Wild Agent Wife/C4 They had to force him into a dead end
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Wild Agent Wife/C4 They had to force him into a dead end
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C4 They had to force him into a dead end

Ye Sha pursed his lips helplessly, his smile full of ridicule. "You can retire, but the life you lead is definitely not the life of a normal person …" He seemed to recall some painful memory, wanting to say something but hesitating, "Actually, the organization already knows that you have failed this mission. Lisa sent me to kill you!"

"What!" Jian Fan suddenly stood up in shock, "Why did you want to kill me? There have been instances of mission failures, but I've never seen Lisa execute anyone. Furthermore, I have yet to fail, so I will definitely kill him within the organization's quest time limit. "

Ye Sha grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to look straight at him. "Why are you still so determined to get to this point? I don't know why Lisa wants to kill you yet, but I do know that she has some kind of secret conspiracy, and it must be very scary. "

"Then what should I do? Will you kill me? " After receiving such a heavy blow, Jian Fan was momentarily dazed. She had gone from being a proud and outstanding employee of the National Military Intelligence Agency to a condemned prisoner.

"Idiot, how could I bear to kill you?" Nightingale stroked the tattered hair on her forehead. This was the sweetest thing he had ever said in his life. He handed her a file. "This is your new identity, and when you get on the plane tomorrow, you will never come back. I will think of a way to get rid of your information in the gene pool. You have to delete all of your memories and live a normal life from now on. "

"No, I'm not leaving." "If you don't kill me, you will lose your life when you go back."

"Jane, listen to me. I have my ways of dealing with this when we get back. You still have feelings, so you're not destined to become a qualified killer. "Let's go, and live on for my sake." Ye Sha turned his back to her to prevent his emotions from leaking out.

In fact, he was also a qualified assassin!

Jian Fan bit his lower lip, his heart in extreme pain. She thought that after years of training, she was already hardened to the point of being impenetrable. However, facing the abandonment of her organization and the safety of her friends, her heart still ached.

"This place is no longer safe. We have to leave as soon as possible." Ye Sha packed up his tools, turned around, and left the main entrance. He then boarded the helicopter by the entrance without looking back.

Jian Fan tightly gripped the folder in his hand. His tense expression gradually turned cold. No matter how cold he was, he was unable to feel even a trace of warmth.

In the study of Kingone Villa.

Ling Chen sat in front of the computer, flipping through the detailed information about Jian Fan. His handsome eyebrows were raised, and his eyebrows were twisting tighter and tighter.

He couldn't figure out why the Military Intelligence department was looking for him. At most, he could be considered a gangster.

Her long and narrow phoenix eyes narrowed into a slit as she stared fixedly into the distance, exuding a bloodthirsty coldness.

"Boss!" There was a knock at the door.

Ling Chen retracted his gaze and closed the computer. "Come in."

Ma Wen respectfully and carefully bowed. He held a bloodstained white shirt in his hands and said, "Boss, we didn't catch him. We only found this bloodstained shirt with the tracking device."

"Watch all the exits of Drifting Water city. Notify me as soon as you hear anything." Surprisingly, Ling Chen did not curse.

Ma Wen secretly heaved a sigh of relief. "Yes!"

Ling Chen waved him down, then lifted up his shirt and flipped it over. Only the right cuff was stained with blood. She must have been shot in the right hand.

In his mind, he couldn't help but think of her beautiful appearance. After so many years of training, this secret service agent's taste was very special. Her thin sexy lips curved up in a coquettish manner. Such a fiery thorn, he was filled with interest!

This night was exceptionally long. Jane Fan was half-asleep and half-awake in the clothing factory's warehouse, always maintaining a state of high vigilance.

The sky had just turned white.

Jane Fan had changed into a lightweight sports outfit. He tucked his long hair back into his large cap. His refined back was like a man's and a woman's, making him hard to distinguish.

The flight ticket was for France at 6: 10 PM. When Jane Fan arrived at the airport, her time card was just right.

She looked around carefully, feeling that the atmosphere in the airport was a little strange.

This is bad! Those in black suits, looking around the airport lobby and the entrance were Ling Chen's subordinates. His speed was too fast!

His heart beat faster by a few beats. Jane Fan slightly lowered the brim of his hat. He hurriedly walked to the counter and handed over his ID card. "Get your boarding pass. Thank you."

"Sure, please wait a moment."

"Wait!" Just as the flight attendant was getting her boarding pass, a man wearing a black suit with the name "Manager" on it appeared in front of her. "Miss, your identity is questionable, please come with me to the office to verify it."

Jane Fan stared into his eyes. His eyes were filled with killing intent, he was definitely not the airport manager.

Apparently, the bodyguards in black scattered around had also noticed the situation and gathered over.

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