Wild Agent Wife/C16 Wine party plunder
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Wild Agent Wife/C16 Wine party plunder
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C16 Wine party plunder

The titanium gold Aston Martin one-77 glided through the Phantom's door in a perfect and smooth arc. Two large, gilded words hung above his head, shining with a vague halo.

The lobby manager had already walked up to him and opened the door for him.

Ling Chen threw the keys to the car to his car attendant, then made a slight bow with his right hand, indicating that she should pick it up.

"Young Master Chen, please come in, Boss Chen and the others are waiting for you in the private box." The manager bent over respectfully.

The hidden observation elevator led directly to the second floor.

As Jane Fan looked out, the dim hall was filled with flashing neon lights. The large dance floor was filled with fashionable red men and women who were frantically twisting and turning their waists.

"You danced much more beautifully than she did." Ling Chen's gaze followed her and landed on the sexy dancer in the middle of the dance floor.

Jane Fanchen looked at him and said, "Should I be celebrating your praise?"

Ling Chen smiled, but did not comment.

The second floor turned towards the deepest part. It was a dark and obscure wooden door. There was a video monitor installed outside the door, and Ling Chen's handsome face was the best key.

The door was opened, and what entered his sight was a luxurious banquet hall. The European style crystal chandelier emitted a warm yellow and red light, making it hard to see the expression of the people in the hall.

Seven or eight men and women sat on a long leather sofa. Their gazes were fixed on the two who had just entered the room.

"Oh, Young Master Chen, I've got you waiting." A middle-aged man with a large belly and a round waist walked up to them with a smile. His lustful eyes looked back and forth across Jian Fan's face. "What? Did you change to a new taste?"

"How could I not come when Director Chen is inviting me?" He took over her arms and hugged her tightly, "Good girl, call me Boss Chen."

Jane Fan stared at the oily, pig-like, disgusting man, and didn't want to bother with him.

The room went silent, and the atmosphere was awkward. The face of the man who was addressed as Chief Chen stiffened, as if he was ridiculing Chen Xiaolian, "Young Master Chen, you captured a wild horse, but you didn't teach it well."

"Hahahaha …"

The men and women on the sofa laughed, and Ling Chen's expression became increasingly grim.

He pinched her waist with his large hand, and with a slight movement of his feet, he kicked her high heels.

Jian Fan staggered forward and fell at the foot of CEO Chen's pants. His sorry state was extremely awkward.

"Aiyo, there's no need to make such a huge bow even if we meet. I can't afford it." Chen Da bent down to help her up. His fat fingers gently caressed her arm.

Jian Fan suddenly pulled his arm back, and Ling Chen took the opportunity to take it. He pulled her behind him, preventing her from erupting in rage.

"Little girl, you have never seen the world. "Come, come, let's drink." Ling Chen patted Director Chen and led him to his seat.

Jian Fan's face turned red as he clenched his fists. He was trying his best not to show his anger.

Ling Chen gave her a sidelong glance, and patted her on the side, his eyes full of warning.

Jian Fan calmed himself down and sat beside him. This CEO Chen seemed to have a great background, even Ling Chen was a little afraid of him. If he hadn't stopped her, she would have crushed his skull.

The episode just now did not seem to affect the mood of this group of people, as they immediately started to drink and play with their fists.

In less than half an hour, all the wine on the table had been cleaned up. The bartender brought the new one over. The little sister who was mixing the wine knelt on the ground and skillfully mixed the burning hot foreign wine.

Ling Chen whispered in Jane Fan's ear, and took the chance to go to the bathroom.

His sudden departure made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Jane Fan pulled her skirt along, blocking the hot gazes of the men in the room.

"Little girl, come have a drink with me." Chen Da lifted up a cup of freshly brewed wine and handed it over to Jian Fan.

Jian Fan coldly stared at him, his eyes filled with disgust. "I'm sorry, I don't know how to drink."

"Yo, you still have a temper. Young Master Chen did not teach you well. "I train horses professionally and am a master rider. I promise to treat you well."

The moment Chen Da finished his sentence, the men on the sofa burst into laughter with lecherous expressions.

Jane Fan's breathing quickened, and his knuckles cracked.

The cup that was filled to the brim moved closer to her mouth, and with a sudden wave of her hand, the wine cup in his hand crumbled into powder.

Ah!" The women in the boxes were obviously frightened, screaming and retreating, afraid that they would be caught in the crossfire.

"You dare to hit me? I want you to teach this bitch a lesson. " Chen Da was infuriated. The fat all over his body was trembling as his face contorted.

He threw himself forward, and his big fat hand tried to grab hold of Jane Fan's arm, but she easily dodged it. After a few rounds, she had already toyed with him until he was out of breath.

The corners of Jian Fan's lips curled up as he finally felt a little better.

Before she could rejoice, Chen Da angrily shouted and all the men in the room surrounded her.

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