Wild Agent Wife/C3 Relieving the tiger's mouth from the risks
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Wild Agent Wife/C3 Relieving the tiger's mouth from the risks
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C3 Relieving the tiger's mouth from the risks

Accompanying the sounds of more than ten earth-shattering gunshots, Jian Fan staggered a little before leaping into the air and disappearing into the dense forest outside the fence.

"Shir!" Block all the exits down the mountain. "

Ling Chen quickly put on his clothes and rushed downstairs. He personally carried the powerful flashlight and led the dozens of bodyguards into the forest.

Kingone was located in the outskirts of the city halfway up the hill. The dense forest was both the best cover for the villa and the most difficult blind spot to search.

Dozens of strong beams of light were shooting around in the forest. They seemed to have covered every inch of the grassland, but Jian Fan's figure was still nowhere to be seen. Even the usually astute hunting dog was silent and did not discover anything out of the ordinary.

"Boss, that woman has already put a tracking device on her shirt. Go back and wait for news. Your subordinate naturally has a way to find her."

Ma Wen was his most trusted assistant. Ling Chen shot him a sidelong glance, then pondered for a moment before waving his hand to withdraw.

In the distant sky, a helicopter had already soared into the clouds, turning into a starry spot.

With one hand driving the plane, and the other opening the window, he threw the bloodstained white shirt down.

"Goodbye, Mister Ling. I will definitely return." The smile on her lips dimmed the splendor of autumn.

In an industrial park far away, an abandoned steelmaking plant glowed faintly.

A tall man was standing with his back to the light, and his brows were furrowed with impatience.

He received the help signal from Jian Fan and brought his tools here as fast as he could.

"Du, du, du." The sound of a helicopter descending could be heard. The man turned around and saw a pale-faced Jian Fan walk in.

"Quickly, sit down. Where is the injury?" The man helped her sit on a stool and examined her carefully. Although her expression didn't change much, but Jane Fan knew he was nervous about her.

"Ye, don't worry, we just got shot here." Jane Fan pointed at his right forearm with a relaxed expression.

Ye Sha carefully used a pair of scissors to cut open Ye Xing's sleeve. Without any pressure, blood immediately gushed out and dripped all over the ground.

"Hmph …" With a groan, Jian Fan's forehead was already drenched with sweat.

"Endure it." Ye Sha swiftly used a rubber rope to strangle the place where he had been shot to stop the bleeding, and then pushed a needle of anesthetic onto his forearm. He was no less adept than a professional surgeon.

"Close your eyes, don't look." His deep voice was filled with pain.

"No, I want to see." Jian Fan's stubborn eyes were filled with ruthlessness, "I must remember this spear. In the future, I must make that lackey, Ling Chen, return it a hundredfold."

Ye Sha stopped breathing for a moment, and eventually did not speak again. His hand was moving nonstop. The knife was disinfection, the skin was cut open, and the location of the bullet was being observed. The movement was extremely fast. However, the pair of tweezers that took out the clip was still stuck.

"What's wrong?" Jian Fan's breathing became sluggish as he felt the abnormal atmosphere.

Ye Sha looked at her with a grave expression, "The bullet is tightly stuck between the two bones. You need to use great strength when you obtain it. I'm afraid the amount of anesthetic …"

"It doesn't matter, I can endure it." As soon as Jian Fan finished speaking, he gritted his teeth with a resolute expression.

Ye Sha looked deeply at her, and without any further hesitation, he quickly and accurately pulled down his pincers. Using a bit of strength, he abruptly pulled out the bullet.

Disinfection of wound, dressing. After dealing with everything, the originally pale face of Jian Fan lost all of its color. Cold sweat flowed down his thin chin like rain. Throughout the entire process, she didn't make a single sound.

Yeye took off her windbreaker and put it on her, then sat beside her and lit a cigarette.

"Is there something on your mind?" They were both Secret Service agents, and he had trained her as a coach for so many years that she understood his habits. He rarely touched cigarettes unless he had something on his mind.

"Are you still going to kill him?" Ye Sha was referring to tonight's mission — Ling Chen!

At the mention of him, Jian Fan's indifferent face became even colder, "The mission is not completed yet, I have to cut him off."

"Actually, you don't have to work so hard. Do you want to leave the organization one day and live a life that belongs to you?" Ye Sha stared fixedly at her pitch-black eyes. The serious expression on his face made her feel that he was a stranger.

"Ye, you're acting really weird tonight. Didn't the organization have a rule that all women who have reached 26 years of age can retire and live a normal life? " Jane Fan was surprised that the loyal Nightingale would say such outrageous things to her.

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