Conceited Advisor Princess/C2 The Gong Residence
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Conceited Advisor Princess/C2 The Gong Residence
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C2 The Gong Residence

It's not that she thinks highly of herself, but as the daughter of Grand Preceptor Soong, she started learning poetry, etiquette, behavior. . . These things were deeply rooted in her bones. Therefore, no matter what she dressed up like, just a glance at her temperament was not something an ordinary person could imitate.

"Yes, young master!" The man standing closest to Soong Ningyu nodded respectfully. Stepping forward, he was about to walk towards Soong Ningyu when Soong Ningyu frowned. Immediately, he took a step back without a trace and a smile appeared on his peerlessly handsome face. She looked at Gong Zilin and said, "I never thought that the richest man in the world would be so reluctant to give up on this little girl. It's just that. . . Don't you understand the price of marrying me?"

As she spoke, Soong Ningyu's eyes turned cold. She knew that there was always someone secretly watching her, but she was just a girl. Unable to find their location, she originally thought that. . . He understood that the Imperial Decree was just a trick. She originally thought that. . . He would not care if the person he married was her. It was just to deal with the Imperial Decree. . . She escaped, he should be satisfied. . .

The smile on Gong Zilin's face was as beautiful as ever, but it didn't reach the bottom of his eyes.

Soong Ningyu seemed to have thought of something when she saw the unknown expression in Gong Zilin's eyes. She opened her eyes slightly and her eyelashes trembled slightly. In just an instant, she withdrew her expression. Her handsome and gentle face was cold. After giving Gong Zilin a deep look, she waved her sleeve, which was outlined with a green lotus. She turned around and walked towards the direction of the wedding procession.

Her thin red lips parted slightly and a clear and lively voice sounded in the alley, "July, come with me to get married. "

Feng stood behind Soong Ningyu, but from the moment Soong Ningyu spoke to the moment she turned around and left, He did not raise his head to look at him. If it was an ordinary person, they would have revealed a trace of anger because of such disregard. However, on his handsome and fair face. . . He was still as cold as ever, as if nothing had ever happened. He raised his head and looked at Gong Zilin, as if he was seeking his opinion.

Gong Zilin seemed to have expected Soong Ningyu's reaction. He raised his delicate chin and understood what was going on. Immediately, he turned around. He followed three steps away from Soong Ningyu.

Gong Zilin looked at Soong Ningyu's back and removed the silkpants expression on his face. His handsome face turned serious and his eyes revealed a probing look.

This girl seemed to be difficult to control, and he was using her. Was it right or wrong?

Shaking his head slightly, Gong Zilin said in a deep voice, "Let's go. "

In the blink of an eye, his red clothes fluttered and flew away like butterflies. However, those black clothes gradually disappeared from where they were, as if they had never appeared before.

"Second Aunt, Second Aunt!" In the courtyard that was like a palace, the tea flowers bloomed vigorously, and as the sound rang out, the tea flowers' petals trembled. It could be seen just how shocking this sound was.

In the main room of the courtyard, a woman was leaning on the bed by the window. Her figure was so exquisite that it made the woman envious and made the man look straight at her. She wore an exquisite cyan robe and the snow white lotus flowers on her clothes seemed to be real. It was as if the fragrance was overflowing.

Hearing the voice, the woman raised her head slightly. The sunlight scattered outside the window and reflected on her skin, which was as white as snow. A pair of phoenix eyes that were pointed upwards revealed a sparkling luster as her red lips hooked up. Fang Hua's charm made one unable to look straight at her.

When the servant girl who had barged into the room saw this scene, she was immediately stunned. Her eyes were wide open as she stared blankly at the woman, forgetting about her actions.

The woman blinked her eyes slightly. Seeing that the young maidservant, who was originally quick-witted, had forgotten to move, she couldn't help but laugh. Her red lips parted slightly. "Mu Jin, what's the matter?"

Her voice was like the clear cry of a phoenix, and it was like a pearl falling down from the sky. It was soft and delicate, but it instantly jolted Mu Jin back to her senses. Immediately, her intelligent eyes blinked as she exclaimed, "Ah, Second Aunt. . . "

Before Mu Jin could finish, the gong and drum sound that seemed to pierce through the sky gradually rang out. When the person on the bed heard this sound, her face that was so beautiful that no one dared to look at her in the eyes instantly changed. She sat up from the bed and the long robe that she was wearing slid down, revealing the tight red wine floral dress that she was wearing.

"She's already here?" Second aunt's clear voice revealed a trace of urgency and even a trace of trembling.

When Mu Jin heard that voice, a trace of regret flashed across her face. Then, she nodded her head and said with a serious expression, "Yes, she's here. The various aunties have already gone to the door to wait for her. "

The second aunt's eyes turned cold. A light flashed in her eyes, and she quickly got up, put on her shoes, and walked out. Her clear voice carried a trace of coldness. "They really can't wait. "

Mu Jin followed closely behind. Her small face revealed a trace of coldness, and her intelligent eyes looked straight ahead.

At the entrance of the mansion, almost all the servants were waiting there. All of them were wearing top-quality clothes that ordinary people wouldn't be able to touch in their lifetime.

The silks on the women were even the best of the best. The silks were flowing with silver light under the sunlight, and they were cut beautifully and appropriately. When they were worn, it showed the characteristics of every one of them. The beauty had a thousand colors, and the long dress had a thousand colors. They each had their own unique traits.

In the distance on the street, the people who were greeting the bride revealed themselves. The women who were waiting at the entrance of the residence all revealed a trace of vigilance on their exquisite and charming faces. They looked at the sedan that was paved with purple gold and jade with unfriendly eyes.

"This princess's marriage is really different. When young master married us, no one had such extravagance. " A woman dressed in an emerald green dress tugged at her clothes. Her watery eyes swept across the approaching purple jade palanquin. Her lips, which were smeared with light powder, curled up slightly. Her envious and unwilling appearance was a hundred percent complete.

"Little sister, she is a princess and the Emperor personally bestowed a marriage. How can a commoner like us compare. . . " A pair of sparkling and smooth hands caressed the woman's shoulder as if to comfort her. However, the disdain in her eyes was not concealed at all.

The few ladies' voices were like spring water as they began to discuss in detail. A few servants by the side looked at the appearance of the few ladies and there seemed to be a smile in their eyes. However, upon closer inspection, there was nothing at all.

At the stone lion residence at the main entrance of the residence, Soong Ningyu was still dressed in a male outfit. Her eyes were as clear as the morning sun as she watched the actions of the girls at the main entrance. Her expression was calm.

The servant girl who followed by the side was also the same as before. Looking at her young miss's calm appearance, she was not as calm as before. Her brows were almost knitted together. After enduring for a long time, she still could not bear it any longer and opened her mouth to speak. "Young Miss, didn't you come back to get married? Why are you hiding here?"

Soong Ningyu did not reply when she heard this. She only heard a cold voice. "July, how long have you been following me?"

July's glasses, which were originally big, were now even wider. She blinked in confusion and replied, "It has been ten years, Miss. "

"Yeah, it's been ten years. If you hadn't said that, I would have thought that you were the girl I was about to come to. " While they were talking, the sedan made of purple gold and jade had already stopped in front of Gong Zilin's mansion, the home of the richest man in the world.

Soong Ningyu raised her foot at the same time and looked calmly at the women with hostile expressions at the entrance of the mansion. She walked step by step towards the mansion.

Women should not be sad if they married wrongly. If they married wrongly, they would still have to struggle. That was the most regrettable thing.

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