Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C20 invincible stomach king
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Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C20 invincible stomach king
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C20 invincible stomach king

The morning passed in a very dull manner.


Liu Zihao arrived as scheduled, and stood at the entrance of the hospital leaning on his red Porsche, a look of anger in his eyes.

Qin Mengyao and Qin Hao walked over while talking and laughing.

Qin Hao laughed and said: "Hey, you came on time, I didn't see that young master Liu had a sense of time."

Liu Zihao gnashed his teeth and said: "Qin Hao, shut up. Remember this: you are just trying to get something to eat. From start to finish, you do not have the right to speak."

Qin Hao shrugged his shoulders, "Alright, this brother will get on first."

Liu Zihao's Porsche sports car only had two seats. Originally, he did not plan to give Qin Hao a seat, but now Qin Hao was the first to sit in the front seat.

Liu Zihao said angrily: "Brat, your skin is really thick, don't you see that this carriage only has two passengers, get off quickly."

However, Qin Mengyao smiled and shook her head: "It's fine, I'll call a taxi."

Liu Zihao was embarrassed and insisted: "Meng Yao, I was originally just going to treat you to lunch, but now this brat is freeloading and eating, I didn't say anything, but now that he wants to freeload, it's too much. If it's like this, I can only treat it as you saying it, I'll get the old man to tell your father, and I believe that at that time you will be very ugly."

Qin Mengyao frowned, and continued to persevere: "No need, I'll call for a taxi."

Qin Mengyao raised her hand to stop a taxi and sat down.

Qin Hao laughed and jumped down from the sports car: "Hehe, although a sports car is good, it is not suitable for us brothers. I will also take a taxi."

Qin Hao also got into the taxi.

Liu Zihao was so angry that he punched the car's hood and bellowed: "F * ck, are the two of you messing with me?!"

Not only did Qin Mengyao not blame Qin Hao, she was instead somewhat pleased with herself. Facing Liu Zihao's furious roar, his expression did not change: "Liu Zihao, I'll give you a minute to think about it, go drive ahead and lead the way, if not, I'll look for a place to eat with Qin Hao. I don't care about your snitching at all."

Liu Zihao was raging, but it was like punching a ball of cotton. Not only did it not make any waves, he was even ruthlessly slapped in the face.

Gritting his teeth, Liu Zihao climbed into the Porsche sports car and sped away.

In the taxi.

Qin Mengyao: "Master, follow the car in front."

Qin Hao grinned: Heh, this Liu Zihao is rather interesting, look at how he was holding on for so long just now, if it was me, I would have already punched him out.

Qin Mengyao laughed: "Qin Hao, what you did just now was indeed a little excessive, but I think that it's very reasonable. I don't like Liu Zihao anyway."

Qin Hao was amused, he looked at Qin Mengyao, and realised that she was still beautiful to the side.

To be honest, although Liu Zihao drove the sports car very quickly, the driver of the taxi was much more skillful.

Ten-odd minutes later, Porsche sports car stopped on the roadside at a high-end Western Restaurant.

Liu Zihao got off the car first, "This one."

Qin Mengyao nodded: "Okay."

Qin Hao naturally had no objections, according to his intentions, he would just eat poor Liu Zihao.

The three of them entered the Western Restaurant.

A waiter eagerly came over and said warmly: "Young Master Liu, you've come. What do you plan to eat today?"

Liu Zihao waved his hand impatiently. "Go and bring me the bottle of Lafite from 82 years old that I have here. Also, bring me two steaks and two servings of caviar."

The waiter nodded.

Liu Zihao looked at Qin Mengyao, "Meng Yao, do you need anything else?"

Qin Mengyao saw that Liu Zihao did not plan on giving Qin Hao anything to eat, so she lightly shook her head and looked towards Qin Hao.

An evil smile hung from Liu Zihao's lips, as though he was saying: Kid, I'll see what you do.

Sure enough, the waiter looked at Qin Hao and asked seriously: "Sir, what do you want?"

