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<blockquote>The owner of the Lotus House was a middle-aged beautiful woman.

"King of Qi Highness, Family Lord Wen, I didn't expect you two to come at the same time, you have really made my humble house shine." The middle-aged beautiful woman welcomed him with a smile.

"Aunt He, do you have any pretty jewelry?" The Family Lord Wen asked with a smile.

"Hey, Xingyuan, do you come here often to customize jewelry for your young lady?" Seeing that the beautiful middle-aged woman was extremely familiar with Wen Xingyuan, Feng Zhiyao asked.

"No, it's just that I've had some business dealings with her. That's why I'm so familiar with her!" Wen Xingyuan explained indifferently. He didn't want her to think any nonsense.

"Elder sister, what is this?" 's voice came from behind him. One head and two heads were big enough for Feng Zhiyao to hear.

"Bracelet, Wusha, when you have a wife in the future, you can buy one for your wife to wear." Feng Zhiyao endured her anger and said with a gentle voice.

"Oh, then I'll buy one for my sister. Is that okay?" Yan Wusha indeed had the potential to go crazy with Feng Zhiyao.

"No need, I will buy your sister for her!" Wen Xingyuan was enraged, he stared at Yan Wusha and said.

"Then is elder sister your wife?" Yan Wusha asked.

"Of course!" Since he, Wen Xingyuan, was not going to marry after doing it, she would definitely be his wife.

"Wusha, stop talking, can you stand with Zi Yun?" Feng Zhiyao did not wish to lose her temper in public, so she tried her best to say it with a smile.

"Xingyuan, who is this idiot?" Only now did Xuanyuan Haofei notice Yan Wusha, so he waved his fan, gracefully assuming a pose of thinking that he was a jade-like tree facing the wind, and asked.

"He's a bowl of Shattered Yan Wusha!" Wen Xingyuan did not speak. Instead, it was Feng Zhiyao who coldly said Yan Wusha's name.

"How is this possible? He's a fool now! " Xuanyuan Haofei laughed sarcastically as he snorted.

"Don't call me a fool, you're not that smart either!" Feng Zhiyao was extremely protective of her; she and her man could be said to be Yan Wusha, but the others couldn't. Thus, she wanted to turn against Xuanyuan Haofei at this moment.

"Feng Zhiyao! "You —" Seeing Feng Zhiyao scolding him, Xuanyuan Haofei was immediately angered. Under his anger, he swung his fist at him.

"I... What's wrong with me? " Feng Zhiyao sneered.

"Wusha, this person wants to kill me, your sister, so use your ability to tell him not to mess with your sister!" Feng Zhiyao said as she leaned towards Yan Wusha. Glimmers danced in her eyes and the depths of her eyes flashed with a seductive red color.

"Alright, sister!" Yan Wusha immediately used a movement technique to quickly approach Xuanyuan Haofei. Both of his hands pulled at Xuanyuan Haofei's pants, revealing his bright and outstanding body, especially that thing.

"Ah!" Many of the famous sect ladies present were so frightened that they scattered and fled, it was even more effective than a military training whistle, in an instant, only the few of them were left of Lotus House, as well as Aunt He who had both of her hands over her eyes.

Xuanyuan Haofei did not expect himself to be humiliated like this, and just as he was about to wave his fist, he heard —

"The losses of the store today will all be accounted for by you, your highness!" With that, Aunt He turned and ran.

"Feng Zhiyao, you!" Xuanyuan Haofei was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

"What about me? Hurry up and put on your pants! " Feng Zhiyao provoked, she secretly laughed, it was so small, meaningless!

At this time, Miss Lanruo was still blushing shyly as she covered her eyes, and Zi Yun took the initiative to cover her eyes to allow me to continue.

Only Feng Zhiyao was "appreciating" it with her big eyes.

"Hey, Seventh Imperial Brother, why does your size not look like it's normal? Is it a bit painful and itchy recently?" Could it be that you have gotten yourself sick? " After Feng Zhiyao finished reading, she sarcastically and sarcastically ridiculed them for a while.

