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Seventh Madame didn't know that the original owner's body had reached its limit after being beaten up. He had been struck dead in an instant by the drug, and this body had come from a famous plastic surgeon of the twenty-first century, both at home and abroad!

'F * ck, I never thought the original owner's life would be so miserable. 'Wei Iris couldn't help but curse when she heard this. Moreover, she had fused with the original owner, so it was as if she had experienced it herself.

At this moment, Wei Iris couldn't wait to pick up her scalpel and stab those who had humiliated her to death. Especially Seventh Madame, she was determined to let Seventh Madame have a taste of her heart-wrenching pain!

"Darling, don't worry. Your husband will definitely love you!" General Li's slightly drunken tone was extremely despicable!

Just as General Li was about to kiss Wei Iris's cheek …

"Ahh …" General Li covered his ears and cried out miserably, fresh red blood flowing out from the gaps of his fingers!

"If you dare to even touch me, I'll kill you!"

"Aiya, you little bastard, you actually dared to bite this general. You want this general to lose all his descendants?" General Li flew into a rage and slapped Wei Iris on the face. Immediately, the right side of his face burned with pain, and he attempted to kiss Wei Iris on the face.

'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard as a hole was created on the roof by the heavy object. A man dressed in black descended from the sky.

"Who?" General Li suddenly woke up from his stupor.

The man in black quickly got up and stabbed General Li in the chest with his knife. General Li was, after all, drunk and aged, so he could not react in time to the man in black's swift attack.

He was stabbed to death on the spot by the man in black.

Wei Iris screeched out of instinct, and just as the black-clothed man was about to stab her, a man in a light blue robe and a silver mask came down from the sky and blocked the sword. The two of them immediately fell into a fierce battle.

After a few seconds, the man in black could not take it anymore. A powerful palm wind was released by the man in the light blue gown, and with a groan, the man in black fell to the ground.

"Speak, who sent you?" The light blue robed man pinched the man's neck, his tone full of killing intent. The powerful aura that emanated from his body was terrifying.

The black-clothed man bit through the poison hidden in his teeth. Immediately, a stream of black blood flowed out from his mouth. The light blue robed man wanted to stop him, but he was already too late. The person in his hand immediately stopped breathing.

A hint of sternness flashed through the man in the light blue gown's dark eyes. His eyes swept across the untidy clothes on the bed, and the tied Wei Que's arms and legs, and his expression clearly froze. His gaze towards Wei Que instantly became filled with many emotions, as if he recognized him!

Right when Wei Iris didn't know what to do.

When the light blue robed man's blade fell, Wei Iris's hands regained their freedom. The next moment, a light blue robe covered Wei Iris's body as it neared Scarlet Fruit!

"Hold on..." Wei Qi called out to the man who was about to leave, and his gaze fell on the wound on the man's shoulder, which was about ten centimeters deep.

That wound was obviously an old one. Because of the intense fight, the bandaged wound had already oozed blood!

"I can treat your injuries!" She was a plastic surgeon, and sewing wounds was easy for her.

The man wearing the silver mask stopped walking and looked at Wei Qiru on the bed. He seemed to be hesitating for a moment.

Then he walked up to the bed and asked, "How are you going to treat it?"

Wei Iris wrapped a long, loose robe around her body, revealing her pure white, scarred hands.

Wei Iris knelt on the bed and found a pair of scissors to cut the clothes off the man's wound. She took the layers of gauze and removed them, just as she had expected.

It was a wound that was 10 centimeters long and deep enough to see bone. The flesh on both sides of the wound turned outwards with a width of 1 centimeter. With such a severe injury, it could only be treated with medicine and the flesh could not heal at all.

Wei Iris searched around the house for a long time before finding an embroidery needle. She placed it on the fire for a while and applied a simple disinfectant. After that, she pulled out a few strands of hair from her head, inserted them into the embroidery needle, and began to sew up the wound!

Wei Iris's forehead was already covered in sweat. When she cut her hair in half with a pair of scissors, she let out a long sigh of relief.

His eyes inadvertently landed on a burnt scar on the man's wheat colored skin.

The burn scar seemed to cover a large area, extending from the back of the neck to the back.

With such a large area of burns that looked like it was caused by an explosive, Wei Ri couldn't help but reach into his clothes to make a diagnosis!

The man with his back to Wei Iris turned his head to look at him.

Wei Ri seemed to have realized his identity and stopped himself. "Don't touch the water. You'll be able to remove the stitches in a month. You have to avoid stimulating the food with spiciness!"

Wei Ri said those words professionally.

When she raised her head, she discovered that the man wearing the silver mask was still looking at her. His black eyes seemed to possess a huge amount of magic, as if he was able to suck her in.

Wei Ri didn't know why, but he subconsciously wanted to take off the silver mask on the man's face.

The man grabbed his hand that was in the air.

"I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose!" Wei Iris immediately reacted!

The man looked at the deep, shallow scars on the back of Wei Iris's hand, and furrowed his brows under the mask. "What's your name?"

"Wei Iris!"

Vikary C, he remembers!

At dawn, Seventh Madame ran to the side garden of the Prime Minister's Estate to see if General Li had dealt with that little bastard.

However, as soon as he entered the room, he was struck unconscious by Wei Iris's palm. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]

Since this old lady dared to scheme against her, then she would let her taste what it meant by eating her own fruit.

Wei Iris quickly stripped Seventh Madame of her clothes and threw them on the corpse of General Li, who had been dead for a long time. She then carefully forged a forgery of the crime scene.

In less than two hours, the news that General Li had been assassinated while Seventh Madame was committing adultery with General Li had spread to every corner of the Prime Minister's estate.

When the prime minister, who had just returned from the morning assembly, heard this news, he had yet to digest it when an imperial edict descended.

"What?" Xie Wang's fourth wangfei was killed by an assassin yesterday, and the Emperor ordered for the Prime Minister's daughter to marry into the Palace tomorrow? " Third Madame cried out in alarm.

In less than half a second, all of the young ladies of the mansion who had reached the appropriate age for marriage ran up to the prime minister and wailed.

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