Wild Agent Wife/C6 Cruelty
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Wild Agent Wife/C6 Cruelty
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C6 Cruelty

Shi Xueman softened her tone, "If this goes on, she'll die. What's the point in calling me here?"

Ling Chen's movements slightly paused, and then he pulled his hand out and went around to his back to untie the shackles.

Jian Fan looked up. His facial features were too delicate, and were completely different from Ling Chen's.

Shi Qian didn't seem to care about his obscene attitude at all. He directly entered the iron cage and carried Jian Fan onto the sofa. Then he opened the medicine box and took out a pair of scissors to cut open the sleeve that was already soaked in blood.

Throughout the entire process, Ling Chen's face had been gloomy, and the surrounding air seemed to have frozen, turning bone-chilling cold.

"How can he be so heavily injured?" Fortunately, the bones were not injured. " She carefully cleaned the broken wound and sterilized the needle, preparing to sew up the long cut for her.

"You have too many questions." Ling Chen suddenly pressed down on her hand that was holding the needle. His attitude was forceful and irresistible. "Do not give her the anesthetic. I want her to remember the consequences of assassinating me."

Shi Qian was intimidated by his gaze. He originally wanted to fight for it, but after weighing the pros and cons, he put down the needle and picked up the needle and thread.

"Can you hold on?" He didn't seem to be able to bear it.

She had to endure. She had to survive.

The sharp needle pierced through the skin and pierced into the flesh, even with the blood flowing from the skin, it was extremely cruel. Jane Fan's fingernails had already sunk into his flesh. His temples swelled, and he gritted his teeth not to cry.

Ling Chen looked at her cruelly, and she glared at him. It was as if the more she looked at him, the more intense the hatred she felt, and the less pain she felt in her body.

Shi Qian moved swiftly and nimbly until the last needle was dropped. It only took him about ten seconds. However, it was as if Jian Fan had gone through a century of war. His entire body was weak, and he was drenched in sweat.

"Do not touch the water on the wound, change the medicine at regular intervals to help the inflammation subside. "Also, you lost too much blood. You need to get a blood transfusion as soon as possible." He dressed her up while reminding her.

"Thank you!" Jian Fan's voice was weak, and his eyelids gradually sunk. He was almost unable to lift his head.

"Is everything settled?" Ling Chen impatiently urged: "Once everything is settled, let's go."

After tidying up the medicine box, Shi Qian suddenly stopped in his tracks: "Is your ear injured?"

Ling Chen patted off the hand he had reached out to examine. "It's fine. You can leave now."

He opened the medicine box and started to heal his wound, "Such a big person, you still don't know how to take care of yourself, and you didn't even call me if you were injured. Since Grandpa Ling knows about it, it's time to scold you again. "

"Alright, alright. You're the most annoying one."

Shi Qian was chased out of the villa, leaving only Ling Chen and Jian Fan staring at each other in the vast space.

"I know what you are thinking," Ling Chen leaned forward, and approached Jian Fan's pale little face, "Don't try to run away. If you leave this place, you will only die." If you still want to kill me, then obediently stay here and rest. The closer you get to me, the better you'll have a chance, right? "

His smile was too evil for her to understand for a moment. "Why didn't you kill me?"

"Catching a mouse is the most enjoyable thing for a cat to do. I will wait for your injuries to heal and play with you slowly. Also, "Ling Chen raised his eyebrows, put his mouth close to her ear, and breathed out hot air:" Your skills in bed are not bad, I want you to become my slave forever.

Ah!" He maliciously used his mouth to cover her small ears, and her upper and lower teeth tightly clenched, causing Jian Fan to panic as he screamed out.

Finally, after losing too much blood, she used up all of her energy and fainted.

In the underground intelligence room of MI9.

Ye Sha lowered his head and reported the mission to the leader hidden in the dark, "The white fox (code name for Jian Fan) didn't escape last night. It was killed by Ling Chen."

"Really?" The woman in the darkness turned her face slightly, trying to make out the expression on it.

"Absolutely!" Ye Sha's expression didn't change.

"Very good!" The woman turned, a smile of satisfaction on her seductive face, exposed to the faint light.

"Leave the mission of assassinating Ling Chen to your subordinate."

The woman raised her hand and interrupted him, "No need, the mission to assassinate Ling Chen has ended. No one is allowed to get close to him."

"This subordinate does not understand!" Glimmers danced in Ye Sha's eyes, concealing the suspicion in his heart.

"You don't need to understand, this is an order from the organization. The message below was that the White Fox had betrayed the organization and had taken the initiative to assassinate Ling Chen. "Go delete her information and expel the organization."

"Yes sir!" The instant he turned to leave, the woman vanished into the darkness.

There was a black business car hidden in the shade beside the avenue of Kingone villa.

Ma Wen whispered something into Ling Chen's ear. His almond-shaped eyes became cold and his expression became cold.

"Is everyone ready?"

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