Although Xuanyuan Haofei had already quickly bent down to tie up his pants again, the hatred in his eyes when he looked at Feng Zhiyao was like gouging meat. He thought, this woman is too despicable, to actually let him be humiliated in such a public place!

This was the first and last time in his life that bloodthirsty killing intent surged in his eyes. Since he could not obtain this woman, then he could only destroy her!

However, before she was destroyed, it was better to taste her taste …

"Your Highness, let's leave quickly." Lanruo had already seen his majesty through the gaps between her fingers just now. She had slept with him multiple times, but all she did was extinguish the candle flame. Now that she saw him in broad daylight, her heart was in a mess.

"Scram!" Xuanyuan Haofei was furious. After he flung his sleeves and left, he said to Feng Zhiyao hatefully, "You will pay the price for what you did today!"

In order to chase him, Miss Lanruo even tripped and immediately crawled up, before chasing after Xuanyuan Haofei again.

"This woman is really infatuated!" Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Big sister, don't be afraid." Yan Wusha naturally heard Xuanyuan Haofei's warning, and said while grinning. At the moment, he was as childish as a child, with a heart of innocence.

"En, with Wusha here, what am I afraid of him doing?" Even if she were to let Xuanyuan Haofei go, she didn't think that either Xuanyuan Haohan or Xuanyuan Haoyu would let him go, right?

"Wusha, you did well this time." Even Wen Xingyuan couldn't help but to praise this brat for doing this on purpose!

"Xingyuan, is this why you didn't scold him with a faint smile just now?" Feng Zhiyao asked curiously.

"Yes." Wen Xingyuan nodded indifferently and smiled.

"However, thinking about how Feng Zhiqiong forced me to hang myself, for the sake of such a small size, it's truly not worth it." Feng Zhiyao laughed coldly.

"Yao'er, you've hanged yourself before?" Wen Xingyuan was shocked, he turned his body to look at her and placed his hands on her shoulders, and asked while trembling in fear.

"Yes, I was angered by Feng Zhiqiong's words!" Feng Zhiyao recalled the scene after she teleported to another world.

"Damn it!" A person as gentle and elegant as Wen Xingyuan actually couldn't help but curse after hearing this.

"Aiya, am I not still alive and well?" Feng Zhiyao laughed, and a pity about her original body, Feng Zhiyao.

"Oh right, Wusha scared away his business just now. Shouldn't we compensate him with some of his losses?" Feng Zhiyao felt a little guilty, so she suggested.

"No need. Since Lotus House has already made King of Qi pay, he naturally has a solution." Wen Xingyuan smiled gently as he lifted his hand to straighten Feng Zhiyao's flying hair.

"Where did the master of the Lotus House come from, to actually have such ability?" After Feng Zhiyao heard this, she pondered for a bit, as if she understood the meaning of his words.

Hearing that, Zi Yun lowered her eyes and thought, Lotus House is my shop, King of Qi does not have the guts to owe me money!

"Not yet! I once sent someone to find out who the master of this Lotus House was. But nothing! " Wen Xingyuan laughed helplessly, at that time, he realized that there was a mountain outside the mountain, and there was a person outside whose words had a meaning.

"Xingyuan, since that's the case, then I don't want to know. After all, everyone has their own secrets, I want to go back to my residence and read the full thousand years of Underworld Judgement." Feng Zhiyao felt that it was probably because of the rain last night that she was too weak. She was actually tired as she walked.

"Yao'er, let's find a restaurant for lunch first, then we can send you back to your residence, okay?" Wen Xingyuan mischievously spoke as he heard the unfavorable cooing inside her stomach.

"Sure." Feng Zhiyao smiled and nodded. Since it was lunch time, she should eat some lunch before going back.

It was a scorching day, and the more Xuanyuan Haofei walked out, the more he felt unresigned, thinking about how, as a emperor's seventh son, he had never suffered such humiliation before. Now that so many people had seen his body and taught him to sweep the ground with their faces, he might even become a laughingstock.

