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C3 Not Worthy

He didn't have the heart to tell her the moment she saw him, that there was no love in his eyes, so she knew that his rumor was that he was putting on a show and there was no credibility.

Therefore, she was willing to marry him and bet that he would not touch her.

After looking at the women at the door, she was even more certain of her thoughts. Her handsome face in male clothing revealed a trace of a smile. If he had really touched them and said sweet words to them, they would not be standing there anxiously and waiting to argue with the princess.

When July heard Soong Ningyu's words, her eyes suddenly widened. Then, she quickly withdrew her gaze. After lowering her head slightly, she quickly followed Soong Ningyu's footsteps. There was no longer the worry and uncertainty on her face. There was only coldness on her face. It seemed that she was somewhat similar to Soong Ningyu.

Wind, who was ordered by Gong Zilin to escort Soong Ningyu back, stood on the other side. When he saw this scene, his pupils shrank. However, he did not say anything and left with an expressionless face.

Soong Ningyu's footsteps did not stop, as if she did not feel that July was standing behind her.

At this moment, the entrance of the mansion was bustling with noise and excitement. A few women were surrounding the purple jade palanquin. Their eyes were unfriendly, but their faces were full of smiles.

. . . "This is the custom of the young master's family. When a man marries, he must wait inside the house. The women in the house will welcome the bride. I hope the princess doesn't mind. " The pink-clothed female bowed to Ying Ying. Her pink and smooth face slightly drooped. Her submissive appearance was truly more lovable than a flower.

The woman in the emerald-green dress blinked her eyes. Her watery eyes flashed and she said with a smile, "Ziyue, Ziyue, please forgive me. There was no such thing as a princess. If the Emperor marries her, won't she be the elder sister?"

Soong Ningyu who was walking over immediately raised her brows when she heard these words and the corner of her mouth curled up. This little girl, she had not even done anything and she had already started to make her feel uncomfortable? She said that she was a woman that the Emperor bestowed a marriage upon to be able to marry out?

The eyes of the few girls turned slightly as they clearly understood these words. But no one spoke. Instead, they covered their lips and the corners of their mouths mocked lightly.

"Lvluo, disaster comes from the mouth. If you want to try the iron hook silver thread with your mouth, you might as well continue. " A cold and graceful voice came from the mansion.

This voice caused the smile on Soong Ningyu's lips to freeze and her footsteps could not help but pause.

Raising her eyes, a dark red figure floated out from the mansion. That charming and enchanting person made Soong Ningyu's eyes instantly turn red.

"Mu. . . "

Before Soong Ningyu could finish her words, Lvluo coldly snorted and said disdainfully, "Mu Qianxun, don't think highly of yourself just because young master pampers you. I. . . "

"Shut up!" The voice that was so cold that it made people's hearts tremble instantly froze the scene. Lvluo's heart trembled even more. Even if she stood beside the ice, it would not make her feel cold from the inside out.

At the entrance of the mansion. Mu Qianxun's phoenix eyes were filled with the appearance of a young master and there was nothing else.

At this moment, Soong Ningyu's eyes were slightly red as she looked coldly at Lvluo.

Originally she did not plan to make a sound and let them fight over the beauty and cause chaos. What did it have to do with her? It was just that she had appeared.

She had appeared at a place that should not have appeared.

"I'm still here. When did a concubine like you make a sound?" With an intense dignity, an ice-cold aura pressed down on Lvluo.

She did not have any martial arts. This aura was a temperament that she had nurtured since young. It was cold, clean, yet distant.

Dressed in a dark green robe, It made her body, which was dressed in men's clothing, even more slender.

Lvluo's entire body trembled as she turned her gaze towards her. When she saw that she was dressed in men's clothing, she was slightly stunned. All the servants present were stunned.

Their gazes were all on Soong Ningyu and their eyeballs almost popped out. What was going on? It was the female's voice that was not wrong. It was a clear and cold female voice but why was it dressed like this?

Perhaps it was because of Soong Ningyu's imposing manner just now. At this moment, under the main doors of the Gong Residence, there was silence. Even the sound of gongs and drums quietened down as they looked at Soong Ningyu.

"You. . . " Ziyue looked at Soong Ningyu who was dressed in men's clothing and her eyes flashed.

"It is me, how about it?" She tilted her head slightly and her clear eyes swept towards Ziyue, causing Ziyue's pupils to shrink but she was unable to speak. There was no longer the graceful posture from before.

Looking indifferently at the surroundings and seeing that no one was speaking, Soong Ningyu then walked step by step towards Mu Qianxun. Seeing the faint smile on the corner of her mouth, her eyes turned red again and her red lips moved slightly. "If I knew that you were here earlier, why would I need to escape the marriage?"

Mu Qianxun lightly laughed and her eyes were slightly worried but it was still enchanting, making all the flowers lose their faces.

"Second Miss. " Behind Mu Qianxun, Mu Jin smiled as he gave Soong Ningyu her luggage but Soong Ningyu's eyes were red as she glared at her and said, "Don't pretend to be obedient with me. I will settle the score with you when we go back. "

This sentence made Mu Jin's pair of eyes continuously blink towards July and his eyes were filled with pleading and resentment. July still lowered her head and automatically ignored Mu Jin's cry for help.

It had been a long time since she saw this expression of her young miss. Ever since Qianxun disappeared, her young miss had been very cold. She really did not expect to meet them here.

"What is the matter with all the beauties? Why haven't you welcomed my wife into the house yet?" A clear and languid voice suddenly sounded. At this time when she heard this voice, Soong Ningyu's brows slightly knitted as she looked at Mu Qianxun whose expression did not change at all.

She did not understand why Mu Qianxun would appear in the Gong Residence and what kind of identity she had. But she would definitely understand these things. So now was really not the time to reminisce about old times.

Soong Ningyu raised her eyes and was just about to speak when she saw Lvluo pass by her with tears flowing down her face. She then buried her head into the arms of the monstrous genius in red robe, Gong Zilin. She sobbed and complained, "Young master, she, she actually started to scold me even before she entered the room dressed like this. I. . . "

Soong Ningyu's eyes were calm as she looked at her crying and making a fuss. Mu Qianxun's eyes also did not look straight and just looked at her. Her footsteps slightly moved and she took a step closer to Soong Ningyu.

At almost the same time, Soong Ningyu stretched out her right hand and wrapped Mu Qianxun's entire body into her embrace.

Everyone's attention was on Lvluo so they did not notice their movements. A few of them inadvertently saw but their eyes instantly became strange. Only Mu Jin and July saw this scene and their eyes became slightly wet.

Mu Qianxun's body was weak since she was young and she did not stand for long so she was lying on the bed at the start. The reason why she came out was because she knew that it was Soong Ningyu or else she would not be meddling.

After the commotion just now, her body was naturally tired. Since they were young, when they were together, Mu Qianxun must have leaned into Soong Ningyu's embrace. This action. . . It almost became their subconscious action. Mu Qianxun moved. Soong Ningyu could understand where she felt uncomfortable and what she needed to do. Even though she had disappeared for more than a year, she still did not forget.

When Gong Zilin saw their actions, his pupils contracted. The frivolous smile on his face did not change. He pushed Lvluo out of his embrace without leaving a trace. He walked to Soong Ningyu's side and reached out to touch her head. He said, "This is a wedding dress that I specially customized for the princess. I thought you guys would like it. What a pity. "

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