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After Su Muyan left, Feng Zhiyao returned to the dining table, only to see that Feng Size had already left, Zi Yun was cleaning the tableware, and Yan Wusha was playing with the dirt and stars.

Seeing such a childish Yan Wusha, Feng Zhiyao's lips twitched a few times.

"Wusha, wash your hands with big sister." Feng Zhiyao now felt that she looked like a nanny.

Yan Wusha threw away the great sword and took the initiative to give it to Feng Zhiyao, telling her to bring him to wash his hands. Only when he felt her soft hands on hers, he felt that he was very happy, he liked his sister pulling his hand.

"Wusha, why are you looking at me like that?" Feng Zhiyao was dumbstruck, how could he look at her like that? He actually laughed, and laughed so innocently, making her feel a little guilty.

The killer with a good future had been turned into a three-year-old fool by her.

… ….

After Feng Zhiyao slept for a while, she felt her whole body feeling much better.

When she opened her eyes to look, Zi Yun did not see her, but instead, saw her.

"You … Yan Wusha, how did you get into my room? " Feng Zhiyao saw that Yan Wusha was holding onto a book, and even had two pairs of eyes looking at her with electricity in his eyes, causing her small face to uncontrollably flush red.

What's wrong with a three year old with an IQ?

Wait, he … How could he hold the Sexual Skill that she loved to read the most in his hands?

"Elder sister, why is your clothes transparent?" Yan Wusha blinked his very pure eyes and asked curiously.

"What... What's transparent? " Feng Zhiyao was curious, did she not wear transparent clothes? Ah, no, she was napping yesterday.

"Elder sister … Why are you wearing transparent clothes? " Yan Wusha sat on the side of her bed and asked.

"I... I... Yan Wusha... Get out! " Feng Zhiyao pulled up her quilt, and shouted at him.

"Big sister, why is it that the ones on the book are all people who wear transparent clothes, even Wusha also wants to wear transparent clothes." Yan Wusha mischievously showed Feng Zhiyao a page of the contents of the book.

It was fine that Feng Zhiyao did not see it, but after seeing it, she was so angry that she almost spurted blood. This … How did he manage to flip over and reach the valiant position of a man in a woman's position?

"Princess, are you up yet?" Zi Yun shouted from outside the door.

"Zi Yun, quickly come in and take Yan Wusha away. If you don't bring him down, I'll become a madman!" Feng Zhiyao roared towards the door.

"Princess, what happened?" Zi Yun slowly opened the door and entered, she was also very curious.

"Ah, Princess, he's reading your 'Sexual Skill'." Zi Yun was shocked when she saw the book in Yan Wusha's hands.

"Zi Yun, how did he find them? I thought you hid it. " Feng Zhiyao asked angrily.

"Princess, this servant, this servant, hid that book under your bed. This servant doesn't know how he found it." Zi Yun's head was also big. What kind of killer was this? He was simply a troublemaker.

"What?" Under the bed? Then … "Then …" Then, did he see how she slept naked last night?

"Princess, what's wrong?" Zi Yun looked at Yan Wusha, then looked at him.

"No, take him away first!" Feng Zhiyao instructed.

"Yes, Princess." Zi Yun immediately went up and coaxed Yan Wusha out.

Feng Zhiyao hurriedly got dressed and got up from the bed. She hid the《 Sexual Skill》 well before walking out of the room feeling relieved.

"Princess, young master Wen requests an audience." At the entrance of the Begonia Garden, the words of the little girl rang out.

"Let him in." Indeed, it had been awhile since she last saw Wen Xingyuan, and no one knew what he had been busy with recently.

Wen Xingyuan let out a huge sigh as he walked over in white clothes that were as white as snow. Amongst so many men wearing white clothes, it seemed as if only Wen Xingyuan looked a little more pleasing to the eye.

"Xingyuan, you were looking for me?" Feng Zhiyao was currently eating breakfast, milky-white rice milk.

"En, you have so many experts here. It would be too difficult to meet you at night!" Wen Xingyuan looked around and sighed.

"Hehe, this is my dad's masterpiece." Feng Zhiyao laughed, to be able to make it difficult for Wen Xingyuan, it meant that those Death Soldiers that Father spoke of were very hardworking!

"Yao'er, looks like your father really loves you." Wen Xingyuan laughed bitterly, the Prime Minister Feng actually used death knights to guard the Begonia Garden.

However, from another point of view, since he, Wen Xingyuan, could not enter the Begonia Garden late at night, then Situ Yelei and the others would definitely not be able to either!

His attitude was a spirit that I could not eat, nor could anyone else.

"Yeah. "Of course my dad dotes on me." Feng Zhiyao thought about how the Prime Minister Feng had protected her and she understood in her heart, "However, why haven't you gotten to the point yet?"

After Zi Yun served tea to Feng Zhiyao and the others, she left.

It was just that Yan Wusha appeared in front of Feng Zhiyao and Wen Xingyuan, blocking their way.

