Wild Agent Wife/C13 Rodent entrapment
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Wild Agent Wife/C13 Rodent entrapment
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C13 Rodent entrapment

"Ha!" The man suddenly took a step forward and raised his leg to kick at Jian Fan.

Jane Fan quickly retreated, barely dodging. He spun around behind the man and hit him hard in the back of the head with his elbow.

The other man saw that his comrade was useless, and immediately rushed forward, sending out a full force attack towards Jian Fan's next route.

With a leap, Jian Fan grabbed the man's arm and ruthlessly broke it off. The sheer force of the blow caused him to scream out in pain again and again.

"Even if I'm destined to die today, I'll pull you two down with me." With a flip of his hand, Jane Fan tightened his neck, placed her left index finger on his temple, and gathered all of her strength together. Then …

"Don't move!" A deep and angry shout caused Jian Fan to pause in his movements. She felt a sharp pain in the back of her head. She knew it was a gun.

"Let him go."

As long as he didn't shoot, she still had a chance.

"BOOM!" With a muffled sound, the black clothed man slammed the back of Jian Fan's head with the butt of his spear and heavily fell onto the ground.

The blow wasn't light. Jian Fan's vision darkened, and a shadow appeared before him.

"I told you to hit me, I told you to hit me." The other man kicked her hard a few times to vent his anger.

"Alright, it's time to send her on her way."

In the blink of an eye, Jane Fan saw two shadows reloading the gun and pointing the muzzle at her head.

Heh, was she finally going to die?

"Bam!" The sound of a deafening gunshot scared hundreds of birds away from the trees.

Jane saw the man with the gun on her fall to the ground and never get up again.

Behind the man stood a tall figure, whose owner coolly blew on the afterglow of the gun. Before Jian Fan had completely lost his consciousness, this was the most alluring scene in his mind. Unfortunately, she wanted to ignore it, but it was difficult for her to wipe away Ling Chen's unrestrained expression.

In the secret underground storage.

"Boss." That woman completely believes that we are assassins sent by the organization, and that the scene has been cleaned up. "

"Well done." Ling Chen waved his hand, and Ma Wen handed a leather case to the two injured men.

"Thanks Boss."

When Jane Fan woke up again, she was lying in Kingone's guest room, transfusions in progress.

"You saved me?" Jian Fan's hazy vision gradually became clear. Then, it converged into one point and landed on the side of Ling Chen's face.

"You're awake?" He leaned forward slightly, and put on a smile that was not a smile, "Your heart is really ruthless. When Shiqian was acting this way for you, you actually used him to escape and even injured him."

"Is he all right?" A trace of guilt flashed across Jian Fan's haggard face.

"He won't die. It's just that I don't understand one of the questions, so I would like to ask … Miss Jane Fan? " He deliberately placed the emphasis on her name.

Jian Fan was shocked. "How do you know my name?" From the moment she was recruited into the organization, she was a white fox. Only Yaksha knew the name.

"Heh." He narrowed his eyes mockingly, "It is not difficult to find out about your background. You think you are strong, but you are still an ant in my hands."

His domineering self-confidence was too arrogant, causing her to feel a little afraid.

"What else do you know?"

"Assassinating me was not an order from the Nine Militaries, but your own decision?" His eyes were filled with danger.

"It's not me." Jian Fan was excited, and he struggled to get a needle for the blood transfusion on the back of his hand, "Since you want to add to your sins, you have no excuse."

She bit her lower lip in frustration. What was the difference between right and wrong? Why did she have to explain so quickly?

Ling Chen smiled without warning, and her sudden change in attitude was too much for her to deal with.

"I know you are innocent. There must be something behind the fact that Lisa wants to get rid of you. "

He slowly finished speaking, but Jian Fan was already too shocked to speak.

He knew that nothing could escape his eyes. How terrifying! Her entire body was filled with the chilliness of bone. This was the only feeling she had for him.

Ling Chen stood up and prepared to leave. "There are still six hours before you make your choice. Do you want to be my woman or do you want to go out and die as you please?"

"Bam!" "Clank!" The sound of the door being shut caused the breath of Jian Fan to linger around for a long time.

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