Wild Fate/C5 I missed you
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Wild Fate/C5 I missed you
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C5 I missed you


Sophia moves about in the kitchen. She seems to know what she is doing. She moves about from the stove to stir in the soup and goes to check the contents in the oven. I offered to help but she only let me knead the dough. She didn't let me do any other work since she considers me a special guest. On normal circumstances, I would have rolled my eyes at her but I kinda like her. I wonder where Jace has gone. Is it weird that I am already missing him?

"Are you and Jace together?" she asks me while turning on the blender.

"Um, no," why am I nervous answering the question. I feel like a liar after saying that. Are we together.

"Have you been seeing each other for long?" she continues her interview.

"We just met yesterday," I feel very weird saying that.

"Oh," she doesn't look as surprised as I thought she would be. Instead, she just gives me another of her warm smiles I have been receiving since I reached here.

"How are you related to Jace?" I ask her in attempt to change the subject.

"I am just his sister-in-law. My husband is like a brother to him," she replies.

"Is he Jose?" I remember Jace asking for him.

"That's him," a proud wifely smile covers her face and I can tell how she loves him.

"Is it weird to you that I just met Jace and I am already visiting?" I ask her.

"No dear," she replies as she walks over to the stove to stir in the pot of soup again.

"Why?" I ask.

"Jace has never brought a girl at home. I know he can be stubborn sometimes but I know he is happy to have you," she replies. I don't know why but I suddenly feel relief wash over me.

"Sophia," a voice calls from the living room.

"In the kitchen," she shouts back.

A heavily pregnant woman walks into the kitchen. She looks very surprised when she spots me sitting on a stool. Her eyes search Sophia's for answers. Sophia smiles at her confusion.

"Alexa, this is Amy, a friend of Jace," Sophia takes the responsibility of introducing me.

"Hi," Alexa walks to me with a bright smile on her face. "It is so nice to meet you," she adds.

"It is so nice to meet you too," that's all I can say, really.

"Sorry, I would have hugged you but I am too heavy," she says while rubbing gently on her swollen tummy.

"No, it's okay," I assure her.

"You are very beautiful. I am sure Jace is very happy," Alexa says. I am sure my cheeks are red because of blushing.

"Thanks," I respond.

"I like you immediately," she says with a very wide grin.

"You are beautiful too," that is the most ridiculous response.

"Oh, please," she waves me off nonchalantly. I can't help but laugh along with Sophia.

"when are you due?" I ask Alexa.

"In about three weeks," she says. The brightness in her eyes when she speaks of her unborn baby makes me smile.

"You could say she is going in labour tomorrow," Sophia jokes and Alexa seats her arm.

"Enough of the chitchatting," Sophia says, "Alexa, can you help me get the soup from the stove?"

" Sure," Alexa replies.

I feel very happy and vibrant in a way I haven't been for a really long time. These women are very sweet and funny. They make me feel very special and treasured. I love them though they can't stop claiming that Jace and I are together.

"The boys will be here any minute. We have everything ready," Sophia announces.

"I will go set up the table," Alexa says.

"I will help," I offer.

"Sure," Alexa replies.

Jace come into the house after sometime with three other men. Behind them is a beautiful woman with two children. A five year-old girl and a three-year old boy. The children cut loose from their mother and run around the house to get hugs from their aunties, Alexa and Sophia.

"Careful with the bump, David," Alexa says sweetly to the small boy.

" Hey," Jace says to me as he walks toward me. Warmth rushes through my body making me want to lurch towards him into a tight hug.

" Hey," is all I say.

"I am sorry I was gone longer than I intended," his apology surprises me.

"I am fine," I assure him with a smile.

"Did Sophia pump you with unending questions," he inquires.

"A little," I lie.

"I see that's why you haven't run away," he says with a dimpled smile.

"You expected me to do so?" I ask him.

"Somehow," he replies.

"I couldn't have. I don't remember my way home," I tell him.

"I depended on that," he says.

Everyone has already gone into the dinning room and we are the only ones left. Jace comes closer toward me and holds both of my hands. My body heats up and my heart races.

"Miss me?" he inquires from me with his eyes penetrating mine.

"A little," I lie.

"You little liar. Your nose has grown longer than this morning," he says with a smirk.

"What about you?" I ask.

"I missed you," he replies with confidence that makes me want to kiss him hard. I am surprised by where my thoughts are heading. My body seems to be functioning at a faster rate than my brain. I can smell his manly scent from his body. His face is a little inches from mine. I really need to touch him.

"Dinner is getting cold, lovebirds," Sophia interrupts my reverie as she enters the living room. My cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

"Disappear," Jace shouts rudely.

"I will," Sophia looks unaffected by his attitude.

"Shall we go?" I am surprised by his gentlemanly request.

"Sure," I reply. He releases my right hand and keeps holding my left. He smiles at me and I smile back. I really like this warm gesture. My insides swoon with ecstasy.

When we enter the dinning room and everyone looks at us like they had been waiting for us before they start eating. Jace doesn't release my hand and I feel very confident. He pulls out a chair for me and sits down beside me. He still doesn't release my hand throughout the entire meal.

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