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<blockquote>When Feng Zhiyao returned to the Begonia Garden, she immediately took a bath.

After the comfortable bath, she called Yan Wusha over.

"Princess, who is he? "Why did this servant ask him several times? He still hasn't spoken to this servant. What's going on?" Zi Yun was very curious as to how Feng Zhiyao managed to pray for her good fortune once, and how she managed to bring back a beautiful guy?

It was just that although this pretty boy had killing intent, his intelligence was just like a three year old child's. For a moment, she was unable to make heads or tails of it! Why did it become like this?

"Zi Yun, he's the top ranker in the martial arts world, 'bowl of broken' Yan Wusha!" Feng Zhiyao explained with a smile.

"Yan Wusha? It can't be? Why does he look so much like a three year old child? " Zi Yun could not believe it, so she asked.

"It's true. He only listens to me now. Haha, alright, he's hungry too. Make some midnight snacks for him!" Feng Zhiyao smiled and instructed, "He likes to eat beef, you can braise him with red."

Feng Zhiyao recalled the moment she saw Yan Wusha at the Lucky Inn, and noticed that he only used his empty wine bowls to smash it, while eating beef at the same time. Hence, she thought that Yan Wusha liked to eat beef already!

"Alright! This servant then will immediately go to the kitchen. " Zi Yun smiled and nodded, then turned and left.

"Yan Wusha, tomorrow you will monitor the little girl who spoke earlier here. Take a good look at the details of where she went and the person she met, and then report it to me at night!" Feng Zhiyao instructed with a face full of smiles.

"Elder sister, Wusha understands." Yan Wusha replied, his voice sounded a little mechanical.

After eating midnight snack, Feng Zhiyao arranged for Yan Wusha to enter one of the rooms in Begonia Garden that was empty, and then went back to her own room to sleep.

The next day, on a sunny morning, she rode the magnificent carriage to the palace. She went alone, and did not bring Zi Yun and Yan Wusha along.

The sky was filled with a warm color as the morning sun rose. White clouds drifted across the sky, creating an endless sea of clouds.

The palace walls that were rolling like clouds, layers upon layers of tiled eaves, and exquisite pavilions and pavilions, the mountain rocks were arranged in an orderly manner, and there were countless strange flowers and herbs.

Green Lotus Palace

"Reporting to Master, Princess Lianyan wishes to meet you!" A blue-clothed servant reported to Feng Zhilin.

"Princess Lianyan? She? What did she come to my Green Lotus Palace for? " Feng Zhilin asked while rubbing a fresh red QI pill on her sharp fingernail.

"Is it just a matter of seeing or not?" The servant asked cautiously.

"Let her in. I would like to see if she came here to die today?" "Humph!" Feng Zhilin laughed coldly.

"Yes, your servant will go and summon her here." The blue clothed servant took a light breath. This Noble Madame Lin was the most difficult person in the entire palace to serve.

Feng Zhiyao walked in dressed in her beautiful palace attire. Now that she was a princess, she no longer needed to bow to the Noble Madame Lin like she did before, she only needed to pay her respects.

Feng Zhiyao thought that it was really funny, it really had the smell of a chakra.

Feng Zhilin was her biological sister, and now she was the emperor's wife!

And she, Feng Zhiyao, became the emperor's foster daughter.

This sister had suddenly turned into a comical relationship between mother and daughter, making her feel that it was too outrageous. However, this was an ancient relationship, so there was no need to think about it.

"Why did you come to the Green Lotus Palace to see me?" Feng Zhilin was as leisurely as ever as she smeared the bright red Qizi Pill on her forehead. She didn't even raise her head as she asked indifferently with an extremely indifferent tone.

Feng Zhiyao took this opportunity to carefully Size Feng Zhilin up.

She wore a pink-embroidered crabapple dress with a pearl-white lake crepe skirt. A pair of pear-shaped dimples emerged on her white jade face, which caused her cheeks to become as moist as a newly bloomed flower. A pair of eyes that were filled with longing for life. Those seductive eyes were black and white, rippling with an enchanting charm.

The pink silk ribbon was tied up, and the long black hair that was originally elegant and elegant emitted a fairy like aura. Long hair down to the waist, forehead and temples with a white and pink inlaid fan with tasseled beaded chain.

There was a milky white jade bracelet on her wrist, and the warm white jade was exuding a kind of unspeakable radiance. It was a perfect match to her delicate pink outfit, and around her neck was a silver pearl necklace, faintly revealing a purplish, resplendent luster!

"You're getting more and more beautiful. Your skin is really like snow, and your lips are red and teeth white!" Feng Zhiyao calmly looked at her, and after she finished speaking, Feng Zhiyao carefully observed her expression.

But she only saw Feng Zhilin's fingers tremble slightly, and then she coldly snorted, "This is really too rare, you actually want to praise me? Could it be that the sun has risen from the west today? "

"Of course it's praise! Please tell your men to go down, and I will have to say these words to you alone. Of course, I was asked by others to do so and your mother herself begged me to leave, if not I would not come to your Green Lotus Palace! " Feng Zhiyao played with her fingers gracefully as he yawned lazily.

Feng Zhilin then raised her head and looked at Feng Zhiyao carefully, and thought, why would her mother ask Feng Zhiyao for? Why can only be said in isolation? Could it be a trap?

"Why is Noble Madame Lin afraid of me? Hehe... After all, you are my sister? Besides, you are the Emperor … Ugh … So he is royal father's Noble Madame Lin. No matter how I think about it, isn't there a saying: To hit a dog still requires a look at the Master? " Feng Zhiyao's laugh was extremely moving, but, these words nearly made Feng Zhilin so angry that she almost died.

