Wild Agent Wife/C7 Burn to death white fox
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Wild Agent Wife/C7 Burn to death white fox
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C7 Burn to death white fox

"Everything is ready."

Ling Chen waved his hand, and a fire burst out from the coffin-like iron stove that had just been set up in the yard, lighting up the evening sky.

Four bodyguards in black carried out a woman covered in blood. In the MPV, Lisa quickly zoomed in on the binoculars. The enlarged woman's face was that of a white fox.

He saw Ling Chen point his index finger, and the four bodyguards immediately threw the dead woman into the flames.

"Pfft!" The fire burned even more fiercely due to the human oil, and the crackling sounds became more cheerful.

"Let's go." Lisa pursed her bright red lips in satisfaction, put away her binoculars, and ordered the MPV to leave.

Ling Chen raised his index finger and tapped his forehead time and time again, as if he was thinking about something.

"Let me out." Jian Fan was so stifled that he was almost unable to breathe. She desperately slapped the iron suitcase with all her might.

Ling Chen switched the villa area into a surveillance mode, and Marvin immediately turned off the flamethrower and pressed the switch on the metal suitcase.

With a "kacha" sound, the metal box was opened from the bottom of the lawn. Jane Fan suddenly fell onto the grass and fell flat on his face.

Ling Chen did not pity her at all as he walked forward, grabbing her left hand, dragging her along the lawn into the living room like a piece of trash.

"Is this game fun?" A devilish smile crept across his handsome face.

"Ling Chen, you bastard, I must kill you." Jian Fan gritted his teeth, seemingly unable to vent his anger even after using all of his strength to scold him.

"Tsk tsk, I like wild cats, but tigers who can curse are not cute at all." He bent down and hooked her chin, and even if she lost all her blood, her beauty did not decrease in the slightest. "Since you have so much strength, you should leave it to me. Marvin, bring her to my bedroom. "

"Yes, Boss."

Jian Fan was heavily thrown onto the kingsize bed, causing her heart to ache.

Ling Chen stood at the edge of the bed, looking down at her. His large hands climbed up the front of his shirt and slowly unbuttoned it one by one.

Jian Fan placed his left hand on the bedside and glared at him in anger. With her current physical condition, she definitely wouldn't be a match for him.

Ling Chen waved his hand, ripping off the clothes that were in her way, revealing her sexy mermaid line. His strong muscles were well-organized, and with his stiff facial features, he looked like a character from a comic book.

Jian Fan had no time to appreciate this, he only felt that danger was approaching. "Don't come near me, I will kill you."

"Do you think you have the ability to do so now?" Ling Chen laughed sinisterly, the belt on his waist instantly fell off, and with a pounce, he bound the mortal body that was trying to escape, tightly.

"Howl …" Jian Fan struggled with all his might but pulled at the wound he had just sewn up. It was so painful that golden flowers bloomed in his eyes.

"You weren't like this when you seduced me last night. What are you pretending to be a pure and innocent woman for?" With a heavy tug, Ling Chen ripped her thin clothes into pieces.

Jian Fan was extremely embarrassed. Her left hand was firmly pressed against his chest, and her eyes were sharp. "You want to use force?"

"Why not?"

Without wasting any time, Ling Chen waved his hand and destroyed her defenses. He bent down and fiercely sucked her lips.

Jian Fan gritted his teeth, causing Ling Chen to pinch her nose so that she couldn't breathe.

The deadlock lasted for a while. In the end, Jian Chen couldn't help but open his mouth and gasp for air.

A hint of ridicule flashed across Ling Chen's dark eyes, she quickly focused on absorbing the sweet juice.


Suddenly, the man screamed and pulled away, blood dripping from his tongue.


With a crisp sound, Jian Fan's face was turned to the side with a palm strike. The corner of his mouth split open.

"Damned bitch, how dare you bite me?!"

Ling Chen was like a raging lion, his face ashen as he wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth.

"Hah." Jian Fan wanted to laugh, but the corner of his mouth was split open in pain.

Ling Chen got off the bed and took out a suit from the wardrobe. "I will let you know the consequences of disobeying my orders."

After leaving in a fit of rage, the only thing left in the luxurious bedroom was the heavy slamming of the door, which caused people's ears to go numb.

"Boss, where are we going?" Marvin drove down the hill and carefully observed Ling Chen's face through the rear view mirror.

"New Town Apartments."

The car turned right into the city center. The new city apartment was Su Rui's house, and Ling Chen was unable to suppress his anger, so he had to find someone to put out the fire.

Ling Chen used his key to open the door. Suri was in the bathroom bathing.

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