Wild Agent Wife/C17 Teach the fat pig head
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Wild Agent Wife/C17 Teach the fat pig head
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C17 Teach the fat pig head

There was no lack of sturdy practitioners in the room.

Jian Fan retreated step by step. She was still injured, so she couldn't stay here any longer. Furthermore, this was Ling Chen's winery, so it wouldn't do her any good to break it. Right now, she only wanted Ling Chen to come out quickly, or perhaps, she wanted to escape.

"What do you want? I am Young Master Chen's woman. " Jane Fan tried to frighten them with her name, but it obviously didn't work.

The men began to gather around in a circle. As for Chen Da, whose face was the ugliest and the one with the most anger, his upper body was drenched in sweat.

The fat on Chen Da's face raised up as he laughed mockingly: "Young Master Chen? "Even if I ride here, you still have to give me face."

Jian Fan felt his heart tremble. It seemed like he had to use force today. Without leaving a trace, he pulled his horse behind him and entered a state of preparation.

With a wave of Chen Dazhuang's arm, seven to eight men rushed forward.

Jian Fan's left arm swept out and his elbow accurately landed on the man's neck, causing him to stagger backwards in pain.

On the right side, three men rushed forward. Jian Fan had completely wiped them out and kicked them all to the ground. They were unable to get up even after a long time.

Chen Da angrily raised a bottle of wine and smashed it towards him. With a backhand movement of his hand, Jian Fan easily took the bottle of wine and unceremoniously smashed it onto the lard on his head. Instantly, wine and blood sprayed out, splashing all over her fox fur cape.

Chen Da screamed like a pig being slaughtered and fell to the ground.

Just as Jane Fan confidently prepared to finish off the last two men, a shining fruit knife was placed on her slender neck.

The one holding the knife against her was none other than the younger sister who had been kneeling on the floor, mixing wine.

"Don't move, otherwise your neck will blossom." The young girl's voice was loud and clear, as if she had received professional training.

Jane Fan reluctantly threw away the bottle in his hand.

Chen Da's face was twisted as he climbed up from the ground. Bright red blood flowed down from his oily face, continuously flowing down.

"Pah!" A resounding slap landed on her face, knocking her head to the side.

"Damned bitch, you dare hit me? If you refuse a toast, you will be punished. " Even after sending a heavy slap, Chen Da still felt unsatisfied.

"Director Chen, why don't we finish off this woman?" A man pulled out a wad of paper towels and wiped the blood from his forehead.

Chen Da waved his fat hands as if he did not want to let her off so easily. "Didn't she not drink? "Give me all this wine, and then put the bottle under her and tell her to feel good."

Jane Fan turned pale with fright. She absolutely could not endure such an insult. She struggled with all her might, but the men held her tightly in their hands.

The men who were beaten up immediately became interested, and they eagerly lined up to take revenge with wine bottles in their hands.

Chen Da was the first to pick up a bottle of unmatched vodka. He pinched Jane Fan's chin with his fingers and fiercely opened her mouth, pointing the bottle toward her mouth. With a sinister smile on his face, he suddenly gulped the entire bottle down.

It was the sound of alcohol being forced into one's throat.

Jian Fan twisted his neck with all his might, but it was all because of Chen Da that he was unable to move an inch.

The bottle of vodka soon ran out, and as soon as it was filled, Jane Fan could feel the pain from forcefully swallowing it all. The alcohol burned her throat and brain nerves.

"Put her on the sofa and lie down. I will personally feed her wine. "Hahaha." Chen Da's perverted smile caused Jian Fan to be thoroughly cold.

The four men lifted her and laid her flat on the sofa. Jian Fan struggled with all his might, but his vicious gaze was filled with killing intent. "I will definitely kill you!"

Jane Fan's warning was of no use at all. Chen Da was already on the verge of being twisted. He ripped open her skirt, revealing her black panties.

Where the fuck was that Ling Chen? He should have crawled out of the toilet by now. Jane had never longed for his appearance so much.

Chen Da had a lewd smile on his face as his rough hands slowly slid across her thighs and inwards, about to hook onto her panties.

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