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Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C11 severe punishment
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C11 severe punishment

"So that's how it is." Qin Jiangshan smiled regretfully, "Then it's alright, you can continue to stay here."

Qin Hao secretly wiped his sweat, thinking that Qin Jiangshan would kick him out after hearing this news.

"Thank you, Grandfather Qin."

Qin Hao could be considered to have settled down in the Qin family.

After eating breakfast, Qin Jiangshan drove out of the garage with a black Volkswagen. He waved his hand and smiled at the side of the road: "Come, quickly get in the car."

Qin Mengyao was the first to get on the carriage.

Qin Hao was a little worried, after all, Qin Jiangshan was still young, so would there be any accidents when people drive their cars?

However, Qin Hao's worries were unnecessary. He drove very steadily and drove safely to the parking lot of the hospital that was affiliated with the Clearing Source Medical University.

The car stopped.

Qin Mengyao dragged Qin Hao and left first.

Qin Hao was puzzled: "Qin Mengyao, are we not waiting for Grandfather Qin anymore?"

Qin Mengyao shook her head: "My grandfather's habit is not to interact too much with his family at work. Firstly, it is to avoid gossip, and secondly, it is for the sake of convenience."

Qin Hao nodded his head, "Oh, so that's how it is.

Qin Hao and Qin Mengyao entered the hospital hall one after another.

It just so happened that this scene was seen by Zhang Chu, who was rushing over to the scene, especially when Zhang Chu saw his intimate actions.

Zhang Chu gritted his teeth and said fiercely: "Slut Qin Hao, you actually took the initiative to attack so closely to Qin Mengyao. This won't do, if I don't let you suffer a little, I'm not called Zhang Chu!"

Zhang Lekang, who had parked the car, came over and asked suspiciously: "What's wrong with your son, who got you angry?"

Zhang Chu said in a deep voice: "Isn't it that Qin Hao after all, pulling on your future daughter-in-law."

Zhang Lekang's eyes were blazing as he said coldly: "Oh, Qin Hao, son, you don't have to worry, just because he humiliated me yesterday, I will make him suffer a little today. Let's go and take care of Qin Hao this brat with dad!"

Zhang Chu turned his anger into a smile, and happily followed Zhang Lekang into the main hall of the hospital.

Only, the father and son did not notice Qin Jiangshan behind them, but Qin Jiangshan heard their conversation.

Qin Jiangshan laughed heartily: "Looks like Qin Hao this kid had stirred up a huge trouble right when he arrived here, and actually offended the Deputy Director of Surgery, making him suffer for it in the future."

Qin Jiangshan entered the hospital hall with his hands behind his back. Although he passed by a few doctors and nurses, no one recognized him.

This was not surprising. Previously, Qin Jiangshan was a Vice Principal at Yan Jing Hospital, but this time he was appointed as Principal in an affiliated hospital of Clearing Source Medical University. Although there was some suspicion of being demoted, it was actually at Qin Jiangshan's request.

After all, Qin Jiangshan's family was in the Clearing Source.

The surgical corridor.

Just as Qin Hao and Qin Mengyao were about to enter Shen Qing's office, Zhang Lekang leisurely followed them and raised his voice: "Qin Hao, wait a moment."

Qin Hao, Qin Mengyao turned.

Both of them looked confused.

Qin Mengyao was worried: "Qin Hao, be careful, Vice Chairman Zhang might need to give you some small shoes."

Qin Hao nodded with a smile and responded: "Vice Chairman Zhang, you have something to talk to me about?"

Zhang Lekang avoided being addressed as Vice Principal, which made him appear to be a head shorter than his owner.

"That's right, I have something to talk to you about. I came here to tell you that from today onwards, you have been transferred to the nursing department."


nursing department?

Qin Mengyao was shocked. It had to be said that the most common jobs in nursing department were the jobs of female nurse or an extremely small number of male nurses.

The most important point was that the nursing department might encounter some patients who were unable to take care of themselves, so it was normal for them to pee their own feces.

Zhang Chu grinned, and secretly gave Zhang Lekang a thumbs up: "Dad, well done!"

Qin Mengyao said in a serious tone: "Vice Chairman Zhang, let me ask you this, is it your intention or the hospital's leader's wish to transfer Qin Hao to the nursing department?"

When he said that, Zhang Lekang became even more unhappy, as if he was not the leader of the hospital.

As for why, it is because what Qin Hao did yesterday was too excessive. This can also be considered as setting a rule for the intern and giving him a punishment, if not, for all the interns to act like him, the hospital would become a mess. "said in a low voice.

Qin Hao laughed coldly: "Vice Chairman Zhang, you sure are going to crush me to death with this big hat, it's just nursing department, there's no problem, how long do you want me to stay for?"

Zhang Lekang was sure that Qin Hao did not dare to refute, and a cold smile appeared on his face: "One month, only a little more than four weeks, that's already considered kind to you, remember the rules, if not next time I will let you stay for half a year."

Zhang Chu arrogantly raised his head towards Qin Hao, as if to say: Qin Hao,, from today onwards, I will be the only one accompanying Qin Mengyao in the entire month.

Qin Hao said seriously: "Alright, I will report to nursing department right now."

Qin Mengyao tugged on Qin Hao's arm, and lightly shook his head: "How about I go and ask about Grandfather's situation?"

Qin Hao shook his head: "No need, I'll just treat it as training. Furthermore, nursing department is not as unbearable as others say."

Qin Hao put on his internship certificate and walked towards the nursing department on the second floor without looking back.

Qin Mengyao sighed helplessly as she entered Shen Qing's office.

Zhang Chu laughed, "Father, your move is very clever. Not only did it help your son, you even taught that stinky brat Qin Hao a lesson."

Zhang Lekang laughed complacently: "That's only natural, since your father is the vice chairman, as long as I am here, I will definitely not let Qin Hao pass by easily."

Zhang Chu stretched out his thumb and praised, "Father is so mighty!"

When Qin Hao just reached the second floor's nursing department, Zhang Lekang also followed with a smile on his face and hands behind his back.

Qin Hao knocked on the nursing department's door, causing a few busy female nurse s to look over curiously.

A female nurse asked: "Who are you looking for?"

Qin Hao said: "Sister nurse, I am this year's intern, Qin Hao. I have been assigned to nursing department for a month as an intern, I wonder what I should do."

All of the female nurse present were stunned.

A female nurse was speechless: "Qin Hao, you are Qin Hao, the Qin Hao that you cured the patient with just a set of golden needles yesterday?"

Qin Hao smiled and nodded: "Yes, it's me. Sister nurse, can you arrange a job for me now?"

The head nurse also came over and said in surprise, "Hey, aren't you from Dr. Shen? Why are you here at nursing department? Furthermore, all the interns are girls. It's not convenient for a man like you."

Qin Hao laughed: "It's Vice Chairman Zhang and the school's Leader's reckless punishment."

The head nurse laughed. "So that's how it is. I was just saying, it doesn't make sense for a future doctor like you to become a nurse. Since that's the case, why don't you change your clothes first?"

Qin Hao nodded and followed a female nurse to find an attendant to dress.

Zhang Lekang snorted as he walked into the nursing department, then laughed: "Head nurse, that brat Qin Hao has already come, right?"

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