"Wusha?" Feng Zhiyao was confused, why did Zi Yun release him again?

"Sister, I want to wear transparent clothes as well." Yan Wusha said something stupid that made Feng Zhiyao's face turn red.

"Yao'er, who is this person?" Wen Xingyuan frowned, when did such a handsome man appear in Begonia Garden? Could it be that he was the newest guest for Yao'er's show?

"He had planned to kill me and subdue me, but now he is mine!" Feng Zhiyao explained after being questioned by Wen Xingyuan.

"Then why does he look like a fool? How can he be a killer?" Wen Xingyuan asked.

"I made him into a fool!" Feng Zhiyao said casually, making everyone tremble in fear.

"Yao … Yao'er... How did you do it? " Wen Xingyuan was curious.

"Xingyuan, aren't you afraid that after I tell you this, you'll become the same as him, becoming the IQ of a three year old child?" Feng Zhiyao deliberately approached him, her eyes bewitching as she spoke.

"Don't... "Don't..." If he became a fool, how could he marry her for 300 rounds?

"Yao'er, let him go. I have a few words I want to say to you in private." As Wen Xingyuan thought about the matter of bed, his handsome face unconsciously flushed red.

"Ugh …" , quickly come in and take Yan Wusha down to play. " Feng Zhiyao frowned, why would Wen Xingyuan blush?

Thus, Zi Yun came in and coaxed Yan Wusha to go play with the water in the courtyard.

Inside the room, Wen Xingyuan looked at Feng Zhiyao with affection.

"Yao'er, we haven't met for a few days. You're getting more and more beautiful." Wen Xingyuan praised her while holding onto the exquisite white jade teacup. Of course, this praise was from the bottom of his heart.

"Xingyuan, it's been a few days since we last met. Your ability to praise others has increased." Feng Zhiyao reached out to grab his big hand and moved the white jade teacup away with a smile on her face;

"Yao'er, did you miss me?" Wen Xingyuan asked.

"Yes, I do. Very much." Feng Zhiyao lowered her eyes and said bashfully.

"Yao'er, that... It's been a long time since we've had sex, I. "We …" When Wen Xingyuan saw her charming little face, his heart immediately throbbed and he was about to make his move.

"Mm. Alright." Indeed, she hadn't been intimate with a man for several days. She was just a flower that needed to be nourished by the loving rain. She gently nodded her head with a blossoming smile, looking incomparably coquettish.

"Yao'er, I want you!" Wen Xingyuan held her horizontally in his arms. Her black hair flowed like a waterfall and dragged along the floor as he carried her quickly into the room.

He lowered his eyes. The emotions in his eyes were deep, like thick water that was tender and profound.

Feng Zhiyao raised her eyes and touched his gaze, it was as though she had been bewitched, she could only stare blankly at his every move, he held her and sat on the bed, letting her sit on his lap.

He very gently pulled her close to his handsome face and gave her a thumbs up. She could feel his light breath on her face, his burning eyes like they wanted to melt the cold earth into water.

Wen Xingyuan kissed her, his sword tongue going crazy, and without any fear, he slid into her cherry lips, continuously stirring up her fragrance, and his iron arms arrogantly sealed her tightly, with one hand holding Feng Zhiyao's head and the other holding her slim waist, making her stick close to him, the kiss was rough and hot.

"Ugh …" Feng Zhiyao almost couldn't even breathe.

"Yao'er, your taste is so beautiful. You're going to miss me to death." Wen Xingyuan tightly hugged onto her delicate body, the heat in her body frantically churning and shouting.

"Don't..." Feng Zhiyao shouted unbearably.

Right after he finished speaking, just as the two were about to kiss each other, with their clothes all messed up, Yan Wusha suddenly rushed in with a "bang" sound.

"Scoundrel!" You bullied my sister! " Yan Wusha angrily poured a bucket of water on Wen Xingyuan's body, causing his entire body to become wet.

When Zi Yun saw Yan Wusha pour the water on Wen Xingyuan, she only felt that she saw the boundless killing intent coming from Wen Xingyuan's body.

Thus, she slowly retreated, lowered her head, and sighed. The princess' face was also extremely scary.

"Xingyuan, are you alright?" Feng Zhiyao glared at Yan Wusha fiercely. Now that she had brought him back, she was filled with regret. Damn brat, you dare to disrupt Wu Shan Yun Yu's plans?

Her concerned gaze fell on Wen Xingyuan.

"Yao'er, it's fine, I will use my Qi to dry my clothes, he, you should get rid of him as soon as possible!" As Wen Xingyuan finished speaking, he gritted his teeth and glared at Yan Wusha. Luckily he had not fought with Yao'er yet, otherwise, what would happen if he lost control at the critical moment?

"Elder sister, just now, your mouth and his were entwined, what were you doing?" Yan Wusha blinked his eyes like a fawn and asked curiously.

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