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God, how did he ask such a question?

"Scram! Scram as far as you can!" Wen Xingyuan could not take it anymore, he unleashed a palm attack at Yan Wusha, but who knew that Yan Wusha's martial arts foundation was still there, so he had barely dodged it.

"Wusha, quickly retreat." Feng Zhiyao was furious. She wanted to beat him up, but Wen Xingyuan stopped her.

Seeing that Yan Wusha was still not leaving, Feng Zhiyao took the initiative to pull his big hand and pull him out.

He turned his body, locking her in place, and said in a childish voice, "Big sister, Wusha also wants to do that mouth to mouth thing with you."

"Scram!" This time, there was no need for Feng Zhiyao to drag him out, as Wen Xingyuan directly kicked him out.

Zi Yun also quickly ran out and carefully closed the door for them.

"Yao'er, enough, now that the person who is in the way has left, can we … Continue? " Wen Xingyuan stepped forward to hug Feng Zhiyao. His hands lifted a strand of hair on her forehead, and at this moment, he was smiling like a spring breeze.

"Forget it, I don't think there's any interest in it anymore. I think we should go out and take a look, if we reach a critical juncture and that Yan Wusha comes again, what will happen if you manage to win the committee?" Feng Zhiyao gently shook her head. Her previous happiness was almost gone, plus the weather was good today, it was suitable for her to go out.

"Alright, why don't you bring me to the Lotus House to take a look at the jewelry there. What do you think? " When Wen Xingyuan heard about the new jewelry in Lotus House, he decided to take a look.

"Alright, let's go." Feng Zhiyao thought that she just so happened to want to buy jewelry.

Feng Zhiyao sat in front of the mirror and changed her clothes.

"Yao'er, why did you wear white?" Wen Xingyuan asked with a smile.

"She's as pure as snow, so she recently fell for wearing white clothes. Furthermore, she can become a partner with your white clothes. How great is that!" Feng Zhiyao turned her head to look at him, and said with a chuckle.

"What's a pair dress?" Wen Xingyuan asked with a light smile.

"Do I look like a match made in heaven by you in white?" After Feng Zhiyao wore it, she held her skirt and spun it around, and then stood beside Wen Xingyuan.

"Hmm, that's reasonable. In the future, every time I make a new set of clothes, I'll send someone else to make you the same set of fabric. What do you think?" Wen Xingyuan seemed to have thought about it, and asked.

"Ah?" There's no need to go through so much trouble. " Feng Zhiyao rejected her with a smile. She didn't want to be partners with him every day, so wouldn't that mean that she wouldn't have any chance to develop herself with other beautiful men?

Wen Xingyuan could only nod.

… ….

People were coming and going on the streets, shouting nonstop.

Wen Xingyuan who was dressed in all white looked extremely noble and noble.

Feng Zhiyao who was dressed in all white seemed to have an otherworldly, beautiful and charming aura.

Now, with Zi Yun and Yan Wusha following behind them, more or less, the harmonious beauty of the pair was destroyed.

"Yao'er." The man who was walking over from the opposite side made Feng Zhiyao's heart tremble. How could it be King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei?

"Seventh Imperial Brother." Feng Zhiyao called out lightly in accordance to the etiquette of the palace.

"Ugh …" Xuanyuan Haofei's face darkened when she called him Brother Seventh Imperial Brother, this was really fate making fun of him. Previously, he was clearly her fiance, but now, the two of them were weirdly siblings.

"King of Qi, it's been a while." Wen Xingyuan bowed indifferently, and laughed.

"Where are you guys going?" Xuanyuan Haofei turned around and comforted the red-clothed beauty, then looked at Wen Xingyuan and Feng Zhiyao once again.

"I'm going to take a look at the Lotus House, and order some jewelry." Wen Xingyuan laughed.

"Your highness, I also want jewelry." The red-clothed beauty was absolutely beautiful, and her voice was like a oriole calling out to a valley. Feng Zhiyao couldn't help but take a few more glances at her.

She looked very much like a lady in the wind and dust. At this time, Feng Zhiyao was rejoicing that her marriage had been annulled by King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei, otherwise, she would be the same as Feng Zhiqiong.

Therefore, she didn't want to get married. What if she married a man like this Casanova? Wouldn't she be very tired?

"Xingyuan, why don't we go to Lotus House together?" Xuanyuan Haofei openly held onto the woman in red's hand, and laughed in a good mood.

"Alright, but this lady's eyes are quite unfamiliar. Which of your wives is she?" Wen Xingyuan already saw the puzzlement in Feng Zhiyao's eyes, and asked.

"She is Spring Yard's Courtesan Belle, Lady Lan Xin's younger sister, Miss Lanruo." Xuanyuan Haofei explained, his eyes flashing with incomparable gentleness.

The corner of Feng Zhiyao's mouth twitched, Xuanyuan Haofei truly had a lot of intimate friends, but, why was this Miss Lanruo so vulgar?

"Miss Lanruo." Wen Xingyuan glanced at her indifferently. In his heart, he still felt that Feng Zhiyao was the most beautiful, and the one who had moved his heart the most.

Lanruo heard Wen Xingyuan's melodious voice and laughed enchantingly, "young master Wen, come to Spring Yard when you're free."

When Zi Yun heard about Spring Yard, she thought to herself, Master must have trained her more and more, why was she accompanying men shopping in the broad daylight?

When Lanruo saw Zi Yun's sharp eyes, she lowered her head and leaned silently on Xuanyuan Haofei's shoulder. The two were very, very close.

Feng Zhiyao could not help but wonder why the ancient people would be so open-minded to even hug each other on the street. She came to the most open-minded thing she did in the ancient times, which was to hold hands with others.

