Wild Agent Wife/C12 Being hunted down
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Wild Agent Wife/C12 Being hunted down
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C12 Being hunted down

"I'm sorry, Doctor Time." Jian Fan's palm descended, and with his left hand, he ruthlessly chopped at the back of Jian Chen's neck, causing him to instantly faint.

AHH!" Jin was so scared that his legs went limp. The car swayed left and right on the road in an S shape.

"If you don't want to die, then hurry and stop the car!"

"Squeak!" The tyres were quickly stopped, emitting a sharp sound as they rubbed against the tarmac.

The moment the car stopped, A Jin collapsed into the driver's seat.

Jane Fan rolled his eyes at him, he really was a useless man, "Go down, take the doctor away as well."

The door opened, and A-Jin scrambled out of the car. He went around to the back seat and carried Qian off while he was unconscious.

Jane Fan climbed into the driver's seat and took one last look in the rear-view mirror. Then he slammed on the gas pedal and accelerated towards the exit.

As the car sped along the high speed road in the Central Province, Jane Fan stepped on the accelerator and almost couldn't wait to fly out of the shallow water with her wings.

Suddenly, seven or eight cars surrounded her, encircling her car in a circle. It was as if they were falling from the sky and did not notice at all.

Ling Chen was startled. Could it be that he had caught up to her so quickly after finding out that she had escaped?

His right hand swelled with the effort to control the steering wheel. He spun to the right and tried to break through the encirclement, but the left side of the car was blocked by a speeding car.

Not good. The car was out of control. Jane tried her best to put her foot on the brake, but the car refused to obey her.

The black sedan against her door slowed and pushed her to the right.

Taking advantage of his deceleration, Jane quickly turned the steering wheel to the right, stepped on the gas pedal again, and broke free of his grip.

Just as she was about to leave the tiger's den, the car in front of her suddenly came to a screeching halt and stopped right in front of her.

Before she could stop the car, her front end hit the rear end of the black sedan. She pushed forward a few hundred meters, causing bright sparks to appear on the surface of the tarmac due to the friction of the metal car.

The car stopped. Due to the inertia, Jian Fan's head slammed into the windshield, causing a fist-sized hole to appear as blood surged out of the wound.

Seven or eight black cars came to a stop, and a group of assassins in tight black clothes got out of them. Their eyes were all full of murderous intent as they approached the car.

Jian Fan ignored the dizziness from the impact and casually wiped away the blood from his forehead. He got out of the car.

Their clothing was somewhat different from the bodyguards in Kingone's room, but it was very similar to the equipment she had worn when robbing information at night.

"White fox?" The tight-fitting black clothed woman raised her brows and slowly spat out two words.

How could she forget that she was a wanted criminal that was being hunted by an organization?

"Are you here to kill me?" Jane Fan swept his gaze over them one by one, keeping the entire city on guard.

"You betrayed the organization and acted without authorization. You deserve to die." The woman in black stretched out her index finger and stared straight at the tip of her nose.

"I betrayed the organization?" Jian Fan felt a sharp pain in his chest, "I'm acting on my own?"

"We've been standing guard at the foot of the mountain for three days. Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and accept your death." With a look from the woman in black, all the assassins gathered together, ready to catch a turtle in a jar.

Jian Fan retreated step by step until he was pushed against the door, but there was no way out.

"Kill her!" The woman in black shouted and all the assassins jumped on her.

Jane Fan put her left hand on the hood of the car, leaped over the car, and fell backwards. He instantly jumped over the high-speed fence and fell into the farmland one meter below.

"F * ck, chase him!"

The blood on his forehead was solidified by the cold wind, and it congealed on his face. Half of her face was red, like a ghost lady in the Palace of Hell.

Jian Fan turned and disappeared into a patch of reeds. He had lost a few assassins following him, but they still didn't give up.

Damn, she was about to run out of strength. Right now, this place was the closest to Kingone. Since they had chosen to wait at the foot of the mountain, then they must have fallen under Ling Chen's influence. They should first return to the shallow mountain to avoid this calamity.

As Jane Fan ran towards the mountain behind Kingone, he had already lost a lot of blood from his injuries. Now that he still hadn't recovered, facing these professional killers, she was gradually losing strength.

"Howl!" With a stuffy groan, Jian Fan was struck in the leg by the stone that came flying over from the back. He fell to the ground instantly, making him fall flat on his face.

"You're still running?" Two men in close-fitting black clothes were playing with the stone in their hands with vicious smiles on their faces.

"Heh, Lisa really thinks highly of me. She sent so many people to kill me." Jian Fan smiled mockingly as he slowly got up from the ground. Even if she died, she would die with an attitude.

"To the people who betrayed the organization, it's worth it to spend so much effort to get rid of you." As they spoke, the two men were already in position, ready to strike a fatal blow at any moment.

Jian Fan also took a step back and took a horse stance, ready to meet the enemy at any time. At this moment, she understood that this was originally an organization's scheme, and she was just a scapegoat for this game.

The danger in front of her made her constantly vigilant of her surroundings!

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