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<blockquote>Unexpectedly, she called for a long time, causing Mo Ranbai to come in, dressed in white.

"Brother Ranbai, what kind of shameful things did you do in the house? Why did you open the door so late?" Feng Zhiyao laughed and teased.

Unexpectedly, Mo Ranbai blushed.

Strange, too strange! Mo Ranbai could actually blush when she opened the door? Could it be that a beautiful lady was hidden inside? Then? How can that be? There was actually someone who got it first? Hate!

"Brother Ranbai, I've been here for so long, why don't you invite me in to take a seat?" Feng Zhiyao looked around at the people behind him and thought, why is there no one here? Was Mo Ranbai really hiding that girl well?

"Ah... No... Speak here. " Mo Ranbai shook her head, her face still red.

"Brother Ranbai, could it be that you are hiding a beautiful lady inside?" Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth and laughed.

"Zhiyao, don't talk nonsense!" Mo Ranbai frowned, and could not help but shout at her.

Just that when he was shouting, Feng Zhiyao had already entered the house in a blur. She looked around but did not see Mei Jiao.

"Eh, there's no beauty?" Feng Zhiyao muttered.

"What do you think?" This was the first time, other than Mo Ranbai's bland tone of voice, that he had coldly snorted. It could be seen that he was truly angry.

"Brother Ranbai, don't be angry, I didn't do it on purpose! "Who told you not to tell me yourself. You're being so secretive, that's why I made such wild guesses, haha …" Feng Zhiyao laughed dryly twice, thinking that, curiosity would indeed kill a cat. Who knew how many times she had been ravaged by his cold gaze.

"Have you seen enough?" Mo Ranbai turned his head away, not looking at her.

Unexpectedly, Feng Zhiyao's gaze turned and landed on his bed.

"Ah?" I know why you're blushing. " Feng Zhiyao chuckled to him softly, but it made Mo Ranbai's hair stand on end.

"Why are you blushing?" Mo Ranbai spoke back like a parrot.

"You're the one who asked me? I didn't ask! " With that, Feng Zhiyao snickered, with an ambiguous smile on her face.

"You –" Mo Ranbai was bad with his words, but he had been tricked by the cunning Feng Zhiyao.

"Brother Ranbai, what's this?" Feng Zhiyao pointed to his messy bed with a circle of wet marks on it.

"This..." Mo Ranbai's face became even redder, and he started to mutter incoherently, as he lowered his head, not daring to look at the bright and beautiful smiling face of the woman in front of him.

"What is this?" Feng Zhiyao settled down on his bed, and pointed at the marks and asked.

"Zhiyao..." Mo Ranbai randomly put on the moon-white brocade gown, and when he wanted to go out, Feng Zhiyao suddenly grabbed him from behind.

"Brother Ranbai, this is actually quite normal! Adults are always like this in the morning. You just need more, that's why. Of course, there are plenty of them. I can help you treat them! " Feng Zhiyao felt that the chance to beat him down had come, so she smiled at him sweetly, with her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

"Can you really treat me?" Mo Ranbai turned, and struggled free from her grasp, then stared at her beautiful face with shining eyes, but in his heart, he still did not believe her.

"Of course, you have to trust me. Do you want those Mongolian doctors to look at this hidden disease for you?" Feng Zhiyao let out a light sigh, then looked at him with a gaze filled with a trace of pity.

"This... Is this a hidden disease? " Mo Ranbai did not quite believe it, but he really could not lose face and went to find a famous doctor or a divine doctor.

"Well, just a little!" I wonder if you want me to cure you? Brother Ranbai, I know, we are man and woman, if you care, I won't help you treat it, I will help you change the medicine on your arm, then I will leave this inn! " Feng Zhiyao lowered her eyes to look at the surface of her shoes, and said gently.