However, Feng Zhilin had been immersed in the large vat in the palace for so long, she still had some guts. Thus, she smiled lightly, "Why are you afraid of Princess Lianyan? The owner hadn't barked yet, so how could the dog bark first? "Hehe …" A burst of laughter resounded through the sky. Hmph, she had some experience fighting with Imperial Concubine Duan, how could she be at a disadvantage?

"Alright, you can all go now. I want to reminisce with Princess Lianyan and the two sisters!" Feng Zhilin ordered someone to move the bright juice away as she smiled charmingly.

Today, you, Feng Zhiyao, have taken the initiative to deliver yourself to my doorstep. How could she possibly let go of such a rare opportunity?

"Master?" Zhu'er was a little worried that Feng Zhilin would be bullied, hence she was worried.

"Zhu'er, go down." Feng Zhilin gently waved her hand at Zhu'er. She indicated for her to leave. Then, she raised her eyebrows and looked at Feng Zhiyao.

"Alright. All of them retreated? What exactly do you want to say to me? " Feng Zhilin rolled her eyes at Feng Zhiyao, thinking, why isn't Feng Zhiyao dead yet, isn't she suffering from an evil disease? Why was her face so red?

"Why do you have skin against snow? Why are your lips red and your teeth white? " Feng Zhiyao walked closer to her step by step, and asked with a cold voice. Whether or not she knew that if she used this on her own, it would implicate her family, so she didn't mind dying, but if she let Father Feng die with her, she would want to scold her!

"What?" Why can't I understand what you're saying? " Feng Zhilin chose to play dumb!

"Are you sure you don't understand?" Or do you not have the guts to admit it? " Feng Zhiyao sighed, if she really wanted to die, no one would be able to stop her.

"I don't know what you're trying to say." Feng Zhilin turned her back to Feng Zhiyao and hugged a white pet cat in her arms.

"What do I want to say? You don't understand? Do you know that you are currently taking the poison, and are slowly dying? It doesn't matter if you die, but don't drag our family to their deaths! Feng Zhiyao could not hold it in and shouted at Feng Zhilin.

"You want your mother to bring cinnabar for you?" The cinnabar can be refined into mercury, and the mercury can be mixed with rouge and powder to make one's lips, teeth, and skin white as snow. Looking at your current appearance, I'm afraid you're not far away from death. Do you really have a brain? " Feng Zhiyao was so angry that she wanted to beat her up, but she was now the emperor's concubine, so what could she do to her?

"Feng Zhiyao, you don't need to worry about my matters! Get out of here! Men, chase her out! Don't let her bark here! " Feng Zhilin scolded angrily.

"Do you think I would advise you? Father loves you dearly, otherwise, I would not have come to your Green Lotus Palace! Humph. Do it yourself! I'm leaving. " Feng Zhiyao was too lazy to stay, it was too tiring to talk to such a person, she might as well go to the imperial garden to have a look at the flowers and beautiful herbs!

"And I'll tell you, you're the one barking! "Bye bye!" Feng Zhiyao proudly saw Feng Zhilin's small face darken, so she quickly left the Green Lotus Palace.

Under the bright sunlight, the misty Ningji Lake looked like a golden gauze, with dense water vapor lingering around them. In the middle of the lake, there were green lotus leaves floating, and snow-white lotuses dotted the surface of the lake with green. A warm breeze blew, and the white lotuses danced gracefully, as if there was a fairy dancing in the air.

On the shore, the fragrance of pink cherry blossoms bloomed. The falling petals were like heavenly beauties scattering flowers — beautiful and romantic — that landed on the bluestone vine. The faint fragrance wafted into the air, and the pinkish-purple flowers were faintly discernible.

As Feng Zhiyao walked, she was admiring the beautiful scenery of the Ningji Lake.

"Feng Zhiyao?" A clear voice came from afar, causing Feng Zhiyao to turn around to take a look.

"Murong Chong?" Seeing that it was Murong Chong, Feng Zhiyao remembered that he had saved her before, and smiled as he greeted her.

"How are you here?" This time, he recognized her.

Feng Zhiyao smiled slightly. Green Lotus Palace is my concubine's sister, I just came out from her place, what about you? Why aren't you with the crown prince? "

"I told him to wait for him here." Murong Chong did not speak next, only his gaze fell on the surface of the lake. Whether it was looking at the lotus or the rippling water, he did not look at Feng Zhiyao, which made Feng Zhiyao frown helplessly.

"Murong Chong?" She wanted to chat with more beauties, who told Feng Size to make him sound so challenging?

One, two, three times, Murong Chong still did not react.

"Why did you call me?" Murong Chong asked.

His gaze landed on Feng Zhiyao's body, only to see that the luxurious clothing on her body did not shine as brightly as her own, as an unnoticeable enticement and charm flowed through her black eyes, the darkness within them constantly stopping, and she was so beautiful that she was close to becoming a demon.

The delicate willow leaf eyebrow is curved, natural, and exists in the angle of a smile. Her skin was white and exquisite, but it was suffused with a jade-like glow. It seemed to be like the snow in winter. It was so bright and clean.

She was the most exotic woman in the world. She had the colors of a bewitching monarch, a clear, snow-white face, and a mixture of confusion and confusion.

He knew that she was beautiful, but she was looking at him with such a fiery and stinging gaze. He really couldn't get used to it!</blockquote>

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