Wild Epic Sexcapades/C3 Daddy's Sex Pet 3
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Wild Epic Sexcapades/C3 Daddy's Sex Pet 3
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C3 Daddy's Sex Pet 3

Sandra did as if she doesn't know the mess on her breast and replied, "Nothing really. I will probably go to my boyfriend's house and stay for a while"

"It's alright. Well remember that today is daddy's laundry day. Make sure you get all your dirty clothes together for me to wash for you.” Sylvester said and just then his eyes slide down to Sandra's breast. He couldn't avoid them for some moment. He stared at it for a while before he looked up to Sandra's face and said,

"Um...angel. You got some little mess on your....uh......." Sandra notice he couldn't finish what he wanted to say. Sylvester doesn't want to say breast, boobs or anything along these lines. Sandra decided to do as if She had no idea of what he was trying to tell her.

"I mess? Where, Daddy?" Sandra asked, using the term of endearment.

"You should be aware. You have a mess on your, uh,...chest." He replied, and Sandra looked down, acting surprised when she saw the syrup.

She scooped the syrup up with her second finger, brought it up to her mouth, and looked up into his step daddy's eyes as she slowly suck it off from her finger. Sylvester couldn't think of what her step daughter was trying to do and swallowed hard, then looked away for some moment. He started to think about her recent strange behaviours, causing him to feel a little bit uncomfortable.

“Thank you daddy."

"It's okay. Make sure you get rid of it from your body after this meal so that I can wash it along with others." He offered.

“Thank you so much. You are just a great dad.” Sandra said excitedly.

Throughout their meal, Sandra noticed his step daddy glancing at her nipples at every chance. She notice he often have this hungry look in his eyes and a clenched jaw.

Sandra began to imagine why she didn't notice any of this before. This was not the first time Sandra was parading in the house without bra, though She dosen't normally do that often.

After they finish their meal, they both stood up and headed to the kitchen sink to drop their dishes in the dishwasher as usual. As they got to the kitchen, a naughty ideal flashed to sandra's mind. She was at the front while her step daddy followed at the back.

Getting close to the dishwater, she intentionally dropped her fuck as if it was an accident and quickly bend at her waist in front of her stepdad, effectively jutting her ass to his crotch. She knew she wasn't supposed to be doing this to her step Daddy but she found herself doing it. Her ass slightly touched Sylvester's crotch and she felt his semi hard dick. This time, she wasn't surprised. Rather, she was happy. Her pussy clenched at the feel of him. She picked up the fuck and stood back up and then dropped her dishes in the dishwasher. Her dad was caught and at the same time, confused about what she was doing, but he could not say anything.

“Thank you for the food daddy. I will be going up to my room to sort the cloths out." She announced and headed to her room.

As soon as she got to her room, she quickly text Daniel. She was very horny and needed Daniel to fuck her. She could have masturbated, but that was not what she needed at that moment. What she want at the moment was a dick. She wanted to have a hard dick pumping inside her.

In not less than a minute after she sent the text, Daniel responded with a message to let her know that he was around and can come over.

Sandra couldn't hold it anymore. She was very horny and despirate for a dick. She changed yoga short and wore one of her pink sexy pantie and a blue tennis shirt. She pulled her messed top off and put on a bra before wearing another better top.

She quickly pulled all her dirty cloths, including her messed top in the bin. She walked inside her bathroom and on the floor was her damp cotton pantie.

Her mind flashed back to one of her friends, who told her that her boyfriend liked to keep her wet panties after sex and get off with them when she was not around to satisfy his sexual urge.

A wicked naughty idea came into her mind as she thought about this. She picked up the pantie brought them to the basket, only to drop them a foot away from it. With the rest of her dirty clothes in it, she ran out the house with a smirk on her face.

Sylvester heard the front door slam shut as he stood behind the sink with his hand under her jaw , plague by thought of her stepdaughter. He was in a deep thought, trying not to believe all the recent suspicious character of his stepdaughter.

His mind flashed back to what happened the time they were eating, when she sucked the mess on her breast sexually. His dick practically got hard at the sight of the erotic display. He took all the effort he had to keep his eyes off her breast, but of course he failed at that.

“all my gosh, what is wrong with me? He's my stepdaughter I am thinking about.” Sylvester tried to distract himself from the shameful thought, deciding that doing some washing would help keep his mind away from it. Sandra's mom hated washing clothes, so Sylvester took the task of doing it. He doesn't mind either because he is usually home.

Sylvester walked up to the stairs and headed to Sandra's room first. He got to her room and picked up her laundry basket to start his morninh task. As he was about to carry the bin, he spotted something on the ground with the corner of his eyes. He stared at the fabric and put the laundry basket down. He went and picked up the fabric from the floor. His eyes widened as he saw it was a pantie, probably his stepdaughters pantie. He noticed it was wet and his dick switched. He new it wasn't urine but her cream.

He was supposed to drop it back on the ground immediately but he find himself still holding it. He have never washed Sandra's pantie. Though, Sandra have never dropped her pant or bra in the basket along with other dirty clothes for her dad to wash. She normally washes her bra and pantie herself.

Sylvester doesn't know what came over him, but before he knew what was going on, he was pulling the wet pantie up to his face. All he knew at that moment was that he needed to smell it. As bad as it he knew it was, he desperately wanted to know what her stepdaughter pussy cream smell like.

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