"Zhiyao, you aren't lying to me right? How can a girl like you treat my hidden ailment? " Even though he really didn't want to admit it was a hidden disease, he felt extremely uncomfortable early in the morning. He had even been thinking about that day when she had cast a sex drug down on Su Muyan in the Jade Lake Restaurant, and when he slept last night, he actually fantasized that the woman he was pressing down on was Feng Zhiyao.

Just then she knocked on the door, which made her realize his embarrassment.

"If you trust me, I can treat you. Brother Ranbai, unless you do not wish to be treated by me! " Feng Zhiyao raised her head to look at him, her smile clear and moving.

"This... Can you really cure that? " Mo Ranbai held a doubtful attitude, so he asked for confirmation once more.

"Of course, did I lie to you?" Feng Zhiyao gave him a pure smile, but that smile made Mo Ranbai feel that Feng Zhiyao's motive was not pure.

"That's a possibility!" Mo Ranbai raised his eyebrows. He was suspicious, especially suspicious.

"Is that so? Brother Ranbai, you are a despicable person! " Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes at him and said.

"What?" When did he, Mo Ranbai, become friends with this lowly person?

"A certain someone has the heart of a tyrant!" Feng Zhiyao said while sneering.

"Zhiyao, that... Then what kind of medicinal herb are you going to use to treat me? " Mo Ranbai did not believe that she knew any medical skills.

"I... Of course I have my side, hmm. Right … Only my side will be able to make your return to normal the amount of man! "Anyway, now that you're safe, I can definitely cure your illness!" Feng Zhiyao's face did not turn red from what she said.

But because of this, Mo Ranbai started to believe in her, although he still had some doubts.

"Brother Ranbai, come over." Feng Zhiyao gracefully stroked the few strands of black hair in front of her forehead, and then slowly sat down, and said while smiling.

"Zhiyao, why did you call me over?" Mo Ranbai had a strange intuition, but he unconsciously walked over, maintaining a 3 inch distance between them.

"Brother Ranbai, come on, let's sit down together. I'll treat you well." Feng Zhiyao stretched out her fair hands and saw that he was still in a daze.

She simply took the initiative to take his big hand and let his big hand wrap around her small hand as they sat down next to each other.

"Zhiyao, you … "Don't get so close." He hastily shook her hand away.

"It's not very close." Feng Zhiyao muttered to himself, thinking that she must work harder, what a beautiful man Mo Ranbai was, if it just so happened that his arm was injured, would she be able to use force on him?

It was so beautiful! He had a fresh and intoxicating beauty about him! With that in mind, the men's warnings to her were quickly thrown away.

Feng Zhiyao raised her charming face and looked at him, "Brother Ranbai, where is your other hand?"

"Here?" What do you want my hand for? " When Mo Ranbai saw her burning expression of wanting to swallow him in one gulp once again, he didn't feel disgust nor did he feel fear.

"Naturally, it is the first step to start the healing process for you!" Feng Zhiyao said in a serious manner, which really made Mo Ranbai trust him a little.

Feng Zhiyao lovingly pretended to massage the back of his hand, then smiled and pushed him onto the bed, where the absolute dragon lay.

"Zhiyao, you … What are you doing? " Mo Ranbai definitely had a reason to ask such a question.

This was the first time he had met such a strange girl. She actually sat on top of him without any shame.

"Point your acupoints and swallow them alive!" Feng Zhiyao laughed evilly.

"Ah?" "You?" Mo Ranbai was unlucky, and had been struck by Feng Zhiyao's acupoint. Feng Zhiyao laughed. In the past, it was always him who got points from the beautiful guy, but today, with her turning over to become his master, she also got points from the beautiful guy, making him unable to move!

"Brother Ranbai, don't look at me like that, I'm here to treat you, really." Seeing that he could not speak, she knew that she had struck his main acupoint. She could neither move nor speak.

Mo Ranbai looked at her suspiciously, only to see that she had already taken off her clothes. Of course, Mo Ranbai had also taken off his clothes completely.

When Mo Ranbai saw her naked body, his handsome face immediately flushed red. Then, he saw that his clothes were also stripped naked by her, he was shocked in his heart. It even pierced through his acupoints.

