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Conceited Advisor Princess/C9 Wood Lotus Seed
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C9 Wood Lotus Seed

In an instant, Mu Jin's thoughts were like a wisp of red in a wooden bucket. It rose higher and higher, but it didn't mix with his emotions.

"Thank you, Second Miss. " All these thoughts floated past in an instant. Mu Jin looked at Soong Ningyu, knelt down respectfully, and solemnly kowtowed.

That solemn manner caused Soong Ningyu to be slightly stunned for a moment. Then, she said with a faint smile, "Actually, I also have the habit of storing Wood Lotus Seeds. It's just that these Wood Lotus Seeds are really too rare. I have been collecting them all this time. Until now, I only have these two. "

"No, Miss. From this moment on, Mu Jin will treat you the same way she treats her young miss. She will treat you the same way she treats you. She will treat you the same way she treats her young miss. She will never complain. She only wants to repay you for your sincerity. " Mu Jin's expression was unprecedentedly solemn. July looked at Mu Jin in a daze. Ever since she knew Mu Jin, she had felt that Mu Jin was a very special girl. There weren't many taboos between her and her young miss, but when something really happened. . . Mu Jin could really fight with her life on the line.

Such a girl actually wanted to treat her young miss like this.

Soong Ningyu looked at Mu Jin's serious expression and smiled indifferently. Her face that had already taken off her makeup revealed this smile. Not only did she not feel embarrassed at all, it made Mu Jin feel distant instead.

"I know. Everyone go out now. Guard the door and I will treat Qianxun. " When Soong Ningyu's words left her mouth, Mu Jin and July quickly brought a few servants out and closed the door. They did not stop at all.

In the room, Soong Ningyu gently took off Mu Qianxun's clothes, revealing her pale and transparent skin.

At this time, Mu Qianxun's body even had a reflective feeling, just like the reflection of ice. Seeing this kind of situation, Soong Ningyu frowned and did not think that it was already so serious. Immediately she increased the speed of her hands and took off all of Mu Qianxun's clothes before carrying Mu Qianxun into the wooden bucket.

Don't look at how Mu Qianxun and Soong Ningyu were about the same height, because of Mu Qianxun's illness, her weight was always very light and Soong Ningyu carrying her would not be strenuous to run.

Mu Qianxun's smooth and pale skin had just come into contact with the water when a poof sound instantly sounded out. It was as if someone was facing her. It was as if someone was blowing air into the water.

Bubbles rolled on the surface of the water, and the red satin in the wooden bucket seemed to have sensed something. It quickly twisted in the water as Mu Qianxun's body got lower and lower. The red thing twisted faster and faster, and when Mu Qianxun was completely immersed in the wooden bucket, The red thing instead quieted down and the twisting slowly became light. It was still leaning towards Mu Qianxun's side bit by bit.

Soong Ningyu looked at the situation and her expression did not change as if she had already expected it. She just quietly watched as her hands slowly massaged Mu Qianxun's body. After such a long time, Mu Qianxun's body had already stiffened and now Soong Ningyu could only use this kind of method to let Mu Qianxun's body relax.

Outside the room, Mu Jin and July stood on both sides of the door. After the servants brought hot water over, a person softly carried the hot water in and after putting the hot water down, he immediately left without any hesitation.

Time passed, and the sun gradually slanted. The setting sun seemed to be dyed in blood, and half of the sky was dyed red. Mu Jin and July, however, were completely unaware. They carefully paid attention to the situation in the room as they sent hot water into the room at the fastest speed possible.

In the room, Soong Ningyu had been kneeling by the wooden bucket to massage Mu Qianxun's entire body. Feeling that her skin was starting to recover its elasticity little by little, her heart relaxed a little. She raised her hand to wipe the sweat on her face and once again gave Mu Qianxun a light massage.

In the dark, a pair of pitch-black eyes had been staring at this place. To be more precise, it was staring at Soong Ningyu who was massaging Mu Qianxun. Unknowingly, there were more things in her eyes.

After an unknown amount of time, that pair of eyes in the dark seemed to have noticed something. It exited the room and landed in the dark of the courtyard. Even though it was in the dark, it could still see a trace of arrogance and loneliness.

Behind him, a black figure landed almost at the same time and respectfully said to that person: "Young master, we don't have that much silver in our treasury. All the Wood Lotus Seeds. . . "

"Who said that money must be used?" The clear and smooth voice was no longer as lazy and frivolous as it usually was. Instead, it carried a trace of coldness and cleanliness.

When the black shadow heard these words, the corners of his mouth twitched. Seeing that his own Mistress did not seem to be joking, he hurriedly lowered his head and replied: "Yes. "

The black shadow gradually dissipated and a soft debate sounded from afar. "How is it? I've already said that Mistress's intention is to not use any underhanded means. "

"Don't even mention it. Who would have thought that such a wise and divine person like Mistress would actually be like this. . . "

Hearing those voices, Gong Zilin's facial expression didn't change but his expression turned slightly cold. His voice also revealed a trace of threat. "Feng, Lei, do you want to make a trip to Si Shui?"

The sound of saliva being swallowed could be heard from the sky, but upon closer inspection, other than the sound of the wind blowing, there seemed to be no other sound.

Gong Zilin's gaze turned towards Mu Qianxun's room. That woman looked so similar to her, really so similar.

He wanted to take a step forward, but as he thought of something, his expression immediately changed. The corner of his mouth curled up, revealing a frivolous smile. He turned around and walked towards the door of the palace.

North of the city, outside a pavilion with a red sleeve fragrance. Gong Zilin had a face full of a foppish smile. He was carrying an enchanting woman with one hand. He walked into the penthouse and said some frivolous words to the outside. However, his eyes were fixed on a spot behind him. His hands were constantly caressing the two women's bodies. The two women were so reluctant that they wanted to reject him. They looked like they were unable to endure it.

Gong Zilin had just entered the attic when he was in an alley opposite the attic. A man in a tight suit slowly appeared. He looked at the attic with a pair of gloomy eyes. He made a hand gesture to the darkness, and then his body disappeared into the darkness again.

In the pavilion, Gong Zilin pointed at the sleeping point of the woman in his hand as soon as he entered. His frivolous expression faded, and a cold expression appeared on his face.

"Mountain. " As his clear and cold voice faded, a figure appeared at the same time, and stood respectfully in front of him.

Gong Zilin looked at him and said, "What's going on? Why are the people from Red city here?"

Shan lowered his head and said to Gong Zilin, "Master, the last time we went to Red city, we stole everything from the mayor's mansion. They have been chasing us for three months. "

"Oh? Have we ever done something like this?" Gong Zilin raised his eyebrows and thought for a long time, but in the end, he did not remember anything.

When Shan heard this, he raised his head in shock, revealing an astonished handsome face. His sword-like brows slanted and his pitch-black eyes were filled with surprise. "Mistress, it was me and Qing who did it last time. "

"You and Qing?" Gong Zilin frowned but still did not remember. He immediately swept his gaze across the mountain. "No matter what the reason is, remember to keep an eye on our treasury. If there is one less wen, you can go to Si Shui together. "

Hearing these words, Shan's brows twitched slightly. His body quickly disappeared. If he wasn't mistaken, those people should have already started attacking. If he was still here, he really did not know what would happen.

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