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<blockquote>The cinnabar in this hairpin is a strange thing!

However, were they trying to use cinnabar to refine mercury?

Although Bai Wanting's mother was middle-aged, she still retained her charm. Her cheeks were pink and tender, and her lips red and toothed.

Wait, mercury? Cosmetics?

Could it be that Third Concubine wanted to use mercury as her cosmetics? Or did the Green Lotus Palace use mercury as cosmetics? The palace banned mercury!

"Yao'er, why are you just standing there quietly? What did you think of?" Feng Wucai asked.

"Father, a disaster is about to befall the Feng Residence!" Feng Zhiyao sighed.

"Yao'er, why do you say that?" Feng Size was very nervous, what did she actually think of?

"Father, Brother Size, Third Concubine, do you know the usage of cinnabar?" With her hands behind her back, Feng Zhiyao looked at the peach blossoms outside the window and asked with a smile.

"Isn't the cinnabar used for writing and painting?" Bai Wanting thought so.

"Women's perspective! The other use of cinnabar was to refine mercury! It was clearly prohibited for the palace to have mercury. Could it be that you want to give the mercury to Lin'er and have her harm others? " Feng Wucai bellowed at Bai Wanting in anger.

"What?" Cinnabar can be refined into mercury? "Oh my god, how can this be?" How could Bai Wanting have thought that Lin'er would actually make cinnabar into such a useful use of the Hero Prison! Only now did she understand why that bitch Feng Zhiyao had said that the Feng Residence was about to face a disaster.

Third Concubine, is Noble Madame Lin involved in this matter? Feng Size frowned.

"This... My body... "I …" How would Bai Wanting dare to admit it? Seeing Feng Wucai's expression, she became even more afraid and became even more worried for Feng Zhilin's safety in the palace.

"Night Pavilion, you should still speak the truth. If you speak of it, it might be able to save Lin'er's life. If you don't speak of it, you can just wait for Lin'er to be killed by the Emperor's three feet white silk!" Feng Wucai shook his head and said with a sigh. Feng Zhilin was his daughter long ago, that was why he said that.

A three feet long white silk? Was it really that serious? Bai Wanting was so scared that her face turned white.

"Master, Master, please save our Lin'er … … "Old master..." Bai Wanting knelt on the ground and kowtowed fiercely towards Feng Wucai.

"Third Concubine, how long have you been involved in this matter?" Hearing her words, Feng Zhiyao felt her scalp go numb.

"This …" Bai Wanting was so frightened that she could not speak properly, and Feng Zhiyao had a rough idea of what was going on, so she must have participated in it a lot.

"Father, Third Concubine, last time I saw Lin'er's skin snow, lips red and teeth white. I'm afraid that if a person consumed an excessive amount of mercury, they would have fair skin and rosy lips. This is a sign of poisoning, if Little Sister Lin'er consumed mercury, the consequences would be unimaginable!" Feng Zhiyao said as she looked at Bai Wanting, deep in thought.

"Night Pavilion, stop supplying Lin'er with cinnabar as soon as possible. Otherwise, your daughter will be killed by the ignorant you!" Feng Wucai's anger ignited, and he roared at Bai Wanting.

"Father, how about this, we need to quickly get rid of this cinnabar. If the Emperor finds out, the life of our Prime Minister's Mansion will be in great danger!" 's brain was still working, he thought immediately.

"How much cinnabar is there?" Feng Wucai asked angrily.

"It's all buried under that pomegranate bonsai!" Bai Wanting stammered as she pointed in the direction of the pomegranate. Her eyes were filled with tears and her heart was burning with anxiety. She was worried about Feng Zhilin's health.

"Princess, I beg of you, please head to the palace tomorrow to meet Lin'er. Then, don't take the mercury anymore, your life is more important!" Bai Wanting recalled that Feng Zhiyao was now a princess and that she could enter and leave the palace, so she immediately kowtowed to Feng Zhiyao and wailed.

Originally, she wanted to ask the old master to enter the palace to advise Lin'er, but the old master was a man, so it was inconvenient for them to enter and leave the harem.

"Third Concubine, it's not that I'm not willing to help you, but that I went to see her. She might not agree to this matter and instead hated me for it. Feng Zhiyao did not want to wade through this muddy water, so she refused awkwardly.

"Princess, I am begging you, what happened before was my fault, please forgive me, please do not remember this lowly person, the Prime Minister can hold a boat in his stomach, please go and advise Lin'er tomorrow, okay?"

"Master, Lin'er is not only my daughter, she is also your daughter. "Old master..." Seeing that Feng Zhiyao was in a difficult situation, Bai Wanting pulled Feng Wucai's sleeves and begged.

"Fine." Feng Wucai thought for the sake of the Feng Family, and nodded his head, then turned to Feng Zhiyao and said: "Yao'er, go and advise her, and say that it is her parents' idea. If she still does not listen, then let her handle this matter, then I will pretend that I do not have this daughter of mine!"

