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<blockquote>"Murong Chong, what are you looking at?" Feng Zhiyao walked closer to him and asked while grinning.

"Lotus flower!" A faint smile emerged from the corner of Murong Chong's mouth. In an instant, he disappeared, then turned his head to look at the beautiful scenery of the lake and ignored her. This made Feng Zhiyao very gloomy.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao muttered in a low voice, "Lotus, what's so good about it!"

"What are you guys talking about?" From afar, a man dressed in bright yellow silk came. If this man was not Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen, then who was he?

"Brother Crown Prince." Feng Zhiyao laughed and shouted, in her heart, for the sake of seducing the guy, she would never let go of a piece of meat after she shouted, thus she sweetly shouted.

But why was Murong Chong so hard to deal with? It was tiring to talk to him.

"Cousin, why are you with this Princess Lianyan?" Xuanyuan Haochen thought, could it be that this brat finally understood the relationship between a man and a woman?

But Feng Zhiyao should not have been his, Murong Chong's, choice!

"Cousin brother, let's go. I'll bring you to the Spring Yard to experience it today!" Xuanyuan Haochen did not avoid Feng Zhiyao at all, and said to Murong Chong as if he did not see her.

Spring Yard? What is that place? Why did it sound like the name of a brothel?

"What kind of place is the Spring Yard?" Murong Chong asked. When he looked at the crown prince Xuanyuan Haochen, there was a trace of a smile on his lips that was like the spring breeze, which made Feng Zhiyao jealous. She was a beauty, okay?

Cousin, the Spring Yard is the home of a man's Xiao Hun. It's a pity that you went to Mount Kunlun to study and lost your taste in the mortal world. Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen laughed charmingly, and thought, cousin is too pure.

"Brother Crown Prince, then how about Yao'er also go with you?" When Feng Zhiyao heard that it was Xiao Hun Nest, she immediately became excited. Previously, even if she wanted to go to the brothel a few times, she wouldn't be able to do so.

"You? "No way!" Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen immediately shook his head and refused.

"Why can't I?" Feng Zhiyao asked. If they were allowed to go, then wouldn't she be able to? Pfft, what kind of logic was this?

"You're a woman, what do you think you can do?" Xuanyuan Haochen looked around Feng Zhiyao and sighed. This was the first time he heard that a woman wanted to go to the brothel on her own accord!

"I'm naturally just as you said, just like your cousin Murong Chong, I want to go take a look. I'm just going to take a look." Feng Zhiyao laughed as she spoke, not feeling the least bit ashamed.

After she finished speaking, Xuanyuan Haochen was shocked. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Women cannot go to that place!"

"Can't go? Why, you two can go? "If you don't believe me, I'll go tell the —" Feng Zhiyao slowly said, a trace of craftiness flashing across her eyes as she heard Feng Zhiyao's words.

"Alright, alright, alright. I'll bring you along, hmph!" Xuanyuan Haochen glared at Feng Zhiyao in fury and said angrily, she actually dared to use her royal father to suppress him?

While they were talking back and forth, Murong Chong was stunned into silence. His gaze was always fixed on the dark green lotus leaves.

"Cousin, let's go." Xuanyuan Haochen and Feng Zhiyao had already walked five steps away, but unfortunately, Murong Chong had not reacted and turned his head to shout.

Murong Chong nodded his head, but he was suspicious, why was Princess Lianyan following them?

Only, Feng Zhiyao did not expect that they did not directly go to the Spring Yard s, but instead went to the Eastern Palace Crown Prince Palace first.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Xuanyuan Haochen looked at Feng Zhiyao and asked curiously.

"Didn't you say we are going to the Spring Yard? Why did you bring us to your crown prince's residence? " Feng Zhiyao curled her lips and asked in dissatisfaction.

Why did Xuanyuan Haochen not keep his word?

Spring Yard only opened at night? Am I supposed to go visit them in broad daylight? " Xuanyuan Haochen gouged her out and snorted coldly, sneering at her.

