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<blockquote>Feng Zhiyao brought "A bowl of broken" Yan Wusha back to Prime Minister's Mansion.

Feng Wucai and Feng Size were curious as to why Feng Zhiyao was able to turn the No. 1 Assassin in the martial arts world, Yan Wusha, into a three-year-old child with intelligence. How did she do it?

"Father, I …" How could I have that kind of ability? When I met him, he was being hunted down by his enemy, but I don't know why he kept on pestering me to call me sister, which was why I brought him back. I didn't know that he was actually the assassin of the martial arts world, 'Broken Bowl'! "

Feng Zhiyao was afraid of trouble, hence she casually made up a story.

"Yao'er, even though he is currently only a three year old child, once he regains his intelligence, your life will be in danger!" Feng Size also disapproved of letting go of an assassin from his family.

"Brother Size, are you afraid that you won't be able to defeat Yan Wusha?" Feng Zhiyao vomited blood because of Feng Size's words. If he wanted to become an adult again, she would have to agree to it first.

"How could I not beat him? It's just that he's only three years old right now, so how can I bully the weak? " Feng Size glared at her fiercely. Did he look like someone who would take advantage of the situation and attack her?

"Yao'er, you better pray for your own safety. Oh right, your father has already sent out the death warriors of the Feng Family to protect you." Feng Wucai's words made Feng Zhiyao break out in a cold sweat.

"Father, you sent the death soldiers of the Feng Clan?" Feng Size was shocked, why would his father need to use Death Soldiers to guard against all kinds of attacks?

"Yes, if I hadn't done so, you would have become someone else's uncle long ago!" "Humph!" Feng Wucai disagreed with Feng Zhiyao's words of "eating only and not taking responsibility", as he was afraid that Feng Zhiyao would repeat the same mistake as him and ruin his sect.

"Dad, I'm not as bad as you make me out to be!" Feng Zhiyao laughed in embarrassment and stuck out her pink tongue.

"Alright, alright. Go back and rest." Feng Wucai helplessly threw up his hands at Feng Zhiyao's unorthodox thought.

"Brother Size, are you going to Begonia Garden to eat something delicious?" Feng Zhiyao smiled as she coaxed.

"Why are you being so gentle and attentive to me? Could it be that you have something to request of me?" Feng Size felt that Feng Zhiyao's smile was very weird.

"How do you know?" As Feng Zhiyao walked, she gave Yan Wusha some candied flakes to eat.

"Speak, stop beating around the bush," Feng Size teased.

"Brother Size, do you know what kind of medicine would cause you to go insane?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Why do you ask if the leaves of a Jinsui Pine Tree are eaten by a horse?" Feng Size asked, he truly felt that it was too strange.

"Because I wanted to go to Jiu Yin Temple in the morning to pray, but who would have thought that a horse in front of my carriage would suddenly go into a frenzy.

"How can a good horse go mad after a short journey? Could there be someone behind all of this? " Feng Size analyzed for Feng Zhiyao as he walked.

"That's why I called you here. I wanted to see if there was any way to find the mastermind behind that person, causing me to almost lose my life." When Feng Zhiyao thought about that depressing matter, she wanted to pull that person out.

"Other than the Jinsui Pine Tree, is there anything else?" Feng Zhiyao felt that it was necessary to ask, otherwise, if she misunderstood, she would get someone to bite back on her words, and this time would be the best opportunity to get her out of Prime Minister's Mansion.

"Could it be that Yao'er suspects the Aunt Bai?" Feng Size remembered that when he came back from Mount Kunlun, he could already tell that the Aunt Bai was not a friendly person. He was cunning and relied on the daughter of the Noble Madame in the palace to scold and scold her often.

At this moment, he had the same suspicions, he believed that Yao'er was the culprit.

"Yes." But there is no conclusive evidence. " Feng Zhiyao was startled, then said: "Perhaps this, is what we should do, for fear that my father will not agree." She said this to Feng Size in a low voice.

"The solution is a good one. I'm just afraid that if I fail to find out who you are, I might ruin your relationship with Father!" After Feng Size heard Feng Zhiyao's plan, he did not quite agree with it.

"Whatever, let's do this first. Since she wants my life so much, I will definitely chase her out of the manor!" If necessary, he could also borrow a knife to kill!

"Alright, in any case, your brother doesn't like her either. Let's go to the Nihan Study." Feng Size felt that he had to notify Father Feng, otherwise, it would not be good to hide this matter.

Feng Zhiyao nodded, and then personally placed Yan Wusha inside the Begonia Garden. Once again, she and Feng Size made a trip to the Father Feng's Calligraphy room.

… ….

When Feng Wucai saw Feng Zhiyao and Feng Size return after leaving, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Why did you return?"

"Father, the horse Third Concubine gave me had the leaves of a crazy Jinsui Pine Tree. I didn't want to mention it at first, but when Brother Size said it, we really hated her, so …" Feng Zhiyao lamented the fact that she did not have any evidence, it was just troublesome, even she had to take him down!

So what if she had the support of Noble Madame's daughter, she, Meixi, had the backing of Alchemy Book Corporation.

"But do you have any evidence that she drugged Yao'er's horse to make it crazy?" Feng Wucai did not immediately agree. Instead, he muttered to himself for a moment, and lightly sipped his tea before asking Qian Yu about the entire text.

"Father, I want to send someone to search Emerald Bamboo Pavilion, do you agree?" Since she had already made her decision, she would not allow herself to retreat. In fact, as a noble princess, she did not need to report this to the Father Feng;

"This matter has yet to be confirmed. What if we rashly go investigate and alert the enemy?" Feng Wucai asked.

