Murong Chong?" Feng Zhiyao had thought that she had seen wrongly, it was actually him!

"You are?" Obviously, Murong Chong had forgotten who she was.

Damn, what a forgetful man! On that day, he had clearly seen her near the Ningji Lake in the Imperial Palace, but he had forgotten who she was.

"This is the newly bestowed Princess Lianyan by the Emperor." Wan Sanzi explained with a smile.

"Yes, last time you and I met in Ningji Lake, do you remember now?" Feng Zhiyao laughed and asked, no matter what, he had saved her life.

He did not know why the horse was so mad.

Then why is the other horse good, and this one good? Was there something amiss?

"Is that so? Princess Lianyan? " Murong Chong stood calmly and peacefully amidst the fragrance of the sunlight, her voice sounding like the crescent moon in the sky.

Seeing that he seemed to recognize her, she gradually relaxed and used her hand to brush her hair that had been blown up by the wind.

"Yes." Feng Zhiyao acknowledged gently.

"Your horse was drugged." After Murong Chong finished, he mounted on his white horse and rode off, not even looking at Feng Zhiyao.

Feng Zhiyao laughed self-deprecatingly, this beautiful man did not like him! It would be a little difficult for her to take him down. However, looking at his figure, it was likely that she would feel comfortable rolling around in the bed with him.

No, she had to work hard, even though she had not succeeded in plundering the beautiful guy, Meixi still had to work hard!

When she thought of this, her mood improved again.

"Princess, there's only one horse in the carriage right now —" Wan Sanzi was in a difficult situation, so he hesitated to speak.

"Sanzi, you don't need to investigate who did this. I have my own plans." Feng Zhiyao laughed, she had indeed done something to her, good, it was better to use a tooth for a tooth.

"Princess?" After Wan Sanzi heard this, he was stunned for a long time.

"Buy a little donkey and ride back for the time being! I will ride my horse to Jiu Yin Temple and pray for the good fortune. The rain has stopped long ago, so I will definitely return home safely. " Feng Zhiyao turned his head and looked in the direction of the Jiu Yin Temple, instructing Wan Sanzi.

"Yes, Princess!" Wan Sanzi looked at her worriedly as he thought to himself, When did the princess learn to ride a horse? How could he not know?

However, he did not ask any more questions. Instead, he walked towards a small village in front of them and bought a donkey from the villagers and rode it back to the village.

Feng Zhiyao then rode on top of the remaining horse and waved her whip towards the opposite direction of Jiu Yin Temple.

She rushed all the way to Soul Chase Manor, and finally arrived there at noon.

Just as she was about to leave, she saw Li Mincan at the entrance.</blockquote>

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