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Lvluo's tears fell halfway and hung on her face. When she saw Soong Ningyu's elegant young master appearance, she immediately cried. It was not like she was laughing. It was actually a wedding dress personally made by young master?

Ziyue was stunned for a moment before she recovered her senses and smiled. "I was wondering why the princess's wedding dress would be so different. It turns out that it was made by the young master. It is really no wonder. There really is only one person in the world. "

"Young Master Wushuang!" Suddenly, all the servants shouted and bowed slightly at the same time. Soong Ningyu squinted her eyes when she saw this.

If she did not know that this was the richest man in the world, she would even think that the Emperor had gone out.

This kind of extravagance and these qualities of these servants. . . Her eyes looked at Gong Zilin with a trace of probing.

It was said that this man was frivolous and his words were frivolous. That's right, it seemed to be this man. However, from the way she interacted with him, some of his actions and words made her feel that he was distant.

This type of feeling was very light, but she had a habit of believing in her own feelings, more than believing in her own eyes.

The Emperor had once said that her heart had one more aperture than dry, so he let her marry Gong Zilin for the sake of telling him about Gong Zilin's matter. Only by grasping his soft spot would he be able to use it.

So she wanted to escape, but she did not expect that she would not be able to escape in the dark. It seemed that this Gong Residence was her home.

Looking at Mu Qianxun in her arms, Soong Ningyu sighed in her heart and looked at the perfect artificial garden in the Gong Residence.

Because of the wedding, the entire Gong Residence was bright red. Under the sunlight, it was enchanting but Soong Ningyu's eyes were cold.

Initially, she thought that this was just a plot by the Emperor. But now that she thought about it, she really could not be sure who had schemed against who.

"Mu Jin, send your young miss back to the house. " Soong Ningyu came back to her senses and said to Mu Jin.

Mu Jin hurriedly nodded his head and immediately grabbed Mu Qianxun's hand and was about to send her back to the place she came from. Seeing Mu Jin's appearance, Mu Qianxun slightly curled her lips and turned her head to look at Soong Ningyu, indicating for her to be careful. After getting Soong Ningyu's slightly picky gaze, she smiled and followed Mu Jin back quietly.

Soong Ningyu looked at Mu Qianxun's back view and was stunned for a moment. It had been a long time since she saw her quiet back view.

"Why is she here?" Soong Ningyu's eyes were still looking at Mu Qianxun's back until her figure disappeared on the path in the garden. Only then did she look at Gong Zilin and ask.

Her gaze was very unfriendly. Mu Qianxun was Lord Mu's daughter and also his only daughter. When she went missing a year ago, Lord Mu practically flipped the entire Tanhcheng three times. Brother Mu did not sleep nor rest until he finally collapsed onto the road.

They cared about her, cared about her, and cared about her too. However, she could not let herself cry. She could not let herself be willful. Endure it for a year.

A year could be said to be very short but ever since Mu Qianxun disappeared, Grandfather Hou Manor had become desolate. Soong Ningyu also did not go out and even became cold and did not laugh anymore.

All of this only happened in the blink of an eye. It was all because of Mu Qianxun.

And now, in this once in a lifetime rich family, she actually saw Mu Qianxun, the person that made them think about her.

It was absolutely impossible to not suspect. However, she couldn't ask her because she understood her. In the past, she thought that something had happened to her, but the moment she saw her, she knew that Mu Qianxun had chosen to leave by herself, and no one forced her to do so.

But she did not say anything, so she definitely would not tell her the reason, so she could only ask him.

Gong Zilin smiled lightly and stretched out his hand to pull Soong Ningyu into his embrace. He said teasingly, "What is the wife asking? Why can't I understand?"

Soong Ningyu's clear eyes suddenly widened. Looking at the face that suddenly enlarged in front of her, she felt helpless.

He did not want to do this at all. One could tell from the trace of rejection in his eyes, but he still did it. Was he putting on a show?

His eyes shrank slightly and then revealed a smile. He wrapped his arms around his waist and felt his body under the wide coat stiffen. Then, he whispered in his ear, "If you want to put on a show, I will accompany you. Tell me why Qianxun is here. "

Gong Zilin's body was still stiff, but the smile on his face didn't change. The expression in his eyes changed, and he said in a mocking tone, "My wife, I am so happy. Why don't you skip the wedding ceremony and go straight to the bridal chamber?"

Soong Ningyu didn't expect Gong Zilin to answer like this. She was stunned for a moment. Before she could recover, the scenery in front of her changed. Gong Zilin actually lifted her up and jumped straight into the palace!

Although she really wanted to try the Lightness Skill, it definitely wasn't in such a way! Enraged, Soong Ningyu's beautiful face stood up. She angrily shouted. "Gong Zilin!"

When July saw that her young lady had been carried away, she immediately blinked her glasses and swept her gaze across the people around her. When she saw that the few women were staring at them with resentment, but no one made a sound, she immediately cried out in surprise and quickly chased after them.

"Big Sis, look, Young Master has never treated us like this before!" Lvluo's tears had stopped but now they could not help but flow down. Her appearance was really like a weeping flower with rain, making people feel pity for her.

The person called Eldest Sister raised her head slightly, revealing a pair of calm eyes. Her light purple long dress dragged the floor, and her smooth skin was slightly transparent under the sunlight. Her slightly pink face was extremely beautiful.

She only saw her lightly sweeping a glance at Lvluo. She said lightly. "She is a princess, so it is only natural that Young Master treats her special. If Young Master is special to you, he naturally needs to let Young Master see you. Alright, since there is no need to pay homage, then all of you can leave. "

Waving his hand, he dismissed the servant and the wedding procession. He turned around and slightly waved his light purple long dress. His eyes inadvertently swept over Lvluo's body, his figure that was far away graceful.

Ziyue and Lvluo landed at the back together. They looked at each other and seemed to have thought of something. At the same time, their eyes lit up and they both chased in the direction where Gong Zilin and Soong Ningyu left.

The wind was blowing and Soong Ningyu could only hear the whistling sound. She consciously grabbed Gong Zilin's clothes and closed her eyes.

"I thought Princess Ningyu was not afraid of anything. " A slightly cold voice sounded by her ear and Soong Ningyu's hand slightly tightened but her eyes were closed as she mocked. "I thought that the richest man in the world is really arrogant. "

Her tone was also cold and she was not willing to back down.

If she did not meet Mu Qianxun, she would have planned to escape. But now, she needed to know why Mu Qianxun was here, what happened in this year, and what the purpose of this man's appearance was.

"Soong Ningyu, did anyone tell you that women are too smart and cause people to dislike them?" Gong Zilin stopped in a courtyard and very naturally pushed Soong Ningyu out of his embrace.

Soong Ningyu did not notice it for a moment and was pushed by Gong Zilin. She staggered a few steps before she stood up. She raised her eyes and glanced at Gong Zilin. She ignored the darkness on his face at this moment and turned around to look at the courtyard behind him.

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