Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C12 The majesty of Qin Jiang Shan
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Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C12 The majesty of Qin Jiang Shan
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C12 The majesty of Qin Jiang Shan

The head nurse nodded her head seriously, she did not have any good impression of Zhang Lekang either, "I'm here, I'm changing my clothes right now."

Zhang Lekang laughed: Then that's good, he came here to start his internship for a month is what the academy wishes for, I hope the head nurse will take it seriously, the dirty work must be done more, this can also be considered as a special treatment for him, alright, Qin Hao will be handed over to the head nurse.

Zhang Lekang turned his head and walked away with his hands behind his back humming a small tune.

The head nurse shook her head and said disdainfully: "This Zhang Lekang must have seen Qin Hao snatching his limelight, so he purposefully arranged for Qin Hao to suffer here. Sigh, this man, he is truly too selfish."

In the locker room.

As Qin Hao changed his clothes, he asked, "Sister Nurse, why do you all seem to know me?"

The waiting female nurse chuckled: "About that, wasn't it all because of the matter of you using needles to save people yesterday? Now your name is spread throughout our hospital, even the old gatekeeper knows about you."

Qin Hao put on his nursing clothes and walked out of the locker room, laughing: "So that's what happened. I was still thinking how everyone knows me since I'm not a famous celebrity."

female nurse burst out laughing: "Haha, Qin Hao is sorry, I got the wrong clothes for you."

Qin Hao looked down and realized that the other party was laughing at him for wearing a woman's uniform. No wonder it felt a little weird to wear a nurse's uniform.

Qin Hao laughed awkwardly and scratched his head, then turned and entered the locker room.

Three minutes later, he finally changed into a proper nursing suit.

After making a simple introduction, Qin Hao followed the nurse to the Intensive Care Unit.

An old man lying on the sickbed said with a smile, "Nurse Guo is here. Eh, why did you bring a male nurse with you today?"

Guo Xiaomei smiled and explained: "Yes, I am a new intern and will be staying in nursing department for a month. Qin Hao is Master Li, the only problem is that Master Li is very easy-going, the only problem is that he can't take care of himself, his family is more busy, so you should take care of him more."

Qin Hao nodded: "Hello, Master Li."

Grandpa Li smiled and nodded, "Young man, I'll be troubling you in the future. But wouldn't it be too awkward for a young man like you to poop and pee?"

Qin Hao did not mind, even though he only stayed for a month, but he still humbly followed Guo Xiaomei to learn how to take care of others.

After following them for an hour, Qin Hao was able to easily take care of the patients. After trying to take care of a few of the patients, Qin Hao's forehead started to perspire.

However, Qin Hao did not think of giving up. Instead, his manner of speech and actions, his determination to work hard and bear hardships had made the patients in the intensive care unit praise him.

Qin Hao just helped a patient out of the toilet and coincidentally bumped into the patrolling Qin Jiangshan.

Qin Jiangshan was astonished: "Hey, Qin Hao, why are you wearing the clothes that you're taking care of? Shouldn't you be patrolling the ward with the Dr. Shen at this time of the year?"

Qin Hao laughed dryly: "Grandfather Qin, I just arrived at the hospital this morning, Vice Chairman Zhang had already arranged for me to come to nursing department for an internship."

Qin Jiangshan was incomparably shocked: "There's actually such a thing! Wait here, I will immediately call a general meeting of all the doctors. You can go back to Dr. Shen's office and wait there. "

Qin Hao smiled and nodded, supporting the patient back to the Intensive Care Unit.

The patient asked curiously: "Qin Hao, who is that old man? He seems to have quite the background."

Qin Hao laughed and replied: "This old man used to be the vice principal of Yan Jing Hospital, and was just transferred to this hospital. I don't know the specifics."

Qin Hao carefully recalled Qin Jiangshan's words and could not help but guess: "Could it be that Grandfather Qin is the new Principal of this hospital?"

Thinking about it carefully, the timing of President Li's transfer and Qin Jiangshan's taking over was so perfect. Other than this reason, Qin Hao really couldn't think of any other reason why Qin Jiangshan was so confident.

Three minutes later.

Qin Hao returned to the nurse's station.

Guo Xiaomei reminded him: "Qin Hao, the head nurse has informed you to change your clothes and return to Dr. Shen's office."

Qin Hao nodded: "Mn, I understand."

After changing his clothes, Qin Hao went to Shen Qing's office. He felt more and more that Qin Jiangshan should be the newly appointed Principal.

Shen Qing's office was empty.

After Qin Hao sat for a while, Qin Mengyao came back.

"Hey, Qin Hao, you're back. What's the situation?"

Qin Hao shook his head: "I don't know either, I just met your grandfather. He asked me to come back, then went to the nurse's station head nurse and told her to send a message for me to come back."

Qin Mengyao chuckled: "Maybe you don't need to stay in the nursing department. It's a good thing that you're back anyway, come with me to patrol the ward later."

Qin Hao smiled and nodded.

In the conference room on the sixth floor of the hospital.

The directors of each department and experts at the level of deputy directors were all present.

The atmosphere was solemn as everyone lowered their heads.

Qin Jiangshan knocked on the table, and said in a deep voice: "Today is my first time here, I especially mentioned that we shouldn't hold a welcome ceremony. Everyone has done very well on this point, but there is something that others would do that makes one's heart go cold."

No one dared to breathe too loudly.

Qin Jiangshan looked around and said sternly: My appointment as President was arranged by the Top Leadership, I hope that during my tenure, I do not see anyone acting in secret, and I heard that something unbelievable and extremely surprising happened in our hospital yesterday. A small intern did what a few experts and doctors could not do, and relied on a set of golden needles to treat patients, was this what Vice Chairman Zhang did?

Qin Jiangshan looked at Zhang Lekang, and even knocked on the table heavily.

Sweat trickled down Zhang Lekang's forehead as he nodded his head nervously, "Principal Qin actually had such a thing."

Qin Jiangshan nodded his head in satisfaction: "Alright, let me ask you, should we give out rewards for this kind of intern? Of course, if we do something too excessive, we can just treat it as us giving out the reward as offsetting the punishment, but you seem to have transferred the intern's authority from cardiac surgery to nursing department, is that true?"

Zhang Lekang stood up immediately from fright. His body trembled from nervousness, "Yes, Dean Qin, I'm doing this because of the hospital. If I don't punish that intern, it would be hard to end the ruckus among the other interns."


Qin Jiangshan slapped on the table and bellowed: "Enough! The punishments will also be discussed and punished by the leaders at all levels of the department. It doesn't matter if you overstepped your authority, and what the interns did wrong should be arranged by the relevant interns' supervisor, whereas you're only the deputy director of cardiac surgery. You don't even have the right to be punished.


Zhang Lekang could not help but swallow his saliva, and his back was even covered in cold sweat.

Many of them looked at Zhang Lekang with ridicule in their eyes, and thought that Zhang Lekang had reaped what he sowed.

Who didn't know that a new governor would cause trouble the moment he arrived? He was simply courting death.

Shen Qing stood up and said, "Dean Qin, I am responsible for the matter of the intern too."

Qin Jiangshan waved his hand: "Dr. Shen, you take a seat, it's not your turn yet."

Shen Qing sat down nervously.

Zhang Lekang's face was flustered. He knew that he wouldn't be able to dodge today's scolding, so he could only grit his teeth and endure.

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