"Father, you don't want Little Sister Yao'er to die without knowing why, right?" Feng Size decided to use a fierce medicine and said.

"Yao'er, oh Yao'er, originally, I did not advocate letting her go from Cold Fall Yard, but you, aiya …." Feng Wucai said angrily, he sighed, then stood up and said, "Since that's the case, then I'll go with you guys!" Feng Wucai said as he rubbed his temples.

"Father, you're the best," Feng Zhiyao thought, this time she did not want to kick her out, she had to make more preparations, if not her days these days would be too boring.

"Stop flattering, hurry up and ask Emerald Bamboo Pavilion." Feng Wucai put down his teacup, walked out of the study with his hands behind his back, and turned to his children as he said this.

"Yes, Father, Yao'er, why aren't you quickly following me?" Feng Size indicated with his mouth towards Feng Zhiyao, indicating her to hurry up and not be so arrogant.

"Oh, okay." Feng Zhiyao immediately chased after him while smiling.

Reaching Bai Wanting's Emerald Bamboo Pavilion, when Feng Wucai stated his intentions of coming here, she immediately began to weep profusely.

"Old master, it really isn't me!" "Woo woo …" Hearing Feng Wucai's words, Bai Wanting immediately knelt down towards him and cried.

"Master, Third Concubine has always kept to her duty and has never done anything against nature. Master, please do not wrongly accuse our Third Concubine." She had basically become Bai Wanting's personal lass. Seeing Bai Wanting reprimanding her, she hurriedly went forward to persuade him, without regard for her inferiority.

"Slut!" You don't have the right to speak here, scram! " Feng Wucai frowned, he kicked Hong Mi and Hong Mi fell to the ground.

Feng Wucai hated servants who overestimated their own abilities the most. So, this kick caused Hong Mi to die from the pain, blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

"Master... Do not listen to Eldest Miss' nonsense, Third Concubine is innocent … " Hong Mi crawled in front of Feng Wucai as she hugged Feng Wucai's boots and cried.

"Hong Mi, now that the young miss is a princess, pay attention to your words! Don't commit a crime of great disrespect, you don't even know it! " Feng Size said coldly.

"Father, stop wasting time with them, I want to find the Jinsui Pine Tree as soon as possible!" Feng Zhiyao's eyes glanced at Feng Size, and very quickly, Feng Size clapped his hands three times, and the servants started searching everywhere.

"Master, quickly stop them, I really don't have any Jinsui Pine Tree the princess is talking about!" Bai Wanting did not expect her poison plan to be exposed so quickly, so she did not want to admit it even if she died.

However, the servants had searched inside and out, but could not find any Jinsui Pine Tree. They even searched through the box's plywood layer, but were unable to find any.

Feng Zhiyao was dumbstruck, was this really unrelated to Bai Wanting?

Bai Wanting had been watching quietly the entire time, and now that she saw that they did not manage to find anything, she was crying like a teardrop. Furthermore, her crying sound was getting louder and louder, and Feng Zhiyao was actually panicking a little, but suddenly she calmed down.

Feng Zhiyao thought about the white crystal jade hairpin that Helan Qi had given her before, that could hide poison, then the white treasure jade hairpin that was stuck in Bai Wanting's hair seemed to be a little larger than normal, and the quality of the jade was also a little purer. Then was it possible that the Jinsui Pine Tree's leaf powder was hidden inside?

Thinking about it this way, Feng Zhiyao rushed over to Bai Wanting and quickly took off the white treasure jade hairpin that Bai Wanting was wearing.

"Brother Size, open the tail of the hairpin and take a look. See if there is anything hidden that you shouldn't have. Feng Zhiyao handed the white treasure jade hairpin over to Feng Size and stepped aside.

"Old master, don't believe her words. I was wronged, truly wronged." Bai Wanting immediately shouted out when she saw Feng Zhiyao taking off her white treasure jade hairpin. A trace of resentment flashed across her lowered eyes.

"Size, what's wrong with this hairpin? "Why aren't you talking?" Feng Wucai asked curiously.

"Father, look, this is not the Jinsui Pine Tree's powder, but alchemy sand!" Feng Size looked at the powder, his eyes filled with shock.

"Cinnabar?" Feng Wucai repeated himself, his eyes filled with disbelief.

"How did you get this?" Feng Wucai asked.

When Feng Zhiyao heard about cinnabar, she immediately thought of cinnabar that used mercury sulfide as the main ingredient. In ancient times, other than being used to write, paint, and change colors, the other main use of cinnabar was for medicine or to refine mercury. Because natural mercury was very rare, at that time, the main way to obtain it was to use cinnabar to refine it.

What did Bai Wanting want mercury for? Could it be that she wanted to use mercury to kill her?

"Master, I don't know, I really don't know. "Woo woo …" Seeing Feng Wucai's furious look, Bai Wanting immediately started crying again.

"Don't know? Then is the white treasure jade hairpin your jewelry? " Feng Wucai glared at her sinisterly, and said angrily.

"This …" Bai Wanting was furious, she never would have thought that the alchemical sand that she bought at such a high price would actually be discovered by them, hence she was more or less angry in her heart.

"Is the white treasure jade hairpin really not from Third Concubine?" Feng Zhiyao's lips curved up into a playful smile.

"No... "That's not it..." How could she say that it was hers? This was one of the types of rouge and cosmetic powder that she brought Lin'er when she prepared to enter the palace tomorrow, just that she did not know why Lin'er asked her to bring her this cinnabar. It was just that Lin'er had something to say, and shouldn't be said to outsiders!

Feng Zhiyao focused on Third Concubine Bai Wanting's expression, and a general idea of what had happened slowly surfaced in her heart.</blockquote>

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