Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C16 Enemies have a narrow road
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Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C16 Enemies have a narrow road
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C16 Enemies have a narrow road

Lunch time.

Qin Hao took off the clothes of an intern, left the hospital, and strolled over to a nearby Li Qun supermarket chain.

The supermarket was only ten minutes away from the hospital, so Qin Hao didn't feel tired.

The purpose of his visit to the supermarket was not to buy food, but to buy clothes and some daily necessities.

When he passed by the ATM machine at the entrance of the supermarket, Qin Hao took out the only card in his pocket to check, and found that there were still twenty thousand yuan in the card.

He was still a little happy, but after some careful thought, he realized that his parents had just called him not long ago.

Thinking about how his parents in the countryside worked hard to earn money everyday, Qin Hao dialed his family's number.

No one answered the phone at home, because their parents weren't usually at home, so the family's landline was basically a decoration.

Qin Hao took out three thousand yuan and put it in his pocket before entering the supermarket.

Ten minutes later, Qin Hao was about to pay up and leave, carrying a large and small bag, when an urgent cry of surprise passed into his ears.

"Catch the thief!" That man stole my bag! "

The sound was so loud that most people would choose to avoid it after seeing the running thief.

In the distance, there was a woman with long hair that reached her waist. She was very attractive. She was shouting as she chased after them.

It was obvious that this woman was the victim.

The thief ran over to Qin Hao's side, where Qin Hao extended his left foot out.

The security guards of the supermarket immediately suppressed the thieves.

Just as Qin Hao picked up the bag that was shot with a gun to look for the victim, a group of spectators surrounded the victim.

"Look, why did this woman faint?"

"Who knows? It was fine just now."

"It can't be that he's getting anxious, right?"

"Hurry, hurry and send me to the hospital."

Everyone talked amongst themselves, and when Qin Hao walked into the crowd, he noticed that the unconscious woman was pale and immediately stopped to take a look.

Holding the woman's right hand with one hand, he could feel that her pulse was very weak, and her heartbeat was very slow as well.

Qin Hao immediately said: "Please step aside, I am the doctor of the hospital attached to the Clearing Source Medical University. I want to treat this patient first."

Qin Hao made a prompt decision. He took out the silver needles he brought along with him, and with lightning speed, stabbed three of them into the woman's neck, wrists and heart.

Subsequently, everyone present revealed shocked and curious expressions.

Once the needle was pierced, Qin Hao let out a long breath, and rejoiced: "Luckily I discovered it in time, or else she would have had a heart attack."

An old lady curiously asked, "Young man, is this girl alright?"

Qin Hao shook his head, and laughed: "It's okay, she woke up after a while, she just ran a little too fast, and did not manage to take in all of the Qi and blood in her body, and fainted."

The surrounding crowd nodded in agreement.

Just as expected, after Qin Hao received the needles, the woman also opened her eyes.

Seeing the crowd, the woman subconsciously screamed: "Ah! It's an assault! "

The woman raised her head to look at Qin Hao, her face revealing traces of anger: "Why is it you, an intern, again!"

Qin Hao looked closer. Damn, enemies are really enemies here, isn't this Chen Jianye's granddaughter, Chen Luoyan?

Qin Hao explained: "Miss Chen, I think you misunderstood, it was clearly I who saved you, it's fine if you don't have the basic gratitude, but you actually doubted me, it's very difficult for me to tell you the truth that you truly fainted because of this."

Chen Luoyan immediately stood up, her tone full of questions, "Hurry up and say it, or I'll sue you for indecency!"

Qin Hao slapped his forehead, passed over his bag, and laughed: "Miss Chen, there are so many people watching here, why don't you be a little more polite to me? Otherwise, if someone found out about your secret, it might not be good for you."

Chen Luoyan stared at him angrily, "You smelly intern still dared to threaten me, so I won't be polite. Besides, I just fainted, how could I have privacy? Quickly explain it to me!"

Qin Hao shook his head lightly and sighed: "These days, not only do I not receive a single thank you for doing good deeds, but since you insist on asking for the reason behind me fainting, then I will tell you the truth.

Got it?


Chen Luoyan's eyes opened wide, and her face was stupefied for more than ten seconds.

Many of the onlookers laughed.

Qin Hao blinked, and reminded him: "Don't be angry, otherwise, besides being bad for your health, it's also not good for the child you're pregnant with."

Chen Luoyan screamed: "Qin Hao, I'll fight it out with you! I'm still Huang Hua's daughter, what do you mean pregnant! See if I choke you to death! "

Qin Hao carried his big and small bag as he quickly paid. Then, without looking back, he left Li Qun's supermarket chain.

As for Chen Luoyan, she could only helplessly stomp her feet.

When he returned to the hospital, the interns had already gathered a group and were about to take a bus to Hero Mountain.

There was a bus parked in front of the hospital's lobby.

The intern manager Tian Yifa was organizing all the interns to line up.

Tian Yifa said seriously: "Everyone hurry up and get on the carriage, we need to hurry to Hero Mountain."

All of the interns appeared very excited as they all smiled and nodded their heads before entering the car one by one.

Tian Yifa was the only one leading the team towards the Hero Mountain, while others like him and Qin Jiangshan stayed at the hospital.

All the interns got on their cars, and the bus slowly set off in the direction of Hero Mountain.

Inside the car, everyone was excited and chatting merrily.

Tian Yifa stood up and said seriously, "Everyone, quiet down. Although it is Dean Qin's idea to go out this time, I hope you all remember that I am the person in charge of interns. I have the right to cancel this opportunity to go out at Hero Mountain."

When the interns heard this, they all fell silent.

Zhang Chu was hiding in the last row, staring at Qin Hao with his big, cunning eyes, looking out the window occasionally, his mouth still had a trace of an evil smile, it was unknown what kind of evil idea he had.

This time, Qin Hao did not sit with Qin Mengyao. Instead, he chose to sit with another intern.

They arrived at Hero Mountain after an hour's journey without a word.

To tell the truth, when Qin Hao first came to the Qingyuan City's Hero Mountain, he was first attracted by the Hero Monument at the peak of the mountain.

Secondly, there are many Chinese and foreign tourists to visit here, the first impression of Hero Mountain is more spectacular and tall.

Everyone got off the bus and walked towards the Hero Mountain monument under Tian Yifa's lead. Although the road was a little steep, everyone was extremely excited and happy.

Even in the afternoon, the scorching sun was still scorching hot. After walking for a while, many people were already panting and sweating.

Tian Yifa instructed: "Come, everyone rest here. We will continue after this."

Zhang Chu sat on the ground, shaking his head like a rattle drum: "I'm not going to crawl, even if I die I won't crawl, if I had the time I would have stayed in the hospital to do odd jobs, I'm really tired and thirsty."

Tian Yifa immediately fawned: "Zhang Chu, just wait, I'll go buy you a bottle of water."

Zhang Chu nodded his head proudly, just as he was about to show off, he saw Qin Hao's sharp gaze and couldn't help but shrink his neck.

At the same time, scheming something against Qin Hao appeared in Zhang Chu's mind. He swore to himself that he would definitely find a chance to beat Qin Hao up to him again, and never let Qin Hao get in his way of development again.

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