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<blockquote>"Brother Size, what makes father think that the parrot in your cage is stupid?" Feng Zhiyao instructed a servant girl who was sweeping the road to carry her back to the Begonia Garden.

Along the way, she and Feng Size chatted about the bird curiously.

"Sigh, this bird doesn't know how to speak, so Daddy called it a stupid bird!" Feng Size sighed, he had spent a thousand taels of silver to buy a silly bird, he was regretting it.

"Ai, ai, ai …" He sighed several times.

"Yao'er, I'm sighing because I'm regretting buying this stupid bird. Why are you sighing so much?" Feng Size laughed.

"Tsk, it's that stupid bird of yours that started talking just like you. Besides, is my voice really that bad?" Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes at him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk …" Naturally, it was that parrot again.

"Hahaha, I'm dying of laughter! Dad was right, it's just a stupid bird " Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Stop slicing, it's not like you can cut vegetables, shut up!" Feng Size patted the bird cage and roared.

"Eldest Young Master, why are you fighting with a stupid bird!" Zi Yun could already hear from afar that Feng Size was lecturing the parrot, so she also laughed when she heard it.

"Zi Yun, the dinner is a bit light, I'm not feeling too well today." Feng Zhiyao explained to Zi Yun.

"Mind your own business, young master!" Feng Size glanced at Zi Yun, and then walked into the house with Feng Zhiyao, and sat down to drink their tea.

"Brother Size, does father suspect you? It's about that pockmarked beggar? " Feng Zhiyao asked softly.

However, Yao'er, you are really something, back then there were so many outstanding men, why didn't you pick one out from the group? I feel that other than Su Muyan, the others are not bad. Feng Size laughed.

"Brother Size, I am a princess now! I am more than enough to suit them! " Feng Zhiyao pouted and ridiculed.

No matter how the ancient people went, they would always pay attention to such a thing!

"Okay, okay, you're a princess, but maybe you're a princess!" Feng Size remembered that there was a commotion happening amongst the different races at the border recently, so he tried to scare her.

"Come on, who wants me to go on a marriage alliance? Who's going to suffer for the rest of my life!" Feng Zhiyao picked up the teacup and gulped the fragrant tea down in one gulp.

"Oh right, Brother Size, why did you say that Father wanted to talk to Su Muyan alone?" Feng Zhiyao couldn't understand, why did he have to avoid her and Feng Size? Was it hard to say in front of them?

Su Muyan had followed Feng Wucai to the Nihan Study.

After the servant served Su Muyan some tea, she turned around and left.

"Uncle, what do you need to see this nephew alone for?" Su Muyan gracefully asked as he held the white jade teacup in his hand. His slender fingers caressed the rim of the cup as a pensive look appeared in his eyes.

"I am afraid that the Feng Family will be in trouble in the future, I hope you will do your best to protect Yao'er. If you are unable to wholeheartedly love her in the future, please find a suitable opportunity for her to leave and live the life that she has wanted, "sighed Feng Wucai as he stroked his beard and paced around.

"Uncle, could it be that the old emperor wants to take action against the Feng Clan?" After Su Muyan heard this, he quickly stood up and asked.

"I was just guessing, although Lin'er is very favoured in the palace, but I did not get any promotion, recently some of my disciples were mysteriously assassinated, or went insane. I just thought that something might have happened to the Feng Family, and Yao'er's child is the only promise I made to her mother!

As for you, maybe you can give her a place to settle down. Don't think that I don't know, your uncle has still sent people to understand that you are the most suitable for her, so I hope that you can take her seriously! "

"Uncle, even if you didn't say it this way, I would still have treated Yao'er very well. Take care of her for the rest of her life, and never leave her! " Su Muyan said as he looked at Feng Wucai seriously.

"Alright, then I will entrust Yao'er to you! This is also my trust in you! " Feng Wucai said sincerely as he raised his hand to heavily pat Su Muyan's shoulder.

"I know, I will love her, love her, and cherish her!" Su Muyan promised solemnly.

"So it is. "Then I am relieved." Feng Wucai nodded in satisfaction.

"But uncle, wasn't Yao'er engaged to that pockmarked beggar before?" He questioned, could it be that his uncle was prepared to allow Yao'er to break the agreement?

"The pockmarked beggar is nothing to fear, he will choose to leave!" A bitter smile flashed past Feng Wucai's eyes. His son and daughter self-directed themselves to act out a good show, did he not think that he would not investigate it in detail?

"Alright, then I'm relieved. Uncle, then you can be at ease and entrust Yao'er to me!" Su Muyan looked at the osmanthus tree in front of the window and said resolutely, "My wife will only be Yao'er!"

"Very good, you went to the Xi Liang Kingdom, and came back so quickly. Is Yao'er the main reason?" Feng Wucai understood and asked.

"Yes, I came back night and day because I wanted to see her earlier." Speaking till here, Su Muyan's face actually turned red.

"Alright, let's go to the Begonia Garden. At this time, you just happen to be in time for the dinner there, hehehe …" As for the other few men, he had already carefully investigated them. If Yao'er married into the sect, Yao'er would need to settle too many matters here, but Yao'er was too lazy, so his family's relationship with Su Muyan was simple and shouldn't be too burdensome for Yao'er to handle.

"Alright, uncle, then this nephew will take his leave." Su Muyan said his goodbyes and left.

Feng Zhiyao saw that Su Muyan was standing at the entrance of the Begonia Garden.

"Brother Muyan, what did my father say to you? Why did you take so long? " Feng Zhiyao asked with a smile.

"It's not anything important, so don't let your thoughts run wild. Oh right, is dinner ready?" I haven't tasted your cooking in days. " Su Muyan gently pulled her small hand, and they walked into the courtyard together.