"What?" At night? "Forget it, I'll take my leave first. You two can go!" Feng Zhiyao thought about Father Feng's strict discipline and immediately shook her head and rejected.

That's right, she had forgotten that an ancient brothel was equivalent to a modern nightclub! Naturally, he could only go at night!

However, if she wanted to go, she could go the next time as a woman in disguise. There really wasn't a need to go at this time and make her father worried.

"I... "No, I'm going to my room to sleep." When Murong Chong heard he was going tonight, he did not want to go anymore, hence he also rejected with a smile.

Cousin, you don't have a family, so you should go to Spring Yard with me tonight to relax. I'll keep you safe and sound, especially the new Courtesan Belle Miss Lan Xin. Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen talked while looking intoxicated.

Feng Zhiyao scoffed at this. She did not expect that a crown prince of a country would actually like the whores. He was truly hopeless.

"I'm not going. Goodbye." Murong Chong straightforwardly rejected her, but Xuanyuan Haochen did not ask him to stay, he just fixated his gaze on Feng Zhiyao's body.

"Princess Lianyan, you are very beautiful today." Xuanyuan Haochen suddenly said these words for no reason at all, causing Feng Zhiyao to be startled. What was the meaning of saying all these?

"En, thank you Brother Crown Prince for your praise." Feng Zhiyao didn't understand why he said that, but she still asked politely.

"Yao'er, if you really marry that pockmarked beggar, then you would be like a flower stuck in cow dung." continued to shake his head in regret.

"If I like it, even if it's cow dung, I'm willing to do it." Feng Zhiyao rebutted with a light smile.

The one who doesn't want to say it doesn't mean it, the listener means it. After Murong Chong heard this, he shot a curious glance at Feng Zhiyao.

"Is that so? Cow dung? And you are willing to do that? " It was very obvious that Xuanyuan Haochen didn't understand her words.

Feng Zhiyao smiled and nodded, "Brother Crown Prince, I will take my leave first, we will talk later."

"Princess Lianyan, do you need me to send you off?" Seeing that she was about to leave, Murong Chong made a suggestion, which stunned Feng Zhiyao for a moment, and took the initiative to send her off?

Alright, since the beautiful man had asked, how could she not give him a chance?

"Of course." Feng Zhiyao smiled and nodded.

Thus, the two of them walked out of the Eastern Palace's crown prince's mansion one after another. Behind them were Xuanyuan Haochen's thoughtful gaze.

"What? The one you love has left? Are you out of your mind?" Such a sweet and harsh voice came from the crown prince's wife, Gu Xin'er.

"Xin'er, what are you thinking about? My heart has always been with you." After Xuanyuan Haochen heard this, his handsome eyebrows twitched, but he still smiled. He extended his hand out and embraced Gu Xin'er.

"Is that so? Then, when Princess Lianyan left just now, why did you seem to be a little nostalgic? " Gu Xin'er sneered, she was carefully observing him.

"Princess Lianyan is the number one beauty of Nan Shao. As a man, I want to admire her. Xin'er, stop making wild guesses. My heart is filled with you, others cannot continue acting! " Xuanyuan Haochen embraced her as her beautiful, thin lips gently nibbled at Gu Xin'er's earlobes. As she breathed in the warm air, the white pigeon that made Gu Xin'er's face red trembled as it thought to herself, This crown prince is such an expert in love, she was really almost tricked by his sweet words.

"Remember, I, Gu Xin'er have always been the husband's fate. You must not eat in a bowl, and look at the pot in front of you." Gu Xin'er scolded him arrogantly.

"Understood, Xin'er, if you tell me to head west, I definitely won't head east!" Xuanyuan Haochen lowered his eyes, concealing the deep disgust in his eyes. He couldn't help but to think of how she was so gentle to him, and how the little girl, Feng Zhilin, could read the entire text.

