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C10 One of Her

Gong Zilin fixed his eyes on the outside of the pink tent. In his sight, there was a courtyard that was as big as the Imperial Palace. However, it was less majestic than the Imperial Palace, and had a more casual and indifferent nature. The mountains, rivers, trees, and trees in the courtyard were all beautiful, and there were two or three lamps lit. The courtyard seemed cold and gentle at the same time.

Soong Ningyu herself did not know that from the moment she entered the room, she had not had the time to close her eyes for three days and three nights. Gong Zilin spent three days and three nights in the Red Sleeve Tower. When she heard what July said, she only nodded and did not feel anything. It did not matter if she was putting on a show or not, even if she was really putting on a show, it had nothing to do with her.

She was not worried that the Emperor and the rest would have any thoughts when they heard this news. Originally, she did not come here because of feelings.

Three days and three nights passed and Soong Ningyu was still wearing the same clothes. The makeup on her face was almost stripped off. But she did not know about it at all and continued to guard by Mu Qianxun's side.

Her Wood Lotus Seed had already lost its effectiveness on the first day. The Wood Lotus Seeds used for treatment later on were all sent over by Gong Zilin's people. Although there were not many of them, they were delivered at the right time every time. The only thing that Soong Ningyu could not understand was that they had them on them. There were always some scars. For example, there were knife wounds and sword injuries.

Every time she saw these scars, her eyebrows would slightly raise, but she didn't say anything.

For three days and three nights, Mu Qianxun's skin had basically recovered to normal. Although it was not very rosy, it was no longer pale to the point of being transparent.

Soong Ningyu called Mu Jin and July to help carry Mu Qianxun back to the bed and instructed the servants to start brewing the medicinal porridge.

These were the medicinal formulas that Mu Qianxun had once eaten. She remembered that when Mu Jin heard Soong Ningyu's instructions to the servants, his eyes were gentle and he spoke in detail to every point. His originally worried face revealed a trace of a smile. It was the fortune of the young miss to be able to recognize Soong Ningyu and befriend her in this lifetime.

After Mu Qianxun was restrained, she stood up and pulled Soong Ningyu, who was about to wipe Mu Qianxun's body, and said solemnly, "Young miss, you go and rest now. "

That tone even had a hint of an order which made Soong Ningyu slightly stunned. She smiled and said. "What is it? This expression suddenly. . . Did someone bully you?"

"Miss. " In the past when Soong Ningyu said this, July would definitely rebut with a red face but this time her expression was unprecedentedly serious. She looked at Soong Ningyu without blinking her eyes," Today you must rest. Previously it was because of Miss Qianxun's illness and you cannot leave. But now, Miss Qianxun has recovered, you. . . "

"Ningyu. . . " A soft and indifferent voice sounded. Although it was soft, July stopped talking because the person who spoke was Mu Qianxun.

Soong Ningyu's eyes lit up when she heard this voice and a smile appeared on her face. Just as she was about to go and take a good look at Mu Qianxun, her vision suddenly turned black and her entire body softly fell down.

"Miss!" July quickly stretched out her hand and panickedly wanted to catch Soong Ningyu.

"Ningyu!" Mu Qianxun had just opened her eyes when she saw this scene. When she saw this scene, she propped her body up and wanted to get up but in the end, she was carefully supported by Mu Jin.

A purple figure flashed slightly and pulled Soong Ningyu into his embrace in July's hands.

A clear and moist aura filled the room. Mu Qianxun saw Gong Zilin, who was wearing a purple-gold robe, hugging Soong Ningyu in his arms and her brows slightly knitted. Immediately, she let out a sigh of relief and said in a voice that was short of breath, "She is too tired and needs to rest. "

"Got it. " His purple robe fluttered in the air. Unlike the red and flamboyant, the purple color was even more dignified. But when he wore it, coupled with that world-shaking demonic face, it made July feel a trace of coldness, just like the first time she saw him.

Mu Qianxun looked at July's stunned look and smiled slightly. She said, "Don't worry. He won't hurt her. "

After saying that, she looked in the direction where Gong Zilin carried Soong Ningyu and was lost in thought. He showed her feelings that she had never seen before. That was worry, right?

Worry about Ningyu? Married for a day's wife?

Mu Qianxun's eyes were somewhat blurred and then, her drifting gaze suddenly became firm. She looked at Mu Ge and said, "Prepare the meal. "

Mu Jin looked at his young miss and replied, "Young miss has already instructed to do it. Alright, I will bring it over. "

Mu Qianxun nodded. She always thought of everything. She had always known about it but this time, she did not think of it.

Thinking of what happened before, Mu Qianxun's eyes became cold and her voice was even colder. "This year, I have been too gentle to them. It made them even more impudent. "

When Mu Qianxun said this, Mu Jin and July could clearly feel that the temperature in the room had dropped by more than a little bit. They looked at each other and shook their bodies.

In Green Forest Courtyard, Gong Zilin placed Soong Ningyu on the bed and Ziyan followed behind. When she saw her, she immediately ordered her daughter to boil water. Currently, Soong Ningyu's appearance was not very good. There was a faint smell of sweat on her clothes and the makeup on her face was yellow and white. She looked like a cat.

"I will get someone to clean her up. " Ziyan looked at Gong Zilin. Her voice was natural when talking to friends and did not have the slightest bit of shyness.

Gong Zilin suddenly turned his head and looked at Ziyan with burning eyes. He said in a deep voice, "Does she look like her?"

Ziyan looked at him and sighed slightly. She said, "Zilin, you have to understand that she is not her. "

"I know. " Gong Zilin frowned and took a deep look at Soong Ningyu who was on the bed with a tired face. He turned around and left. His purple robe swayed under the sunlight.

Ziyan looked at Gong Zilin's back as he left and turned back to look at Soong Ningyu who was on the bed with her eyes tightly closed. Her gaze drifted and she whispered. "You and her are really alike. I also miss her very much. But, you are not her after all. . . "

That whisper sounded like a sigh, but also like pity. It contained too many emotions. If Soong Ningyu was awake, perhaps she would have thought it through clearly. But at this moment, she was unconscious and did not sense the surrounding environment.

After the lass sent the water over, Ziyan instructed the lass to tidy Soong Ningyu up properly. Looking at the tidied up face, it was exquisite. It was clean and had traces of spirit. Her eyebrows were like a painting, long eyelashes like a fan. A shadow was cast on its jade-like skin, and its nose perfectly separated its eyes. Before seeing Soong Ningyu, Ziyan thought that Gong Zilin's facial features were the most exquisite. But after seeing Soong Ningyu, she understood that Gong Zilin was the ultimate beauty.

As for Soong Ningyu, she was a pure and exquisite combination of facial features. Every stroke seemed to have been meticulously carved. The more, the more. The less, the more. The first thing that one saw was not beauty, but the kind of comfort that moistened one's heart, making one involuntarily want to get close to her.

What kind of transparent face was this?

Looking at Soong Ningyu's transparent face, Ziyan was stunned. The aura of the Azure Forest seemed to have become lighter all of a sudden.

"Ziyan. " A cold voice sounded in the room and Ziyan's originally stunned expression instantly disappeared. She turned her head to look at the dark figure behind her and frowned slightly, "Why are you here? Didn't the Lord ask you to investigate the news of the Imperial Palace?"

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