Mo Ranbai laughed in his heart, were his acupoints that good? He wanted to see what tricks she could play.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao did not see any sort of angry expression in Mo Ranbai's eyes, and instead, saw some amusement and probing within them.

No matter what, this woman was too shameless. She had taken the initiative to give Su Muyan the sex drug and now that she had taken the initiative to point his acupoints, it was obvious that she was going to force him into a corner!

No, the coquettish woman in front of him was Su Muyan's woman, how could he take away someone else's love? Thinking about that, Mo Ranbai immediately used all his might to break through the acupoint Feng Zhiyao gave him, waving his hand to slap her.

"Shameless woman!" Mo Ranbai slapped her and scolded angrily, he then quickly took off his clothes and wore it, while cursing at her.

"Yes, I am shameless. Am I not treating you? "F * ck, you think too much of being kind!" Feng Zhiyao was enraged, his martial arts were actually so high, she could only blame herself for not being able to master the technique, never mind, if she could not eat him this time, she could eat him next time. She was the most perfect and indestructible cockroach!

"Is this a treatment? Strip naked in front of my eyes! If it was another man, he would have raped you long ago! Fortunately I am an upright person, and as the saying goes, friends and wives are not to be trifled with. You are my good friend Su Muyan's fiancee, how can I possibly do such a thing with you! You look like a flower and jade, with such a symbol, you're actually so lowly, seducing your fiance's good friend. You're really too shameless! " Mo Ranbai had never known that he was such a good talker, yet this was the first time he had consecutively spoken such a long sentence without pausing?

F * * k, it's fine if you said she didn't care about her face! He said it a second time! This was bullying!

"Mo Ranbai, don't be so shameless with just your words, or with your own words. Who do you think you are? Do you think you're a Willow? Are you in a hurry? Who are you lying to? I just teased you there, and you're already a pillar in the sky! How can you still have the face to say such words to me? "You're the most shameless bad guy!" Feng Zhiyao was so angry, and this was the first time hse wanted to kick him!

"Scram!" Get the hell out of here! " Mo Ranbai got angry from being scolded by her, especially his handsome face which had a suspicious blush, which made him think back to the restricted level image in his mind. He really felt that he himself was a bit shameless.

"Get lost? If you want to scram, you're the one scram! I was the one who told my driver to pay the money to stay in this inn! So if you want to scram, it's naturally you that should scram! " Feng Zhiyao sneered a few times as she slowly dressed himself.

"You only paid me for one day, this is the second day, the second day's worth of silver was paid by me, if you want to scram, then you will have to scram!" "Please" Mo Ranbai pointed towards the door and especially opened the door for her.

It was just that he did not expect it to be raining so soon due to the sudden rumbling of thunder outside. Mo Ranbai thought that if it was a normal person, he would naturally not chase her away. It was just that this girl's thoughts were not simple, she kept on wanting to throw herself at him.

Therefore, even if there were thunder and lightning outside, he still wanted to drive her away!

"Mo Ranbai, do you have any sympathy for this man? Thunder and lightning outside, are you not afraid that I will be struck to death by lightning if you chase me away now? " Feng Zhiyao raised her head to look at the dark cloudy sky, and her small face immediately darkened to a terrifying extent.

"It's fine if you're hacked to death, f * ck off!" Mo Ranbai pointed outside the door, as if if if you were not going to scram now, I would throw you out!

"Humph!" Feng Zhiyao was so angry that she wanted to wave her fist at his handsome face, but she endured it. She should have been merciful towards a pretty boy, because she saw his good figure and size just now.

Oh, why was she in such pain! So unlucky! She was actually unable to do anything to the beautiful man, and was even forced to be driven away by the beautiful man.

"Alright, as you wish!" After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, her eyes were filled with tears. She held her skirt up and slowly walked down the stairs, her figure slowly disappearing into the dense rain curtain.</blockquote>

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