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C6 A Lot of Money

After she finished speaking, Soong Ningyu turned around and planned to enter the house to take a look at the environment. Before she could do anything, she heard Ziyan's voice once again, "Do you think that Young Master values you very much? That was just acting!"

Acting? Soong Ningyu's clear eyes instantly looked at Ziyan and her face was slightly shocked.

It was not because of this news that she was shocked. She naturally knew that Gong Zilin was putting on a show. But how did Ziyan understand? She was also putting on a show with him?

Ziyan did not understand what Soong Ningyu was thinking and saw her shocked expression. The corner of her mouth immediately curled up and revealed an expression that she already knew. Her phoenix eyes carried a smile as she gently said, "The person that young master loves the most is Mu Qianxun. I also saw with my own eyes that Young Master spent a lot of money for Mu Qianxun, taking care of her without sleep or rest. So. . . He is definitely putting on a show right now. It is just to deal with the Emperor's Imperial Decree. "

All of Ziyan's words were said in one sentence but after hearing these words, She did not see through Gong Zilin's disguise but purely wanted to tell her some things to make her feel indignant.

If a husband was a woman of heaven and earth, marrying a husband would be everything. Naturally, she would not be satisfied. However, she was Soong Ningyu. Even though she was schemed by her elder sister, she did not have any complaints, so she naturally would not do so now.

Therefore, in Ziyan's view, Soong Ningyu's expression from the initial shock slowly calmed down. This kind of change made her frown slightly and became silent.

The calm and serene wind drifted and the two of them suddenly quietened down. For a moment, it was as if only the sound of the wind could be heard.

After a long time, Soong Ningyu smiled and looked at the bamboo chair in the courtyard. She said, "You are his person right? Has anyone told you that your acting is really not perfect?"

Finished speaking, she lifted her eyes to look at Ziyan and a trace of a playful smile hung on the corner of her lips. She turned around and walked towards the courtyard.

Ziyan who was standing at the same place looked at the trace of playfulness on Soong Ningyu's lips and her pupils contracted as a trace of surprise appeared in her eyes.

Immediately, her eyes flashed and she lifted her head to the air and said softly, "Tell Young Master that this woman is transparent. It is true. "

The air seemed to tremble slightly. Ziyan once again took a deep look at the direction Soong Ningyu left in and turned around to leave.

After she left, Soong Ningyu's figure slowly appeared from behind the door. Her eyes were slightly cold and the hands in her sleeves were tightly clenched.

She had been enduring from the beginning. Gong Zilin was willing to spend a lot of money for Mu Qianxun? Why? She and Mu Qianxun were childhood sweethearts and naturally knew that Mu Qianxun did not know Gong Zilin before. Then why did he spend a lot of money for her? And for what reason did he spend so much money?

She thought that Mu Qianxun's disappearance was because of Mu Qianxun herself, but now it seemed that there were more secrets. Did she miss out on something and neglected something?

Just as Soong Ningyu's brows were tightly knitted, July's voice suddenly came over. She was panting heavily and had a trace of anxiety, "Miss, it is bad! That, that Aunt Ziyue fell into the water and was rescued. . . She, she. . . "

"What does her relationship with me have to do with her?" Soong Ningyu looked at July and there was a trace of helplessness in her eyes. Since when did her lass not understand her?

Hearing Soong Ningyu's words, Ziyue shook her head and took a deep breath as she quickly said. "She said that it was Miss Qianxun who pushed her into the water. Miss Qianxun admitted it and Young Master Gong will punish Miss Qianxun now!"

"Punish?" Soong Ningyu's pupils contracted. Mu Qianxun had been here for at least a year and from Ziyan's words, Gong Zilin should have treated her well but now he actually said he wanted to punish her? Who was the one punished?

July did not have many thoughts and did not think as much as Soong Ningyu. When she heard that Gong Zilin wanted to punish her, she immediately ran back and told Soong Ningyu. Her face was still full of worry. Mu Qianxun's body had always been sick and soft and did not have much strength. If she wanted to punish her now, she did not know what kind of illness she would become.

Seeing July stamp her feet anxiously but did not want to disturb her, Soong Ningyu immediately shook her head and said, "Alright. Let's go over. Since they have prepared a good show for me to play Ma Wei, I can't let them wait for nothing. "

Going down to Ma Wei? July's mind was somewhat unable to think straight, but when she saw the faint smile on Soong Ningyu's face, her originally worried heart unexpectedly calmed down.

Since the young miss felt that it was fine, then it was definitely fine. Since young, what the young miss said was the truth.

July had a kind of blind trust in Soong Ningyu, and the reason for this was that when they were ten years old, The Mu Family's young duke had made an appointment to go out to play, but Soong Ningyu looked at the rows of white clouds in the sky. She said it would rain, but she didn't want to go. Originally, they didn't believe it and said that it would dampen the mood, but in the end, the Mu family's young duke went to play. Soong Ningyu didn't say anything and kept insisting on what she thought. Later on, it actually began to rain. The Young Marquis and the others were all drenched and in a sorry state.

Since then, Soong Ningyu's words were revered like an imperial edict by July and the others. If Soong Ningyu said it was possible, then it was definitely possible. Even if it was not possible, she must have made a mistake. The result was definitely possible!

Just like now, July was following behind Soong Ningyu. She was walking slowly and following every step. She was no longer as anxious as before.

However, Soong Ningyu did not take a few steps forward before she suddenly stopped. She turned her head to look at July. July raised her eyes and blinked to ask what happened to Soong Ningyu.

Soong Ningyu looked at July's blinking and adorable look and really wanted to support her forehead but in the end, she sighed slightly and said, "I don't know the way. "

Just now, it was Gong Zilin who carried her in. Because of fear, she almost did not open her eyes. Now, she did not even know where Mu Qianxun and the rest were.

After listening to Soong Ningyu's words, July remembered and immediately ran to the front and started to lead the way for Soong Ningyu. Seeing July's awkward appearance, Soong Ningyu smiled slightly and looked at the verdant trees by the side.

Sometimes, being too clear would only add to one's worries. Like July, she did not want to think about anything. What she saw was always the simplest side. She lived a dull life. However, it might be much simpler and happier.

Along the way, Soong Ningyu followed July and made many turns. Her eyes were full of greenery. The entire palace seemed to be covered by greenery. The trees were a little red, some tall and some low. There were some that Soong Ningyu knew, and some that she did not know, but they were extremely beautiful.

Maybe they were almost there. July's footsteps began to speed up. Soong Ningyu's attention was pulled back from the trees. Her eyes were slightly restrained as she looked forward.

In front of them, they could already see a human figure. Soong Ningyu's eyes swept over and at this moment, Gong Zilin was in Lvluo's embrace. Mu Jin looked angrily at Ziyue who was completely drenched and held a person tightly in his embrace.

Because of the angle, Soong Ningyu could not see the person in Mu Jin's embrace but the person who could make Mu Jin reveal that kind of expression was naturally Mu Qianxun.

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