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C5 Purple Smoke

Outside the courtyard was a stone wall, only half the height of a person. The stone wall was planted with Garuda, a thin and tiny one. From afar, it looked like a green waterfall decorated with fine flowers, and everything was clear and peaceful.

The inside of the courtyard wall was filled with bamboo. It was originally a small object for ornamental purposes. For some reason, there was an entire flowerbed here.

Looking at the emerald green in front of her eyes, Song Ningyu's eyes flashed and said, "It was planted by Qianxun, right?"

It was an affirmative tone because she was sure that it was definitely done by Mu Qianxun.

When Gong Zilin heard this, he saw her lower body gently caressing the bamboo and his eyes unconsciously jumped.

This courtyard was called Qinglin. It was the courtyard that Mu Qianxun requested for Princess Ningyu the night before his marriage. Originally he did not understand why but now he seemed to understand. It was only because of the telepathy.

There were countless flowers and plants in the entire courtyard. Bamboo and literature only accounted for a small portion. There were many flowers and plants that were more precious than bamboo. In fact, they were even rarer. No one in the Tanhcheng had ever seen them before. For example, there was a beautiful red flower at the entrance of the courtyard. It didn't have many petals. However, the blooming flower was like a beauty stretching out her arms. A stamen of flower extended out. It was as if no one revealed their appearance due to shyness. The jade green long stem of the flower perfectly displayed the beauty's elegance.

Such a flower was beautiful. But what entered her eyes was actually the same as Qianxun, that bush of bamboo.

This was the thing that he paid the least attention to.

"Yes. " For some reason, he answered. The moment he opened his mouth, even Gong Zilin himself was stunned. It had been a long time since he had spoken in such a simple manner.

Soong Ningyu faintly raised her head and looked at him. She slowly stood up and looked at the bamboo on the ground. She said in a deep voice, "Young Master Gong, I don't care what you want to do. I won't interfere with you. However, I hope you won't hide what I want to know from me. "

Gong Zilin looked at Soong Ningyu who was looking at him solemnly in a male outfit and the corner of his mouth immediately curled up. Just now, he didn't know why his usual frivolous attitude would change because of her, but from now on, he wouldn't. So when he heard Soong Ningyu's words, he took two steps towards him. He smiled lightly and said, "What does wife mean by this? Did I make you feel strange?"

Soong Ningyu watched him approach and took an extremely unnatural step back.

He was indeed able to shoulder the responsibility of being peerless in the world. Especially when he smiled, it made people unable to look away. However, this was like a poppy he had seen before. It was beautiful, but poisonous.

"Gong Zilin, you don't need to play dumb with me. Even if you can hide it from everyone in the world, you can't hide it from me. " Soong Ningyu looked at Gong Zilin and just looked at him indifferently. She did not beg or threaten him.

A cool breeze passed by, bringing with it the fragrance of flowers. The beauty red was even more enchanting in the wind. Looking at Soong Ningyu's serious look, Gong Zilin laughed out loud from the bottom of his heart. There was no need to lie because he could see it clearly in front of Soong Ningyu.

Gong Zilin had never felt so relaxed before. Although Soong Ningyu looked at him coldly and did not have the slightest feeling of intimacy, for some reason, Soong Ningyu like this wanted him to get closer than Lvluo and the others.

Seeing Gong Zilin's smile, Soong Ningyu's brows knitted and became even more vigilant. Intuition told her that this man was very dangerous and definitely not as harmless as he looked on the surface.

"Young Master, Young Master! Not good, Ziyue fell into the water!" Lvluo's pear like appearance appeared in front of Soong Ningyu once again. She saw that she was carrying her emerald-green dress and quickly ran towards Gong Zilin. Her eyes were verdant and delicate.

The pure smile on Gong Zilin's face instantly disappeared. Before Lvluo came in front of him, he changed into a stunned expression. He waved his big red sleeve and immediately rushed out anxiously, "What happened? Why did Ziyue suddenly fall into the water?"

The moment he rushed out, the big red sleeve actually blocked Lvluo's embrace. It was so perfect. If it was anyone else who saw this scene, they might think that it was a coincidence. Gong Zilin was too worried about Ziyue that this kind of situation would occur.

But in Soong Ningyu's view, that was exactly the same. If it was not deliberately calculated, how could it be so perfect?

When Lvluo saw this scene, she seemed to only be stunned for a moment. She glared at Soong Ningyu, then turned around and chased after Gong Zilin. Soong Ningyu coldly looked at their backs as Lvluo desperately chased after Gong Zilin's footsteps. But Gong Zilin was always a step faster than Lvluo, making Lvluo's hands always dance in the air. No matter how hard she tried, she could not touch his sleeves.

With a low sigh, Soong Ningyu turned around and planned to enter the courtyard to take a good look. If there was no other scheme besides this place, the entire courtyard would fit her heart very well, it would be very quiet.

Ever since she was young, she had always liked peace and Mu Qianxun knew about this matter. So the moment she entered the courtyard, she understood that this place was specially prepared for her. She knew that his bride would be her.

"Princess Ningyu. " A cold voice came from behind Soong Ningyu with a trace of disdain. It was very soft but Soong Ningyu could still hear it. She immediately turned her head and looked at the person who came.

A light purple long dress hung down from her waist and she wore a white long robe on her upper body. It covered her smooth arms and her ink-like long hair was tied into a ponytail. A purple jade carving was inserted into his ear, other than this little thing. . . His entire head was clean, and his face looked so pure that it could be seen at first glance. Especially his eyebrows, and his slightly raised lips. She was a beauty in clear water.

Soong Ningyu watched her walk step by step and did not say anything. Her heart was slightly cold.

You want to use your aura with her? In this world, there was no one who could show her strength in terms of aura. It was also impossible for this woman to do so.

It was just that this Gong Residence was really not a good place. Since we haven't come in yet, These women are looking for trouble one by one. . . They were all jealous. Gong Zilin couldn't even manage these women all day long. Would he have time to do anything else?

Soong Ningyu's heart was filled with thoughts, but her face was still cold as she watched the woman approach.

"I heard that the Emperor's Grand Preceptor Soong's daughter, since she was young, has always been full of sincerity and understanding of the secular world. . . Is that right?" The woman smiled at Soong Ningyu with a faint smile, and her eyes stared intently at Soong Ningyu.

Soong Ningyu blinked noncommittally and did not say anything. The woman looked at Soong Ningyu's appearance and was not angry either. She circled Soong Ningyu up and down and sized her up. She smiled faintly and continued, "I guess there are some discrepancies. Otherwise, how could she explain her attire?"

Soong Ningyu looked up at the sky. The tiny sunlight was warm and spread across her face. It was emitting a trace of sacred golden light and her clear and delicate face was even more sacred.

Seeing that Soong Ningyu did not have any reaction, the girl's eyes slightly flashed. She wanted to say something but was interrupted by Soong Ningyu before she could say anything. She tilted her head slightly and looked at the woman with her clear eyes. She laughed lightly, "Ziyan, right? You don't have to put your mind on dealing with me. If you feel uneasy. . . Why don't you go and find your young master? I will let you do whatever you want. As long as you can keep his heart. "

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