Thinking about it this way, Xuanyuan Haofei became angry, thought of something, and called for the hidden guards.

"Your Highness, please give me your instructions!" The man knelt down.

"Follow Feng Zhiyao and put Charming Spring Dew in her food, I want her body! After he was done, he would go to Lotus House and see this king! You remember to lure him away, there's an assassin at his side. This King will be there shortly! " Xuanyuan Haofei instructed as he played with the exquisite porcelain bottle in his hand and tossed it up and down.

"Yes, your highness. This servant will go right away." The man quickly took the bottle and flew out like a flying sword. One could see how high the light skill was.

Feng Zhiyao, just you wait and have fun under this king!

This King has tolerated you. This King will not be lenient this time!

Xuanyuan Haofei's lips curled up into a devilish and cold smile, as his entire body emitted an ice-cold aura that was close to death.

Feng Zhiyao who was eating at Xiaoyao Residence near the Lotus House felt that today was too restless, as if she couldn't get the energy to eat anything.

"Yao'er, this piece of jade has an excellent taste, try it!" Wen Xingyuan smiled gently and elegantly picked up a pair of chopsticks to feed Feng Zhiyao.

"Yeah, it's not bad, right?" But it was not as delicious as the food she cooked, so Feng Zhiyao ate lazily.

Who knew that right after Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, Yan Wusha also gave him some Eastern Slope Meat, "Big sister, this is delicious!"

Feng Zhiyao shook her head and rejected, "That won't taste good." Too greasy, eating too much will make you fat! She frowned and insisted on not eating.

"Elder sister, this is really delicious!" Yan Wusha blinked his eyes as he looked adorably at Feng Zhiyao, leaving Feng Zhiyao speechless.

"Wusha, this is so bad!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head and rejected.

Just as the two of them were in a stalemate, the last fragrant and delicious fish soup with wolfberry was carried up by the waiter.

"Aiya, we didn't order this soup!" Feng Zhiyao said to the waiter, "Did you remember wrongly?"

"Yeah, I've never ordered one either." Wen Xingyuan shook his head towards Feng Zhiyao. He didn't like to eat fish head, so naturally, it wasn't him.

Unexpectedly, the waiter rolled his eyes and laughed, "Guests, this is a free gift from my restaurant, I hope you like it! Alright, I'll take my leave. "

The corners of Feng Zhiyao's lips twitched. Her lines for the Quhe House's waiter had already been spread like this for a long time.

After the waiter left their private room, he took off his mask and flew out of the window. Coincidentally, he met Xuanyuan Haofei who was rushing over there, and the two found a quiet place to talk.

"How's it going?"

"Reporting to Your Highness, the Family Lord Wen and the assassin have always been by his side, and this servant has never found the right opportunity. Later on, he placed an entire bottle of Charming Spring Dew into a plate of fish soup with wolfberry …"

"You rice bucket, an entire bottle, why are you wasting so many emotional handsome young men!" A bottle would cost a thousand gold!

"Your Highness, if you don't give me an explanation, how much should I use?"

Right now, we have to lure the tiger out of the mountain, go find a passerby to get him to give this letter to Wen Xingyuan, then you can take the opportunity when Wen Xingyuan leaves to trick the killer out. That's right, although the killer has a child's intelligence, his martial arts are very good, so this king will go and sleep with the beauty!

When he thought of the beautiful woman he could dream of, Xuanyuan Haofei laughed like a happy mouse.

"This little one will do it now." The man took the envelope and swiftly flew out.

He found a beggar on the way and gave him a piece of crushed silver. Then, he handed the letter to him and told him to deliver a letter to Wen Xingyuan, "Remember, it's the Huihe House!"

The beggar waved the letter in his hand, "Remember, Huihe House, I will definitely help you with it."

"As expected, money makes the difference." "I'll be troubling you then!"</blockquote>

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