It seemed like he had not loved Feng Zhilin for three days. However, Gu Xin'er's words made him miss Feng Zhilin's gentleness and gentleness, as well as her wonderful lady skills.

"What are you thinking? But thinking about other women? " Gu Xin'er leaned towards Xuanyuan Haochen, and asked suspiciously, as a sinister look flashed past her eyes.

"No …." Other than you, who else could I miss? " Xuanyuan Haochen said this while hugging Gu Xin'er. His big hands slightly exerted force, and pulled out a red smoke river belt from her waist.

"Your Highness the Crown Prince... Disgusting... "Hmm …" Gu Xin'er's body was very sensitive. After his big hands touched her, she felt that she was going to die from discomfort.

"You should say that you like it, Xin'er …" Xuanyuan Haochen endured the disgust in his heart, picked her up, and ran towards the Morning Light Palace.

"Your Highness the Crown Prince... Where did people take a mandarin duck bath in broad daylight? " Gu Xin'er was a little embarrassed by the looks from the crowd. Although she really enjoyed being hugged so tightly by Xuanyuan Haochen, she still blushed and blushed.

"Yeah, could it be that Xin'er doesn't like me to pamper you in the Daming Pool?" Xuanyuan Haochen laughed coldly, and secretly scolded the woman who did not share his thoughts. If it wasn't for the sake of patience, he would not bother with a woman like her, who was like a scorpion.

"Crown Prince..." Her soft and tender voice ignited the flames of desire in Xuanyuan Haochen's heart.

"In that case, Xin'er is very willing. "Haha …" Xuanyuan Haochen laughed out loud.

"Crown Prince... "Hmm …" Gu Xin'er lowered her eyes slightly, and her gentle voice sounded, full of tender desire.

Very quickly, the man's boorish voice and the woman's voice sounded from within the Daming Pool. The voice was clear and clear, and all the servant s that heard it spat out nosebleed and blushed, it was an extremely spectacular sight.

… ….

As for Feng Zhiyao and Murong Chong, they had both walked out of the Eastern Palace's crown prince's residence together.

"Murong Chong, shall I go back in the carriage? "What about you?" Seeing that he was not riding the horse that had saved her yesterday, Feng Zhiyao asked.

"On foot." Murong Chong said, but he did not look at Feng Zhiyao, but at Feng Zhiyao's carriage.

"Walking? Oh, then where are you going? "Why don't I get my driver to drive you." Feng Zhiyao asked him.

"No need." After he finished speaking, Murong Chong gently shook her sleeves and gracefully walked away.

Feng Zhiyao looked at his back, and said angrily: "Weirdo!"

After that, Feng Zhiyao gloomily sat on the carriage.

"Princess, are you unhappy?" Seeing Feng Zhiyao's serious expression, Wan Sanzi asked in concern.

"Yeah." That Murong Chong is so hard to deal with? Feng Zhiyao replied upon hearing Wan Sanzi's question.

"Princess, are you returning to the Prime Minister's Mansion now? Or somewhere else? " Wan Sanzi asked.

"Let's go see the young master that I saved. I'll help him change his medicine while I'm at it." When we get past the medicine store later, let's go buy some Golden Sore Medicine, maybe he'll use it later. " Feng Zhiyao thought about Mo Ranbai's injuries and advised him.

"Alright, rest assured, Princess!" Wan Sanzi nodded.

Halfway through, Wan Sanzi stopped to buy the Gold Sore Medicine, while Feng Zhiyao lazily leaned on the side of the carriage, her head turned to look at a book.

"Princess, I've bought it." Wan Sanzi then placed the Gold Sore Medicine in Feng Zhiyao's carriage, and then turned to drive the carriage.

When they arrived at the inn where Mo Ranbai was originally settled in, Feng Zhiyao ordered Wan Sanzi to wait for him at the entrance of the alley while she went over to the small inn to meet Mo Ranbai.</blockquote>

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