Qin Hao laughed, and said disapprovingly: "Oh, it's very simple, I want whatever young master Liu wants, but both of you give me a double."

The waiter was stunned. "Double?"

Qin Hao nodded his head: "Of course, right, Young Master Liu has to pay for all of this."

Liu Zihao's face turned ugly, this meal was worth more than a few hundred thousand, but because Qin Mengyao was there, she had to maintain her gentlemanly demeanor, and she could only swallow her words.

Liu Zihao nodded and replied, "Mn, that's all for now."

The waiter did not hesitate and immediately left to prepare.

Qin Mengyao was a little reserved as she sat there without saying a word.

Liu Zihao continued to glare at his fiercely.

From start to finish, Qin Hao was still like a giant electric light bulb, but he did not disturb the atmosphere, instead he drank the water in his cup leisurely and looked at the menu.

Only after the steak and red wine had been served did Qin Hao continue to dig in.

It was as if what was happening around him had nothing to do with him.

Indeed, Liu Zihao's words did not affect Qin Hao at all.

Liu Zihao said in a deep voice, "Meng Yao, have a taste of Lafite for 82 years, don't say that I didn't remind you, this red wine is extremely good to women, not only does it nourish their skin and beauty, it also helps them to sleep, it can also delay their aging. When you have time, you should come out and eat with me."

Qin Mengyao laughed: "Really, I am not used to drinking this stuff, especially towards drinks with alcohol or alcohol, you know alcohol can make people afraid, it can also mislead people, I'm afraid that if you get drunk, you might get barged in without any good intentions."

Although he did not nod, everyone knew that Qin Mengyao was talking about Liu Zihao.

Liu Zihao laughed awkwardly, he raised his red wine and took a gulp, and inadvertently looked at Qin Hao, and almost spat out the red wine in his mouth.

Qin Hao didn't know where he got the chopsticks from, but he was currently holding a piece of steak and eating it huge mouthfuls. In his other hand, he was holding a full cup of red wine.

It was like eating a free buffet.

Seeing this scene, not only did the attendant's heart tighten, even the guests at the surrounding tables were also stunned.

In the end, the corners of Liu Zihao's mouth still twitched. There was no other reason but the way Qin Hao ate was like a reincarnated hungry ghost.

Qin Hao raised his head, seeing that there was someone looking at him, he stuttered: "What, we haven't eaten our fill for breakfast, we should eat more for lunch, this way, you guys shouldn't be envious, right?"


How could Qin Mengyao be jealous? Seeing that Qin Hao had finished eating a piece of steak, she weakly pushed the steak over to her.

"Qin Hao, I have no appetite, you should eat this steak as well."

Qin Hao grinned: "Alright, I feel like I can eat an entire cow at this moment."

Qin Mengyao covered her mouth and laughed.

Liu Zihao didn't even have an appetite as he frowned and said in a serious tone: "Qin Hao, don't go too far."

Qin Hao was interested: "Young Master Liu, you aren't that stingy, right? You only ate a few pieces of steak, and what's more, you said that I could eat and drink a little, I thought you were treating me as your default guest. As a rich and headstrong rich second generation, you don't plan to go back on your words, right?"


Liu Zihao really wanted to beat Qin Hao up.

But when he saw Qin Mengyao, Liu Zihao said with a darkened face: "That's right, how could I go back on my word? Eat, eat whatever you want, I'm afraid you won't be able to eat it."

Qin Hao said confidently: "Forget about these steak, even if I had a few more, I would still be able to eat them."

The corner of Liu Zihao's mouth hooked into an evil smile, and he immediately snapped his fingers: "Waiter, here, give me two more steak!"

Qin Hao's heart skipped a beat.

Liu Zihao laughed wickedly: "Qin Hao, Qin Hao, Qin Hao, don't you think you can eat that? I saw that you added two more steaks and you still didn't eat them, if that doesn't work, then I'm sorry, but the steaks you eat can only be paid for by yourself, if you are done eating, I will treat you to dinner, do you dare play with me?"

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