Wild Epic Sexcapades/C8 Daddy's Sex Pet 8
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Wild Epic Sexcapades/C8 Daddy's Sex Pet 8
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C8 Daddy's Sex Pet 8

“Do you think I am joking with you? Now strip and bend over my lap.” His voice was commanding and she loved it. She like how he was taking control of everything. She slowly pulled down her tennis skirt with a coyly grin without wasting any time. She knew he wasn't doing this to harm her. He was sure that he was going to spank her with emotion. She began to soak her pantie more just by thinking about it. And this moment Sandra was standing in front of her stepdaddy with just her top and soaked oozing pantie.

” Now come over and bend on my lap. Don't say anything unless I tell you to.” he said, and the Sandra stepped forward and bent over his lap. Feeling a little naughty, she spread her legs a little bit about so that he could see her pussy line which was soaked.

Sylvester saw how fresh her stepdaughter's ass look. Her sexy lace pantie was not covering her whole ass. It was such an erotic display. Her ass cheek was left exposed to him. There was no trace of spot on her ass. He felt like feeling and grabbing it but that wasn't why she's in that position. She was in that position to get some hard spank. He looked over and saw her stepdaughters juice dripping down her tights. He was surprised that she was still getting wetter even though she was about to get spanked.

“Do you think this is going to be fun? How do you think that I am going to be soft on you? Daddy wants to punish you and is going to hurt.” He said, and Sandra responded by jutting her ass a little higher in the air. Sandra knew it was going to get him angry, but she cared less.

“How can you be spying your step daddy in his study room at night?” he said, and followed up with a two weak spank on each cheek.

“Yes, you saw your step daddy jerking and stroking himself while mentioning your name, but how dare you look into his eyes and told him to fuck you!" He gave her another spank. It was hurting Sandra a bit, but she liked it. She loved how her step daddy's hand was spanking her ass.

“how can you tell your step daddy to divorce his lovely wife!” he said and tugged his finger on her pantie, then pulled her pantie down to the middle of her thigh. At this moment, her whole ass was exposed to him.

"Answer my question. How dare you tell me to divorce your mother and have you." He grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands before he gave her a double spank. He loved how her ass was bouncing at her each spank.

“I am sorry dad. I want to have you for myself. I thought you wanted to fuck me, and I wasn't sure if it was just a fantasy or if you really wanted to. I thought that divorcing her will give us more freedom and time to explore our feelings for each other." Sandra responded.

“So you want me to divorce your mother Because of your naughty desires? You want me to divorce your mother because you want to be that this sex pet." He said, and gave her another spank.

"I am already becoming your sex pet daddy. I know that you fulfilling one of your dirty fantasy now. I'm sure that yesterday wasn't the first time you were jacking off for me. I know that you always think about my body everyday. You are always looking forward to see me in this position and here I am." Sandra teased him more even though she was still receiving punishment.

“I can see that you are very stubborn. You are intentionally getting into my nerve..” he gave her a hard spank. "You are still saying more while you are receiving punishment. How dare you!" Followed by another spank.

"I never knew you are this naughty. I know that you can feel my dick digging into your stomach and hungry to feel it elsewhere. You know what else? Right now I am looking at your tight asshole and shaved wet pussy. It's so wet that your tight are sleek. Your pussy is practically begging for me to fill it will my dick."

Sandra felt so happy upon hearing her step daddy say that. All she really wanted at that moment was to have his dick in her pusssy. She wanted to beg. She wanted to beg for him to fuck her but she knew she wasn't allowed to do that. She needed to obey him in order to get what she wanted and give him the emotional release he was looking for.

"You want daddy's big dick right?" He asked.

"Yes, daddy!"

“Before I do that, I need you to look at me."

Sandra tried to get up, but he firmly put his hand on her lower back, pushing her back down. She looked up In confusion.

“I said you should Look at me. I didn't tell you tp get up. I want you to bend over with your pussy exposed while we talk. Do I made myself clear?”

“Yes sir”

“Now tell me pet, tell me how you feel about step Daddy. Sweet, simple, or harsh? I want to hear it from you” He drew lazy circles around her, in her tight teasing near her Pusssy.

“you are everything. I am in love with you” She replied.

"You want me to fuck you, right?” He moved his fingers softly down to her shaved pussy, and she pushed back against him Desperate for him to put that inside of her. Sylvester couldn't believe he was actually doing that. He was practically rubbing his stepdaughter's pussy.

“ I am waiting for an answer, pet." Sylvester said.

“Yes, Daddy, I want you to fuck me.” Sandra's words came out the breathlessly and he began to rub her pussy slit, sliding them up and down.

“Do you want me to make lobe to you all just to fuck you like a sex pet?” He ask and gave her an unexpecting spank. She thought she had stopped spanking her.

“ I want everything daddy.” Her came out as a bit of a whimper, as he pushed his finger inside her pussy.

“I so much love you, pretty Angel. You are more than special to me than anything else in this world. It took you courage to tell me how you feel about me, so I am going to reward you.” He said, and pushed another finger inside Sandra's pussy and began to thrust them in and out of her, carving them around as he pushed them deep in her, rubbing his finger in circular motions. Sandra closed her eyes and began to moan.

“Now tell me, how do you want to be rewarded? He asked as he kept thrusting his finger in and out of her.

“All I want is to please you so I can have you all for myself.” sandral replied.

“you want to please your stepDaddy?” He was digging his finger deeper at this moment, practically exploring his stepdaughter's pussy.

“Ohhh! Fuck! Please don't stop, daddy." Sandra couldn't stop moaning.

“I ask you a question, pet."

"Yes, Daddy! All I want is to please you so I can take over my mom!. I will do anything you want but for now don't stop fucking me with your finger! Gosh! Yesss!. Arhhhh! Fuck!" Sandra was getting close and Sylvester could sense it. He dosen't want her to cum yet so he stopped and pulled his finger out.

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