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C2 Conflict

Facing Zhang Chu's ridicule, Qin Hao did not choose to reply immediately. He knew that not only was Zhang Chu thick-skinned, he was also able to invert right and wrong.

None of the interns present had experienced rebirth like Qin Hao. In their eyes, Zhang Chu was a genuine sapling, and almost everyone wanted to break free and stay in the hospital of Clearing Source Medical University.

Otherwise, this internship would be meaningless.

It was obvious that Zhang Chu was related to Doctor Tian Yifa, or maybe he was related to him at the hospital.

Zhang Chu raised his voice: "Hey, Qin Hao, you purposely pretended that you can't hear me. Let me tell you the truth, my dad is the vice chairman of our hospital's surgery department, you better pray that we don't get any surgery, or else you will get a good result."

The moment he said this, the entire audience went into an uproar.

All of the interns' eyes were wide open.

Indeed, Zhang Chu had a background in the hospital, no wonder he was so confident.

It was rumored that Zhang Chu would be the victor of this internship. He never thought that Zhang Chu's father would be the Vice Director of Surgery at the Affiliated Hospital of Clearing Source Medical University.

Such a reminder was very interesting. It had to be known that interns would be assigned to study in accordance with the hospital's distribution, and the majority of them would be assigned to their own specialties.

However, there will also be some exceptions, rather the hospital combined with school materials to look for an intern, and then conducted special preferential treatment for comprehensive development training internships.

Since Zhang Chu's father was the Deputy Chief of Surgery, then the probability of him being assigned to one of the surgeons was very high.

To the interns who had just left the campus, they did not have any connections within the hospital. Zhang Chu's appearance had undoubtedly become the focus of attention.

A group of interns eagerly walked in front of Zhang Chu, flattering him.

"Wah, I didn't expect that Zhang Chu, your third generation of doctors, would all be at the hospital of the Clearing Source Medical University!"

"It's really amazing! Zhang Chu will be looking for an internship! "

With us, Zhang Chu, as a big backer, our internship will definitely go smoothly, just that we won't be like other people who only know how to flirt with girls.

"Eh, I heard that there's a total of three spots for us to stay. Isn't this saying that we'll become competitors?"

"Theoretically, that's the case. Think about it, since Zhang Chu's father is the hospital's leader, he should have already taken one spot. Then, who do you think is most likely to be the other two?"

There were a total of three places in the hospital, Zhang Chu took one of them, while the other two were also thinking about problems by other interns.

Everyone whispered to each other, suddenly thinking of something, and looked towards Qin Mengyao and Qin Hao.

Someone shouted, "It seems like their combined results are among the top few."

Everyone came to a realization.

Isn't that so? Qin Hao and Qin Mengyao's overall result at the Clearing Source Medical University was very good. Otherwise, they wouldn't be qualified to be the first two people on this batch of interns.

Qin Hao turned his head to look at Qin Mengyao, a look of disbelief flashing past his eyes, to know that Qin Mengyao's name was even ahead of him.

He should be the one with the highest overall grades among this batch of interns.

Seeing Qin Hao not speak for a long time, Zhang Chu became even more pleased, and laughed mockingly: "Qin Hao, did you hear that, you'd better behave yourself, or else, I'll make it so that you won't even be able to complete your internship, and you'll also have to stay away from my Qin Mengyao. Don't rely on your surname, I won't fix you by relying on you guys."

Qin Mengyao was displeased: "Zhang Chu, keep your mouth shut. What your family, I don't have anything to do with you, and what you are saying is too much. We all know that your father is the vice chairman of the surgery department, so don't pressure us with your father's mountain.

Zhang Chu squinted his eyes, his face had a look of displeasure, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he laughed: "Yes, but I see that Qin Hao is dissatisfied, what can you do to me?"

As they spoke, Zhang Chu arrogantly walked forward to push Qin Hao away, revealing a disdainful expression.

Qin Mengyao was incomparably furious, and said in a low voice: "Zhang Chu, apologize to Qin Hao right now."

A cold smile appeared on Zhang Chu's face as he ridiculed: "Hey, Qin Mengyao, do you still want to stay in the Academy peacefully? If you do, then behave yourself, and I will pretend that nothing happened. Otherwise, if you continue to stand up for Qin Hao, I can guarantee that your chance of staying in the Academy during your internship will be ruined."

An internship was especially important to everyone. After all, it was not easy to find a job these days, and it was even harder to find one that specialized in it.

Although Qin Hao was very moved and grateful to Qin Mengyao for doing this, and felt very warm in his heart, he could not harm Qin Mengyao because of this.

Qin Hao immediately raised his hand and said sternly: "Qin Mengyao thanks you for your help, for the sake of your future prospects, I think it would be better for you not to get involved in what happens next, because this is no longer within your capabilities anymore."

Qin Hao's aura suddenly rose, and his entire person seemed to have changed. This was a domineering aura that he had experienced all sorts of life and death experiences in the Ling Tian Continent.

This aura was enough to frighten even the supreme Divine Wind Thousand Mile on Ling Tian Continent, let alone an ordinary person. Even if Qin Hao had lost his cultivation, the domineering aura in his bones was still so overbearing and sharp that no one could easily deal with it.

Qin Hao's pupils constricted as a bright light shot out explosively from his eyes, straight towards Zhang Chu who was two meters away from him.

The moment he saw Qin Hao's gaze, Zhang Chu felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave as his entire person couldn't help but retreat two steps; it was as if his breathing had stopped.

As for the other interns, they also silently took a few steps back. Their faces were filled with nervousness and unease.

Qin Mengyao's expression tensed up, she silently watched Qin Hao's back, completely convinced by his tall and imposing figure, and just watched quietly like that, without anyone noticing, a smile slowly formed on her lips.

Zhang Chu nervously swallowed his saliva, his timidness carrying a hint of warning: "Qin Hao, what are you doing? This is a hospital, if you want to make a move, then this intern trip will be completely over!"

The corner of Qin Hao's mouth curled into a cold smile, as he clenched his right fist without hesitation, took a big step forward and strongly hit Zhang Chu on the cheek, and said with a deep voice: "Your father has been seeing you in a bad mood for more than a day or two already!"


Zhang Chu covered his face and fell to the ground. Other than the blood from the corner of his mouth, his left cheek was as swollen like a pig's head.

He was also in an extremely sorry state.

At this moment, Zhang Chu retreated while gnashing his teeth and warned, "Qin Hao, if you dare touch me again, I'll let you have the chance to leave the hospital. Furthermore, from now on, there won't be a hospital that will accept you in Clearing Source!"

Seeing this scene, the surrounding people all sucked in a breath of cold air.

No one dared to step forward to help as they were all shocked by Qin Hao's combat strength.

Qin Mengyao covered her mouth, her face was filled with shock, and in her heart she was extremely excited.

Qin Hao knew that Zhang Chu would force Qin Mengyao to death, so he could not blame him for hitting her. He crouched down and said coldly: "Zhang Chu, remember this, as a person, you must be open and upright, if you want to mess with me, come straight to the point, if you want to fight, I will accompany you at any time, but there is one thing you should not threaten, and the next time I will not only hit you once, but I will also cripple your entire life.

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