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<blockquote>Looking at her delicate and touching back view, Mo Ranbai's heart actually started to ache for some reason.

After the sounds of thunder and lightning, it was pouring rain!

The rain came crashing down, and the intensity of the rain increased!

Of course, Mo Ranbai's heart slowly tightened.

"Crap, she doesn't have an umbrella!" If we go back now, wouldn't she catch wind of the cold? " Although she was at fault, she was so good that she was his good friend Su Muyan's fiancee. No matter what, he should take care of her.

After thinking about it, Mo Ranbai immediately asked the owner of the inn to borrow an umbrella, and quickly flew out in the direction that Feng Zhiyao had just walked in.

"Zhiyao —"

"Zhiyao —"

"Zhiyao —"

Mo Ranbai saw that there was no one else in the empty alley, and he became even more worried. Under such a heavy rain, where could she go? Did they get taken away by bad people?

When Feng Zhiyao heard her shout, she got on the carriage and immediately ordered the driver, Wan Sanzi, to leave first. She immediately jumped off the carriage, curled up in a corner, and started to scheme for the beautiful guy.

"Zhiyao! Zhiyao! Zhiyao — Where are you? " Mo Ranbai shouted until his voice was hoarse. When he inadvertently looked back, and saw the wet clothed lady curled up at the corner of the alley entrance, his reason crumbled in an instant. His heart suddenly clenched painfully, of course he regretted it very much. Why did he cruelly chase her away!

Actually, he could just let her rest in his room, and then he could just ask for a room from the shopkeeper. How could he treat a weak girl like this?

"Zhiyao, Zhiyao, you woke up?" Mo Ranbai hugged Feng Zhiyao, and pressed her forehead against hers. Damn it, how could her forehead be so hot?

Feng Zhiyao scolded herself secretly, in order to make it look real, she had truly bathed. This time, the aftereffects of the rain from her original body last time, were healed all of a sudden, and her body was extremely weak. Seems like she had been tormented by her this time!

She felt herself grow more and more drowsy, and her mouth was dry. She really wanted to drink water.

"Water... Water... "Water..." Feng Zhiyao called out in a daze.

Mo Ranbai hugged her with one hand and held onto the umbrella with the other as he quickly stepped through the rain, heading towards the little tavern.

"Young Master Mo, what happened to your wife? Is he sick? Her face looks pale!" The shopkeeper looked up and glanced at Feng Zhiyao, and said with concern.

"Shopkeeper, please get me a bucket of hot water!" I'm going to help me. Ugh … Madam, she's taking a bath. " Mo Ranbai was afraid that the shopkeeper would be suspicious, hence he went along with what he said.

"Sure, that's no problem!" waiter, quickly send this Young Master Mo a bucket of hot water for her bath. " The shopkeeper instructed the waiter with a face full of smiles.

Mo Ranbai originally wanted to call a doctor to take a look, but remembering that he was currently being looked for by the imperial guards, it was not easy for him to get into trouble, he stopped himself from thinking of asking a doctor.

When the waiter came back with hot water, Mo Ranbai instructed him to get the kitchen to prepare a bowl of ginger soup.

"Zhiyao, wake up! Zhiyao, wake up! Can you still bathe by yourself? " Mo Ranbai lifted his hand and touched her forehead. It was still very hot, and if he touched her whole body again, it would also be very hot.

"Zhiyao, I … I'm helping you bathe with my eyes closed. If you don't agree, you can shake your head or just snort. " Mo Ranbai felt like his head was spinning, this was the first time he could speak to a girl like this.

Coincidentally, the waiter's knocking on the door sounded out, "Young Master Mo, this is the ginger soup you wanted."

"Second Brother, she's my fiancee. It's not convenient for me to help her bathe. You have an aunt here, so I can pay her silver and ask her to help bathe my fiancée." Mo Ranbai hesitated, but he still decided to explain the situation to the waiter.

"Auntie?" Originally, we did, but that auntie didn't come to our inn today because she had some business to attend to, so our inn is now full of men. "Oh right, since she's your fiancee, it's only right that you bathe her. You'll eventually marry her!" The waiter shook his head and said. Then, he remembered that the girl in the room was this person's fiancée, so he hurriedly suggested.

"This? Hm, sorry for the trouble." Mo Ranbai sighed, he was wrong about his fiancee's words, if she really was his fiancee, why would he hesitate?

After the waiter had left, Mo Ranbai called for Feng Zhiyao in a hurry. However, she did not make any sound, and was still unconscious.

