Wild Agent Wife/C2 I'm here to kill you
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Wild Agent Wife/C2 I'm here to kill you
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C2 I'm here to kill you

"Haha!" "Is it fun?" Ling Chen pulled himself out, took the wet towel from his subordinate and wiped the 'gun' that was still burning, then threw the tissue onto her face.

Jian Fan turned his face away in disgust, adjusted his breathing, and slowly opened his eyes.

"If you want to kill me, kill me."

Her eyes were so fierce that she managed to provoke his anger with a single glance.

He ruthlessly pinched her thin chin until it lost all color. "Speak, who sent you?"

Jian Fan clenched his teeth and beckoned for him to come closer.

"Humph!" Ling Chen angrily shook off her chin and put her ear close.

"I …" Jian Fan put down his hands that were held high, grabbed his arms, and pulled him closer. "I am …"

"What did you say?" Louder! "

"I said, I'm here to take your life!"

Ah!" Jane Fan bit his ear, her mouth full of blood. Ling Chen let out a blood-curdling screech, slapping her down onto the bed in pain.

The instant that Jian Fan fell to the ground, he wrapped his arms around his legs and viciously pulled at his arms.

Before the gun had been loaded, Jane Van had already wrapped her iron-hard arm around Ling Chen's neck. The tip of her left index finger was pressed against his temple, ready to strike him dead at any moment.

"Put down the guns, none of you are to move!" The crisp female voice was filled with the viciousness of a hitman.

In an instant, all the bodyguards who were rushing over froze on the spot. The bodyguard who had pointed a gun at her, under Ling Chen's gaze, threw away the gun.

Inside the luxurious Kingone villa, the atmosphere was tense and dangerous.

Under the bright crystal chandelier, Jian Fan's petite body was particularly eye-catching. With her life hanging by a thread, she no longer cared about being embarrassed.

"Even if you kill me, you won't be able to escape." Ling Chen smirked, his indifferent aura giving off a cold killing intent.

There was a patch of red on the white sheet, and he couldn't tell if it was his or hers.

"Cut the crap, get me a set of clothes." When he exerted strength with his fingertips, Ling Chen's temples immediately sank into a pit.

"Alright, alright, I'll prepare it for you." Ling Chen raised his hands in a placating gesture. "But I don't have any ladies' clothes here. Can my shirt do that?"

"Tell him to get it." Jane Fan stared at the bodyguard closest to her, "Then throw it over to me ten meters away."

The bodyguard looked at Ling Chen, and after receiving his gaze, he grabbed a shirt from the closet and threw it over.

Jian Fan's eyes flashed, quickly pulling Ling Chen back a step. The clothes covered his head, the bodyguard originally wanted to cover her.

Ling Chen was so angry that he lost all patience to play cat and mouse with her. The big hand snapped up, trying to grab the left wrist against his dead spot.

It was as if Jian Fan had already figured out his intention. His index finger suddenly curled into a nail, and it struck against Shi Yan's forehead. He then viciously chopped down at the guard's neck, kicking him onto the bodyguard's body.

Her right hand that she pulled back hooked her clothes along the way, she flipped backwards from the edge of the bed to the window. Pulling the curtains, opening the window, using both hands to support her clothes as an umbrella, she jumped down from the second floor.

Ling Chen's eyes were bloodshot, looking like a furious Lion King, "Chase after him!" He grabbed the pistol at his feet and lunged to the window, firing a few shots at the man who was already dressed and running across the yard.

The pitch-black night was illuminated by the terrifying gunfire, waking up all the hidden guards that were hibernating in the dark. The yard was lit up with a bright light. A dozen or so vicious dogs bared their fangs, letting out warning sounds of "wu wu". They then stared ferociously at the woman in the white shirt standing in the middle of the yard.

"Capture her alive."

The bodyguards upstairs rushed down and chased after them into the courtyard. The hidden guards downstairs had already arranged their formation and were slowly approaching her.

Jian Fan surveyed his surroundings. The situation was pressing, he had to finish this quickly. Since he wanted to capture her alive, she definitely had a way out tonight.

"Wuwangwu …" The hounds seemed impatient.

Jian Fan suddenly took a step back, and with a horizontal kick, he kicked the hound down to the ground, catching it off guard. She grabbed the dog bodyguard by the back of his shirt and yanked him forward. Cookie kicked him hard in the chest with her knee, so much so that he fell to the ground and couldn't get up again.

Just at that moment, all the bodyguards holding their hounds quickly gathered around, the bodyguards upstairs had already rushed to the entrance of the hall. Jian Fan followed the path he had just taken and jumped over the fence. His movements were so swift that he was more than ten meters away from the dog bodyguard.

"Don't let her get away, idiot!" Ling Chen, who was standing on the second floor watching the fight, roared in exasperation. He raised the pistol and aimed again at the white figure that was like a thorn in his chest.

Jian Fan looked back at him, and his pupils suddenly contracted. She would firmly remember this man's appearance. One day, she would definitely take his dog life!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

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