"I only cooked one dish, the other dishes were all cooked by Zi Yun." Feng Zhiyao looked at the dishes on the table, and then thought of Yan Wusha.

"Zi Yun, where's Yan Wusha?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Stay in the room." Zi Yun laughed.

"Yao'er, who is Yan Wusha? Why does that name sound so familiar to me? " After Su Muyan heard this name, a deep look flashed past his eyes.

"A bowl of Shattered Yan Wusha, the last time he wanted to kill me, he was subdued by me later on, and now he's following my orders." Feng Zhiyao smiled confidently.

"Yao'er, he is ranked first in the underworld, how can I listen to you?" Su Muyan did not believe it.

"It's true! If you don't believe me, get him out. I'm telling him to head east. He definitely won't head west!" Feng Zhiyao laughed complacently.

"Is this for real?" Su Muyan stood with his hands behind his back, and the corner of his mouth hooked into a faint smile.

"Of course it's true!" Feng Zhiyao really told Zi Yun to call Yan Wusha over. Feng Size shook his head at the side and continued to play with the parrot in the bird cage.

Yan Wusha came out with his treasured sword in hand, his face was expressionless.

"Wusha, come to big sister's side." Feng Zhiyao waved his hand towards Yan Wusha.

"Elder sister." Yan Wusha walked over and shouted.

Such a childish voice that could only be heard shocked Su Muyan, "Yao … Yao'er, you … How did you do it? "

"The mountaineers have their own brilliant plans!" Feng Zhiyao smiled.

"Wusha, let's eat together." Feng Zhiyao urged, but obediently followed along.

Su Muyan was surprised.

"Yao'er, how much more do you have that I don't know about?" Su Muyan asked with a smile.

"Hur hur, I won't tell you." Feng Zhiyao smiled mischievously, then beckoned for him to hurry up and eat the dishes.

"What kind of dish is this? It actually has the flavor of abalone? It's obviously not abalone, so strange!" Su Muyan sighed.

"It's an abalone made from a vegetarian dish. This is replaced with a lentinus edodes. It's very tasty, so you should eat more. Amazing young brother." Feng Zhiyao smiled and took the initiative to serve him food.

"Yao'er, why are you only giving him food? Why aren't you giving me food?" Feng Size was jealous, this girl had a man but no brother.

"Zi Yun, cook for Brother Size, cook for him!" Feng Zhiyao glared at Feng Size. Eat, eat you to death, come to the Begonia Garden everyday to freeload to eat.

Feng Zhiyao also prepared some dishes for Yan Wusha. At the moment, Yan Wusha was eating like a child, wolfing down his food, as if he hadn't eaten food in his past life.

Zi Yun nodded and helped Feng Size eat, but he did not have much of a smile on her face.

"Zi Yun, are you unwell?" Feng Zhiyao asked in concern.

"No, I'm fine." Zi Yun smiled faintly.

Zi Yun thought, Feng Zhiyao had been good to her, if there came a day when she had done something that let her down, would she forgive herself?

He was in the martial arts world, and he had no control over himself.

"Princess, you don't look too good. Do you want to send someone to the hospital to invite an imperial physician over to take a look?" Zi Yun asked.

"It's fine. I'll be fine after I finish eating." Feng Zhiyao shook her head.

"Princess? How did you become a princess when I was out for a few days? " Su Muyan put down his chopsticks, his face full of surprise.

"Princess Lianyan, personally conferred by the Emperor, can be considered to have benefited from misfortune!" Feng Zhiyao pursed her lips and laughed, thinking back to that day when Feng Zhilin heard about the emperor bestowing her the title of princess. Her face was pale white, and she felt that she was in an extremely good mood.

"Yao'er, I have something to ask you." Under the gazes of everyone present, Su Muyan pulled Feng Zhiyao and walked towards a quiet place and asked.

"What is it?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Your malady? Is it also fake? " Su Muyan felt that this matter was extremely strange. If she really had any ill effects, his uncle would not entrust Yao'er's entire life to him! The only explanation was that Yao'er's illness was fake.

"Brother Muyan, you are really smart!" Feng Zhiyao nodded.

"Yao'er, that... Then do they know that your illness is fake? " Su Muyan was naturally asking about Situ Yelei and the others.

"Not many people know about it." Feng Zhiyao thought about it and said.

"Yao'er, you don't look too good. I'll go back to the Mighty Heavenly Castle first, after I go to sleep, my parents will definitely be worried." Su Muyan frowned.

"Mm, okay. You should head back earlier. Looking at your exhausted face, isn't it that a lot of horses died on the way?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Un, there should be five or six of them, but for the sake of meeting you earlier, why would five or six horses die?" It's just that my Yao'er is a little thinner. " Su Muyan hugged her with eyes full of pain.

"It's better for a woman to be slim!" Feng Zhiyao laughed as she retorted.

Su Muyan shook her head lovingly. No matter how she changed, she was still his most beloved girl.

"Yao'er, then I will go back first. Tomorrow or the day after, I will come and see you after I finish taking care of this matter. Oh right, this is the Xiliang rouge I bought for you, I wonder if you like it or not. " Before leaving, Su Muyan passed the rouge inside the crystal box to Feng Zhiyao.

"The craftsmanship is very exquisite, I like it. Thank you, Brother Muyan." Feng Zhiyao was very happy that she received such an exquisite gift. She stood up on her tiptoes and smacked her lips towards Su Muyan's face.

A kiss, made Su Muyan smile like a fool. Maybe this was the best gift he had for him to see her in the Xian Yang, day and night.</blockquote>

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