Mo Ranbai blamed himself in his heart. It was because he did not have a conscience, that caused the other party to catch a cold from the rain, and was even burning up now.

Therefore, Mo Ranbai closed his eyes and thought about it. Since he had already seen her body, according to custom, he should be responsible for her. When Su Muyan returned, he would go and ask for punishment.

He was a man who could support the heavens and earth, upright and upright. Since he had seen her body, and her small hand had touched his man part, although he was angry, he was at fault for this matter as well. He should have stopped her long before she took off her clothes, but it was his curiosity that led to this.

Mo Ranbai opened his eyes once again, a resolute look flashing past his eyes, and a man's sense of responsibility rose up in his heart.

After Mo Ranbai slowly drank the ginger soup, he aimed at Feng Zhiyao's red lips and slowly brought it into Feng Zhiyao's mouth.

After he finished feeding Feng Zhiyao, he closed his eyes and took off Feng Zhiyao's wet clothes.

When he thought about it later, he had already decided to take responsibility for her, so what was the use in closing his eyes?

Therefore, he simply opened his eyes and placed her inside the water vapor. Within the ripples of the water, Feng Zhiyao's white and tender, enchanting body was revealed, causing his blood to boil.

Those limitless, restricted images filled his mind once again, causing his handsome, jade-like, carved face to once again be dyed crimson. No, no, he couldn't look any further. He would be unable to hold it in, especially when he thought of how she had seduced him earlier.

No, he could not think any more, so he closed his eyes again and pressed down on the lines of her skin, bathing her in a moon-white silk cloth.

After washing herself for about an hour, he finally carried her out of the red bath barrel with his will.

Mo Ranbai's forehead was drenched in beads of sweat, the water on her wet hair dripped onto his clothes, the slight warmth quickly flowed through his body, and the rich heat feeling coursed through his body made a ruckus. He had to admit that this was an absolutely infuriating spirit!

Perhaps it was because he was bathed, but Feng Zhiyao's entire body was permeated with a layer of pink.

Mo Ranbai looked at the unconscious Feng Zhiyao and sighed, he once again extended his hand to her forehead. Crap, it was still very hot.

Thus, he called the waiter over to get some cold water in order to help Feng Zhiyao cool her forehead down.

Perhaps the cooling of the cold water had an effect, Feng Zhiyao slowly opened her eyes, but she was completely weak, and seemed to have replied: "The disease comes like a landslide, the disease goes like a thread!"

This time, she lost a lot! The pretty boy did not eat it, but instead made herself sick!

"Zhiyao, you're awake?" Mo Ranbai asked with a tone that was neither salty nor indifferent, and contained a bit of concern within. It actually caused Feng Zhiyao to be greatly shocked, since when did he treat her so well?

"Yes." Feng Zhiyao moved her body, but she still felt weak throughout her body. She rolled over and looked at the drizzling rain outside the window.

"Zhiyao, wait a moment, I'll get the waiter to buy you another set of clothes." Mo Ranbai frowned and apologized as he saw her gorgeous clothes hanging on the screen.

"What happened to my clothes?" Feng Zhiyao was confused. Suddenly, she realized that she was lying on the bed naked, with a blanket covering her entire body. Did you do anything bad to her?

Then why couldn't she feel the ache of her love? Strange, why would he take off his clothes?

"The reason why I took off your clothes earlier was to help you bathe so that you wouldn't catch a cold!" Mo Ranbai slowly stood up, paced back and forth, and then said to Feng Zhiyao in a conflicted tone.

"What?" Did you take off my clothes? You. You are the one who is as shameless as you said just now! " Feng Zhiyao immediately returned the insult he gave her earlier, that she was shameless.

Sure enough, they were friends! Back then, Su Muyan had also scolded her that she was shameless, but in the end, she was still obediently captured by her, and she was the one who did it willingly!

"Zhiyao, I … I was shameless, so when I took off your clothes, I made up my mind. I looked at your body … I... I... I... I will be responsible for you! " When Mo Ranbai heard her say that he was shameless, his face became red and he said incoherently. At this moment, he felt like he was chasing a duck to a grave.

When Feng Zhiyao heard this, her beautiful eyes widened. She wanted to be like a bird in a mess in the wind, no, she felt that she must have lost her mind, and could hear things from her ears! He had told her to scram before, but now he said he was responsible? Had he gone mad, or had he taken her on?</blockquote>

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