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C13 Again

Qin Jiangshan said solemnly, his sharp eyes sweeping across everyone present. He said in a deep voice, "Maybe everyone thinks that this is an indifferent matter, but don't forget, every year, there are many interns who come to our hospital to practice. Could it be that the incident yesterday gave the interns a bad impression, if it really gets out, then no interns will come to our hospital next year, especially since our hospital is a subsidiary hospital of the Clearing Source Medical University."

Qin Jiangshan took a deep breath and continued: "You know what this means, Vice Chairman Zhang, tell me what it means."

Zhang Lekang was stunned for two seconds.

Qin Jiangshan knocked the table and said seriously: "So this is the vice chairman of the cardiac surgery, he doesn't even understand the most basic principles, and dares to show off his power everyday, if not he would resign just like that, how many people are watching over this seat, and I have to be clear about it, this time I am the principal here to take over the job, with the Top Leadership's Shang Fangbao Sword, I do not want to do anything that goes beyond my authority, if anyone does it, they will resign, or else I will report to the Top Leadership, and at that time not only resign, I will not even become a doctor."

That shocked everyone.

Now they finally understood why Qin Jiangshan was transferred here from Beijing Hospital.

It was a general who was arranged by the Top Leadership to control life and death.

Everyone lowered their heads, no one daring to meet Qin Jiangshan's gaze.

Shen Qing sincerely admired Qin Jiangshan's actions, and even so, he still lowered his head slightly.

As for Zhang Lekang, he really wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

Qin Jiangshan thought for a while: "If I do anything wrong, everyone can tell me. In addition, I hope that everyone can get along and not be smart. Vice Chairman Zhang, you can sit down."

Zhang Lekang nodded and sat down obediently, he could even feel the burning sensation on his face.

Qin Jiangshan looked around and reminded him: "Vice Chairman Ma, Qin Hao has already been sent back to the cardiac surgery department to continue his internship. You shouldn't have any more questions, right?"

Zhang Lekang firmly shook his head, and said with complete certainty: "No, there won't be any more questions."

Qin Jiangshan nodded his head, "Alright, then we will end today's meeting here. Everyone can return to your respective positions and disperse."

Qin Jiangshan looked deeply at Zhang Lekang, then turned and pushed open the door to the conference room and walked out.

Zhang Lekang would never forget Qin Jiangshan's sharp eyes. He swore that he would not lower himself to Qin Hao's level in the near future because he felt that Qin Hao was like a jinx that anyone who met him would have nothing good to eat.

Especially since Qin Hao had the same surname as Qin Jiangshan, Zhang Lekang had a nagging feeling that the two of them might be related in some way.

Zhang Lekang shrunk his neck and left the meeting room.

As for the other doctors pointing fingers, he simply ignored them and ran off with his tail between his legs.

Flowers two apiece.

When the directors and experts of the various departments were in a meeting, Qin Hao and Qin Mengyao would go and patrol the ward.

An intern ran into the sickroom as he gasped for breath, "Qin Hao, can you go to the emergency room to take a look? There's a patient who is having difficulty breathing, his condition isn't good."

Qin Mengyao said in surprise: "Eh, isn't there an emergency doctor in the emergency room? Why are you looking for Qin Hao?

Qin Hao said in a serious tone: "The directors and experts of the various departments are in a meeting, let's go and see what's going on."

Qin Hao was famous in the hospital, it was reasonable for some interns to ask for his help.


Qin Hao arrived.

The massive emergency room had only three interns, and they didn't have the skills to be alone. As for the doctor on duty, he had been in the bathroom for half an hour because he had diarrhea.

The intern from emergency department was even more at a loss of what to do, which was why someone suggested to look for Qin Hao, so Qin Hao was found.

For some reason, Qin Hao's arrival made everyone present heave a sigh of relief.

patient's family said anxiously: "Doctor, you are a doctor right? Hurry up and save my husband, he was still fine when he ate, why did he suddenly fall on the ground and spit out white foam."

Qin Hao saw that the patient was wearing an oxygen mask, his chest was moving up and down slightly, combining with patient's family's words, he became nervous: "If I'm not wrong, your husband has a history of allergies, right?"

The patient's wife nodded. "Yes, he seems to be allergic to honey."

Qin Hao continued to ask: "What did you eat during the meal?"

The patient's wife recalled, "It's nothing, just a common occurrence. Oh right, he seems to have eaten his daughter's leftover osmanthus cake."

Qin Mengyao exclaimed, "There should be honey in the wok of the osmanthus cake!"

Qin Hao nodded and said seriously: "That should be the case, this is only one of them, now I have to trouble you to get patient's family out, I want to make a diagnosis."

An intern took the patient's wife out of the emergency room.

Everyone present looked at Qin Hao nervously.

Qin Mengyao asked nervously: Is there anything I can help you with?

Qin Hao shook his head.

Qin Hao touched the patient's pulse, feeling that it was a little weak, he walked forward and helped the patient up, letting him sit on the sickbed, at the same time he removed the patient's oxygen mask.

This move was stopped by an intern, "Are you crazy? Can't you see it's hard to breathe? Taking off the oxygen mask could very well cost him his life! "

Qin Hao frowned slightly, and suddenly emitted an aura that made people unable to get close to him. He said in a deep voice, "If I don't remove the oxygen cover, how would I be able to treat him?"

Qin Hao did not care about the weird gazes from the others. He approached the patient, pressed his right shoulder against the patient's chest, and used a little strength to lift him up.

At the same time, he raised the patient's arms with all his might, and her chest pressed against Qin Hao's right shoulder. The patient then started to cough violently.

The expressions of everyone present turned incomparably nervous.

The patient coughed violently, and his face turned purple.

Qin Hao frowned, he immediately slapped the patient's back with his right palm.


The patient leaned forward and spat out something blood-red.

The patient's face instantly relaxed. At the same time, his breathing also became smoother. He shouted out in a very relaxed manner, "This is great!"

"What's going on?" The intern was shocked.

Everyone present was flabbergasted.

This is too amazing.

A smack and it's cured?

Qin Mengyao walked towards the blood-red thing that was the size of a peanut and picked it up with a pair of tweezers. She said with a chuckle, "I think it should be the culprit behind this."

Everyone looked over.

Qin Hao smiled and nodded: "That's right, this patient's family had said that the patient had eaten osmanthus cake before. I believe that the ordinary osmanthus cake would definitely not have any honey that would cause the patient to become allergic to it, and would probably only have that."

"If you think about it carefully, bees love osmanthus the most, and when making osmanthus cake it makes sense for you to accidentally make bees. However, this patient just happened to eat the honeybee's osmanthus cake, and also accidentally choked her lungs, causing her to have difficulty breathing."

"Although it's not a problem to cover the patient with an oxygen mask, if we don't take out this harmful little bee in a situation like this, it would only indirectly harm the patient."

After this explanation, everyone nodded their heads in approval and gave a thumbs up.

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