Master, Lin'er is still young, you can't ignore her! "Woo woo …" Seeing that Feng Wucai was about to give up on Feng Zhilin, Bai Wanting immediately shouted with all her might.

"Father, I understand. I will go to the palace to see her tomorrow. That's right, Third Concubine, Little Sister Lin'er is willing to listen, but I don't have a 100% chance of success." Feng Zhiyao sighed, and said the first few unsightly words.

"Thank you, Princess." Bai Wanting immediately expressed her thanks. Her face was still pale and her heart was in turmoil.

"Night Pavilion, you should get some rest early. Size, Yao'er, let's go to the city to read the full text of the absolute dragon." Feng Wucai glanced at Bai Wanting and flicked his sleeves and left.

After exiting Bai Wanting's Emerald Bamboo Pavilion, Feng Wucai asked Feng Zhiyao, "Yao'er, about the matter of the horse being dismounted with the jasper grass, do you want to report it to the authorities for investigation?"

"Dad, there's no need to go through all this trouble. I'm still fine, how about this for now? I can make him relax his guard and wait for him to attack again. Anyway, I won't let him go!" Feng Zhiyao was also regretful that it was not actually ordered by the Aunt Bai!

But in that case, that man definitely wanted to use him to kill someone, which meant, that man did not want to kill him, but wanted to kill Aunt Bai?

"Alright, since you understand this, then I won't say anymore. Alright, I'll send you to the entrance of Begonia Garden, you should go in and rest as soon as possible, and I'll help you rest when you go back. Size, you're also one man, you shouldn't be alone with Yao'er at this time, otherwise it would affect Yao'er's good name!" Feng Wucai's face was solemn.

"Father, Brother Size, I will be going to bed. Good night!" Feng Zhiyao smiled at them, then turned and walked into the Begonia Garden.

Seeing that Yao'er had entered the Begonia Garden, Feng Size praised Feng Zhilin, "Father, this girl's temperament is getting better and better, and she is smarter than when she was young."

If I didn't make a mistake in throwing the ball, poor Yao'er would have married a pockmarked beggar with such terrible conditions. Father was truly worried that Yao'er would marry him and live her life of eating pickled vegetables everyday. " When Feng Wucai thought about how the pockmarked beggar received Feng Zhiyao's embroidered ball, his expression turned ugly.

Who told the pockmarked beggar to have no products? No house, no car, no job. Of course, I don't know if that pockmarked beggar ever joined the gang.

"Father?" This … That pockmarked beggar doesn't seem to be as bad as you said, right? " When Feng Size heard Father Feng's words, the corner of his mouth immediately twitched, he sweated profusely, was he really that bad?

And eating pickled vegetables every day? He didn't expect his father to judge people by their appearances.

"Dad, isn't your words too absolute? You can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a book by its cover." Maybe they have decent work to do? " Feng Size retorted in displeasure.

"You brat, why would you refute me for that pockmarked beggar? Could it be that that pockmarked beggar gave you quite a bit of benefits?" It's even a decent job. Haha, you already said it might be so, then even you aren't sure! If you are unsure, don't speak carelessly! " When Feng Wucai thought about marrying such a lowly person to the legitimate daughter that he was so proud of, his expression immediately turned bad. This time around, he was practically glaring at Feng Size as he spoke.

"Father, do you need to be so fierce? I did not say that I would definitely marry Yao'er to that pockmarked beggar!" Feng Size muttered.

"Size, I want to see in detail how you look like. You look like a pock faced beggar. Oh yes, where did you die when Yao'er threw the ball? Why didn't I see you at the scene? "Tell me, where did you go?" Feng Wucai was not an idiot, when he thought about it carefully, he felt that it was very strange.

When he linked the things that had happened before and after with them, he felt that Feng Size was very much a "suspect"!

"Father, what nonsense are you spouting? Was it easy for me to be roused from bed early that morning by the housekeeper? Afterwards, when Yao'er went to throw the ball, I went back to Jusong Hall to sleep. There should be many people who can prove that I really slept at Jusong Hall that day! " Feng Size was already prepared to be questioned by Feng Wucai.

"Is that so?" It was very obvious that Feng Wucai did not believe his words. She coldly glanced at him for a moment, then turned and left, leaving him gasping for breath, and thought to herself, Father Feng really does have a pair of sharp eyes!

Just as Feng Size was about to leave, he took a careful look at the surroundings of the Begonia Garden and was shocked. God, was the Father Feng trying to protect Yao'er tightly?

Father, he's serious! They really used the death soldiers of the Feng Clan! He thought he was only scaring Yao'er!

Feng Size shook his head, and in the next second, he agreed that they should do the same, because Yao'er was a girl who was not at ease. He did not forget that Su Muyan was trying to bully Yao'er by kissing him, so, putting these Death Soldiers here, it was better to scare the 'fly men' that were coveting Yao'er than the 'Yang Devouring Divine Record'!</blockquote>

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