Wild Fate/C4 Omg! I brought a girl home!
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Wild Fate/C4 Omg! I brought a girl home!
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C4 Omg! I brought a girl home!


I can't believe I am taking Amy home. What will the park think of her? Will they like her? Ofcourse they will like her. She is a nice girl. What if she doesn't like the place and the park. Why am I nervous like shit?

When we reach home, Amy is quiet and that makes worry creep under my skin.

"What do you think?" I have to ask her.

"This is a nice place," her voice is full of amazement. I feel great relief.

"I mean this place is wow! The environment is so calm and quiet. It is just so wow," she adds. I think I am now grinning like a fool.

"I am glad you like it," I tell her and lead her to the house.

"Oh my goodness, Jace!" she exclaims and terror takes over my being once again.

"What is the matter?" I ask. My tone is undoubtedly filled with worry.

"Is this your house?" she asks with wide eyes.

"Yeah," I reply.

"This house is beautiful and huge," she says as her big beautiful eyes scan the entire building. I smile with relief.

"It is not that huge," I suddenly feel a proud urge to brag but I bite my tongue.

"Are you kidding me?" she asks.

"I live here with my entire family," I tell her. I almost tell her I live with my pack but it is too early to scare her off. She probably doesn't remember the way back to her apartment.

"You mean with the 'park of wolves'?" she says with her hands making those annoying air quotes. Maybe telling her about the park wouldn't be very bad. She seems happy joking about it. Who am I kidding? She will probably run screaming to the hills when I tell her I am a werewolf.

"Well, I am very excited to meet your family," she tells me with a smile.

We walk into the house and a sweet aroma fills my nostrils. Sophia, Jose's mate, comes out of the kitchen putting on an apron. A beaming smile covers her face when she notices Amy standing by my side.

"Wow, you are welcome," she runs to Amy with open arms. I roll my eyes at the too warm welcome hug that Sophia gives Amy. I almost feel non-existent. I know very well that I am being completely ignored.

"I have been very expectant to meet you since I heard about you," Sophia tells Amy. What? Who told her about my girl... Amy, whatever? I don't remember having such a conversation with Sophia but with Jose... ofcourse he told her. Such a long mouth. Maybe later I should teach him how to keep it closed. He loses all his wits when he is around his mate. It is like she drugged him or something.

When I recover from my reverie, I find myself alone in the doorway. What just happened? I hear soft womanly giggles from the kitchen. Have I just been robbed. That seems like it. Sophia has a long mouth. I should warn her that Amy knows nothing about the park so she shouldn't make any unnecessary conversations.

I walk into the kitchen and find Amy's hands already covered in flour. Why are things happening so fast?

Amy notices me watching her from the kitchen entrance and gives me a bright smile. I smile back at and give her a short wave.

"I am helping prepare dinner," she informs me.

"You don't have to," I mouth to her.

"I want to help Sophia," she tells me. When did they introduce themselves to each other? All I remember is being denied the chance of doing the introductions.

"Okay," she looks so happy and I don't want to ruin her moment.

"Where is Jose?" I ask Sophia.

"In Patrick's house," she tells me.

"I will go find him," I say.

"Have fun," I tell Amy.

"I intend to," she tells me. I have a strange urge to walk over and kiss her before I leave. Whoa, I just met the girl last night.

I leave the kitchen before I give Sophia a shower and Amy a shock.

"What is wrong with me?" I ask myself when I reach outside.

I look around and spot Patrick and Jordan in a conversation. Jose is splitting a log with an axe behind Patrick's house. I walk silently toward them.

"Hey, Jace," Jordan is the first to see me

"Hey," I respond. "What are you guys doing?"

"Nothing useful," Patrick replies.

"I saw the girl," Jose intercepts.

"Ofcourse you did," I tell him. He grins widely.

"Wait a minute," Jordan's face clear with amazement.

"Did I hear a girl?" Patrick asks.

"Yes you did," Jose answers him.

"Jace brought a girl over?" Patrick asks. The surprise is evident all over his face. Great, now I am the topic of the conversation. Jose nods in response.

"How is she?" Jordan asks.

"She is beautiful," Jose replies. That she is.

"Hello, guys. I am still around, remember?" I try disorienting their conversation, but fail miserably.

"I can't wait to meet her," Jordan says.

"She is in the house with Sophia," I try saving them from their misery.

"Is she staying over for dinner?" Jose inquires.

"I think so," I tell them.

"I know Ellen will be very excited to meet her," Patrick says while rubbing his hands together in dramatic expectation. Ellen is Patrick's mate but she is quieter than Sophia.

"I have to tell Alexa," Jordan says.

"Why are you all so excited about her?" I ask.

"Don't worry about us. We are all mated so there is no eyeing your girl. We promise to behave ourselves," Jordan says. They always have to remind me that I am the only male in the park who is not mated.

"Alright," I say. "Don't scare her away. She doesn't know anything about us."

"Don't worry. We can behave," Jose tells me. I want to roll my eyes about their excitement but who am I to blame them?

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