This Miss Lanruo was really an eye-opener to her.

Wen Xingyuan looked at Feng Zhiyao who was deep in thought, and thought that she was uncomfortable, so he asked with concern.

"Why are you sighing with your head down like that?" Wen Xingyuan asked.

"Nothing, I'm just a little sleepy." Feng Zhiyao said indifferently. However, when she looked at Zi Yun and occasionally looked at him, she kept having the feeling that they were extremely weird. However, after she observed carefully for a long time, she didn't discover anything.

Had she made a mistake?

At Green Lotus Palace's place.

"Master, how are you showing off?" When Zhu'er saw Feng Zhilin returning from the empress dowager's palace, she tore off the petals and placed them in a basin of water.

"The empress dowager said that the Buddhist scriptures I copied were not as stable and beautiful as the Imperial Concubine Duan's! That old woman wasn't favored by the Emperor, so she naturally has time to practice her calligraphy. I, on the other hand, have to attend to my sleep; when would I have time to practice my calligraphy? " Feng Zhilin did not dare to throw the flower vase, so she tore off the petals to vent her anger.

"Master, this servant saw that before you entered the palace, the words you used were beautiful and elegant. How did you get scolded by the empress dowager?" Zhu'er asked softly, she could not believe that Feng Zhilin would actually retreat like that.

"Isn't it because I'm a pet that I don't want my harem to be soaked in rain and dew?" She was also very depressed. At night, she worked so hard to please the old emperor, but the old emperor didn't give her a chance to level up. Every time she went to the Imperial Concubine Duan to pay respects, she would be cleverly ridiculed by the envious Noble Madame concubines, preventing her from rising to the heavens.

"Master, what are your plans?" Zhu'er asked.

"Find a chance to let me meet Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen, he hasn't come to see me for a long time." Although Feng Zhilin was the emperor's concubine, the emperor was after all old, and the crown prince was young and vigorous. Moreover, she had given her first time to the crown prince, according to the principle that women would always worry about their first man, she would rather the crown prince replace their throne.

"But Master, there are countless eyes staring at you from all around, are you tired of living?" Hearing that, Zhu'er was shocked, she had thought that Feng Zhilin had given up! It seems that it was not Feng Zhilin who had given up, but Feng Zhilin who was waiting for the right moment.

"Master, let's use the safest way. Go to the Imperial Garden and wait for the crown prince. Zhu'er remembered the first time she met Feng Zhilin, and said that.

"This matter is feasible!" Feng Zhilin nodded indifferently.

On the second day, Feng Zhilin took Zhu'er to the imperial garden to look for cherry blossoms, apricots, lotuses … Raising his head to look at the newly bloomed apricot flowers, Feng Zhilin let out a light sigh. There will always be a day when people will grow old, and now that they're serving the sovereign with their skin, how long can she last?

The apricot blossoms were blooming now, bright as the morning clouds, as if the sky itself had been dyed red by them.

When the wind blew, it was as red as rain, as though it was raining water, instantly wetting Feng Zhilin's heart.

"Lin'er, are you admiring the flowers?" If the one who came was not Xuanyuan Haochen, then who else could it be?

Hearing that, Zhu'er automatically retreated to the side, and suddenly, someone pointed at her acupoints, causing her to faint.

"Zhu'er?" Feng Zhilin worriedly shouted.

"She was just hit by an acupoint. My dark guards will watch over her." Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen held her in his arms and moved towards the fake mountain cave that was hidden away.

"Crown Prince, you haven't come to meet Lin'er in a long time, have you forgotten about him?" Feng Zhilin looked at the man she had admired for a long time and felt her heart surge, but the shyness on her face did not diminish.

"Lin'er, I love you the most. The moment I saw you, I couldn't wait to bring you here. Are you doubting my sincerity? " Xuanyuan Haochen carried her in one arm, and began to move about in a dishonest manner with the other.

"Your Highness, when will you replace your father?" She felt that she couldn't wait any longer.

"Lin'er, such disrespectful words, you can say them in front of me, but you cannot say them in front of others, because that is a stupid thing to do!" Xuanyuan Haochen was startled.

"I know, I won't say anything." Feng Zhilin laid her head on Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen's shoulder, and said with a slight nod of her head.

"Has royal father been resting in your palace recently?" Xuanyuan Haochen's black eyes darkened as he asked.

"Mm, the old empress dowager was even secretly mocking me for spoiling the harem. Sigh, that's also because your Imperial Father was greedy beyond compare. He's always been asking for too much, leaving me with no way to resist him." "Woo woo …" Feng Zhilin said while weeping.

"Lin'er, don't be sad. Oh right, this is a medicine that made my royal father wither. When you make contact with him, apply it cleverly with him over there. You don't have to wait on him in the future. During the day and at night, both belong to me alone! " Xuanyuan Haochen recalled the dignity of a man that he had lost at the hands of his consort, Gu Xin'er. He felt extremely satisfied and conceited here.

"En, that would be for the best. Your Highness, your face seems to have lost weight." As Feng Zhilin looked at his handsome and thin face, a trace of affection flashed past her eyes.

"I was just thinking that you wanted to lose weight, Lin'er, stop talking, come …" Let this hall properly love you. " Xuanyuan Haochen had long since lost his patience. He immediately took off his clothes and also took off all of Feng Zhilin's clothes.

His hot kiss landed on every inch of her skin, teasing her a bit before finally joining together in a crazy manner. After a few breaths, sweat began to pour down from the sky …

On the way, Xuanyuan Haofei occasionally glanced at Feng Zhiyao, but she kept staring back at him.

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