Wild Agent Wife/C10 Death or staying?
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Wild Agent Wife/C10 Death or staying?
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C10 Death or staying?

"You seem to be sleeping well." Ling Chen pursed his lips and walked towards the bed with a tray in his hand. The tray was filled with tempting food.

Jian Fan turned his face away, not wanting to have any conversation with him.

Ling Chen sat on the edge of the bed, waving the tray teasingly around her nose. "Are you hungry?" He casually placed it on the bedside table, not ignoring her minute swallowing motion.

The man smirked as he smiled even wider. "I'm not so unreasonable as to get up to eat when I'm hungry. As long as you are obedient, I can spoil you more than any other woman. "

"Ha!" Jian Fan sneered and rolled his eyes at him, "Perhaps your love is very rare, but I don't care."

"You refused a toast and refused a forfeit!" Ling Chen lost his patience, his large hands clamping down on her chin, forcing her to look at him. "You'd better obediently be my slave, otherwise I'll make you feel worse than death."

Ye Zichen shook her chin in disgust, then clapped his hands, "I'll give you three days to think about it. You can decide whether you want to live or die."

The door to the guest room was closed again, and everything was quiet again. The only difference was that there was a fragrant dinner on the bedside table. The white millet porridge was still steaming hot.

Jane Fan slowly moved towards the food, her throat rolling as she swallowed more and more saliva. She was really very hungry!

She climbed down from the bed and placed her injured right hand on the edge of the bed. With her left hand, she anxiously picked up a bowl and took a big gulp of millet congee.

"Cough!" The porridge was so hot that she choked and lost all sensation in her tongue.

Ling Chen leaned against the edge of Kingsize's bed, watching the video of Jane's ugly appearance of a vicious dog pouncing on its food. His heart was exceptionally clear.

In the end, Jane Fan still finished the food on the tray. His stomach was full, and his whole body was warm.

She lay back on the bed, thinking about how to escape.

Why did Lisa kill her? What secret plot did she have? She must return alive and find out everything.

She did not have a noble character that would risk her life for the safety of the country. She only wanted to return the favor with a clear understanding and peace.

The night grew darker and darker. The cold autumn wind howled as it swept up the withered yellow leaves, making the interior of the house as warm as spring.

When she woke up, it was already noon of the next day.

There was a knock on the door and a maid came in.

"Miss, lunch is ready. Are you going to the dining room or the bedroom?"

"This …" Jian Fan was a bit hesitant. He wanted to go down and observe the surrounding guards, but he was a bit worried that Ling Chen would do something abnormal. "Why didn't your Boss send us food?"

"He went on a business trip and won't be back for two days. He told us to take good care of you." The maid's expression was natural. There were no flaws to be seen.

Jane Fan took the clothes from her and put them on with her help.

"I'll be eating in the restaurant. Sorry for troubling you." His mind wavered. He wasn't here, and this might be a good time.

The layout of the villa was simple and clean. The large panoramic window allowed him a clear view of the outside. Jane Fan knew that he could see the outside, but it would not be so easy to see the inside.

There were four bodyguards in black standing in the living room, seven or eight of them in the yard. With her current physical condition, it would not be easy for her to escape.

The maid led her into the dining room, where she sat alone at a two-meter rectangular crystal dining table.

He gathered all his thoughts and slowly chewed a sumptuous lunch with his left hand. The most important thing for her was to restore her strength and spirit.

After lunch, Qian came to change the medicine for her and gave her an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drip.

When Jane Fan saw how busy he was, her heart trembled a little.

"Can you put a little more weight on it?" She wished she could get better in a day.

"Does it hurt?" Shi Qian pressed the back of his hand to her forehead. "Fortunately, the fever has subsided."

Jian Fan nodded. His big eyes were moist and filled with a heartbreaking sense of helplessness.

"Don't worry, you'll still need to take your medicine in a while. With the two of you, I can guarantee that you'll get better as soon as possible." Shi Qian placed the medicine bag on the bedside and carefully wrote down the time of its consumption on the wrapping paper, "Once you recover, I'll let Chen follow the procedures and not let him hurt you again."

"Will you come back tomorrow?" Jane Fan interrupted him.

Shixiong nodded her head, "The potion will be up for a week."

Jian Fan closed his eyes and gradually caught his breath.

When she woke up again, it was already close to evening. There was no trace of him in the room.

She opened a packet of pills and swallowed them with the water.

Outside the window, the front garden was the size of a football field, and a dozen hounds patrolled the yard like guards.

Ling Chen would be back the day after tomorrow, and tomorrow night was her last chance.

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