Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C10 A frequent visitor to the Qin family
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Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C10 A frequent visitor to the Qin family
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C10 A frequent visitor to the Qin family

"AHH!" Is grandpa coming back?! "

Qin Mengyao was so excited that she was dancing with joy.

Qin Chuan smiled and nodded: "En, I should be going off the highway soon. I'll be leaving first."

Qin Chuan left.

Qin Mengyao was still excited, she took out her cell phone and called Qin Jiangshan.

"Grandfather, you're really back?"

"Hmm, did the little girl miss me?"

"Yeah, how long until grandpa comes back?"

"Oh, there's still about two hours. It's getting late, let's go to bed early."

"No, I want to wait for grandpa."

The grandfather and grandson chatted for more than ten minutes. Because the signal to enter the tunnel was not good, Qin Mengyao reluctantly hung up.

It was already 10 o'clock at night.

Qin Mengyao said seriously: "Qin Hao, you should go rest first. There's no need to accompany me to wait for my grandfather."

Qin Hao laughed: "This isn't good."

Qin Mengyao shook her head. "It's nothing, let's hurry up and rest."

Qin Hao nodded and went to the guest room on the second floor.

The room was clean and fresh, Qin Hao tossed and turned on his bed.

"Before, I could even feel true energy in my dantian. Does this mean that I can still cultivate the [Unparalleled Creation Art]?"

Thinking about it, Qin Hao decided to give it a try.

One had to know that the Unparalleled Creation Art was a cultivation technique he created when he reached the Medical Saint Realm. As long as he cultivated it again, he would be able to return to the supreme Medical Saint.

Unfortunately, he had tried more than ten times without any reaction, which also meant that he had been repeatedly defeated.

Finally feeling a little tired, Qin Hao fell asleep on the bed.

The next morning.

Qin Hao opened his eyes and went downstairs. In the empty space outside the courtyard, he saw a white-haired old man dressed in training clothes.

At this moment, the old man was doing morning exercises with his eyes closed. He had entered a state of selflessness.

He did not hear Qin Hao walk to the side and similarly did his morning practice with his eyes closed.

Hu hu!

Clap clap!

Xiu Xiu! *

All kinds of voices resounded around the calm area, which also disturbed Qin Jiangshan's state of mind. He opened his eyes with an extremely shocked expression.

A faint fog shrouded the surroundings of a young man. Every time the young man waved his arm, the fog in the surrounding area would increase by a few degrees.

In addition, the mist from all directions also moved in this direction, completely surrounding the young man in the center.

Just like a cocoon.

Qin Jiangshan retreated a few steps in incomparable shock, and said in shock: "This, this is too inconceivable!"

Qin Mengyao rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked down from the balcony. She was shocked and stared fixedly at the milky-white cocoon in front of the courtyard.

"Oh my god, what's going on? The person inside is Qin Hao? "

Qin Mengyao quickly went downstairs.

Inside the white cocoon.

Qin Hao entered into a kind of indistinct sensation, he felt that at this moment, threads of True Qi had appeared in his Dantian. Even though they were very weak, they were slowly gushing out like clear spring water.

was overjoyed at the turn of events, and began to wave his fists with even more vigor, evolving the Unparalleled Creation Art.

Clap clap!

The sound of the fist wind was as loud as a bolt of lightning.

Qin Jiangshan and Qin Mengyao, his grandsons, couldn't help but retreat to the living room.

Qin Jiangshan said in shock: "Granddaughter, this brat is Qin Hao, right?"

Qin Mengyao nodded dumbly. "That's right, it's just that what is he doing? How did she attract the surrounding fog over?

Qin Jiangshan said enviously: "This is called drawing qi into one's body, this brat is really lucky, he only has to train in the morning to be able to cause others to be envious of him drawing qi into one's body!"

After half an hour, the white mist finally disappeared and Qin Hao's figure was revealed.

It was just that Qin Hao stood there as if everything was natural, as if he had merged with nature, and could not feel any kind of aura.

Qin Jiangshan excitedly opened his eyes wide, and could not wait any longer, and rushed forward.

Qin Hao slowly opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of white Qi. His mouth hooked into a faint smile: "I finally understand why my Innate Qi didn't increase."

Qin Hao secretly made up his mind that in the future, he would have to absorb Heaven and Earth aura during morning training. However, it seemed that the Heaven and Earth aura was densest in the Qin family's villa, so he had to think of a way to stay.

"Young man, how do you feel?" Qin Jiangshan smiled as he came over.

Qin Hao's heart tensed up, afraid that he would be seen through, he stretched lazily and laughed: "Grandfather Qin, morning training feels good, I need to train more in the future."

Qin Jiangshan laughed and scolded: "Brat, you're busy with morning training, even this old man is ignoring me, what's wrong, do you want to continue staying in my house?"

Qin Jiangshan naturally knew that Qin Hao was staying for the night, but he was envious of the methods that Qin Hao had displayed.

At his age, he would naturally place great importance on health care. He had read many books on health care and understood many things that ordinary people did not understand.

The reason so many elderly people woke up early in the morning to train was to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, because after the sun rose, the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth would be polluted by the world's turbidity.

Although his years of training had not produced any results, just that he had become a little healthier, Qin Jiangshan was really looking forward to being able to draw in energy into his body.

How could Qin Jiangshan not be envious when this phenomenon appeared on a young man who was around twenty years of age. He even wanted to learn from Qin Hao, how could he let him go so easily?

Qin Hao's dantian's true energy had grown by a lot and his perception had also increased by a lot. Naturally, he could feel that this area, especially the Qin family's where the world's spirit energy was the densest, was not going to let go of such a great opportunity.

"Yes, of course."

Qin Jiangshan laughed and nodded. At the beginning, he insisted on buying this place because the spirit energy here was dense, but unfortunately, no one in this villa complex knew of this secret.

Qin Hao and Qin Jiangshan looked at each other and smiled, but nothing was said.

Qin Mengyao blinked, and said speechlessly: "Grandfather, when did you agree to let Qin Hao stay here forever?"

Qin Jiangshan laughed: It's just a moment ago, I suddenly realised that Qin Hao is not bad, let him stay at our house to receive my tutelage, I just happen to be going to the hospital attached to the Clearing Source Medical University, after dinner, you guys can come with me.

Qin Mengyao was excited, and surprised: "Ah, grandfather wants to take over the job at our hospital?"

Qin Jiangshan smiled and nodded. "Mn, as for what it is, I can't tell you for now. Alright, let's go wash up and eat breakfast first."

Qin Mengyao excitedly skipped into the living room.

Qin Hao cupped his hands gratefully: "Thank you, Grandfather Qin, for letting me continue staying here."

Qin Jiangshan laughed: "You're welcome. You can stay however long you want, but I want to know how you manage to draw the Qi into your body."

Qin Hao was shocked, he had expected Qin Jiangshan to be able to see that the Qi was entering his body, and thought that this was probably the reason why Qin Jiangshan allowed him to continue staying in this place.

Qin Hao smiled blandly: "Grandfather Qin, this is not something that can be done overnight. I've been doing this since I was ten years old, all the way until I was twenty years old and a whole ten years old.

The reason why Qin Hao had purposely emphasized the tone of voice for the past ten years was also to stop Qin Jiangshan from having the intention of drawing in his Qi into his body.

After all, Qin Jiangshan was still a few decades old.

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