Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C5 The dragon and the phoenix cry out for nine days …
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Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C5 The dragon and the phoenix cry out for nine days …
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C5 The dragon and the phoenix cry out for nine days …

Shen Qing said solemnly: "Principal, there is a way to go, but it can only last two hours at most. If the Godly Doctor Zhao is not here within two hours, I'm afraid..."

President Li said in a serious tone: "Tell me what method you have in mind."

Shen Qing said solemnly: "Acupuncture."


Everyone present was shocked.

Zhang Lekang jumped out and retorted: "Dr. Shen, please don't hurt us, our hospital is not a Chinese Medical Hospital, where would the doctors of acupuncture come from? Moreover, if acupuncture can cure diseases, why would we, the doctors of acupuncture be needed?"

Many people felt that acupuncture and moxibustion were mostly in traditional Chinese medicine and belonged to the conservative treatment. However, the effect of western medicine promoting open treatment would be more obvious and more obvious.

After considering the pros and cons, President Li spoke in a serious tone: "Dr. Shen, this matter is indeed difficult to handle. After all, we are a western doctor.

Shen Qing bit his lips lightly, as if he had the courage to say: "I can."

Zhang Lekang crossed his arms and coldly mocked: "Can you? Even if you don't want your reputation, our hospital still needs it. Don't tell me that you want to stir up some trouble before the dean leaves and cause the dean's performance to be tarnished? If you insist on going, then I have nothing else to say. "

Zhang Lekang's words were watertight, and he appeared to help the hospital, the President and other doctors consider their situation. Naturally, he received everyone's support.

"That's right, Dr. Shen, stop persevering."

"Let's wait for Godly Doctor Zhao."

"Yes, quickly contact Godly Doctor Zhao."

"We'd better be safe."

"Forget about Dr. Shen, acupuncture is too mysterious. Even if you know how to use it, it isn't necessarily enough.

's insistence was not dispelled by the crowd's obstruction.

"Dean, please trust me, I can do it."

The President Li nodded his head and said seriously: "Then I can make it clear, Dr. Shen. If anything happens to the patient, you will be held responsible for it. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Shen Qing nodded earnestly: "Yes!"

President Li instructed: "Men, hurry and prepare a set of silver needles for Dr. Shen. If there is anything else Dr. Shen can use, immediately prepare it."

Zhang Lekang's mouth hooked up into an evil smile, and thought: "Shen Qing, oh Shen Qing, this time you are not dead yet, looks like the position of the chief of surgery will never be yours."

The silver needle came.

Shen Qing entered the intensive care unit.

The specialists and doctors were all standing in the corridor, ready to watch the commotion.

Shen Qing, who had entered the intensive care unit alone, found it difficult because he was a man. There were some areas where acupuncture was not convenient, so she walked out of the intensive care unit to look for help.

Shen Qing saw Qin Hao and Qin Mengyao.

However, Qin Hao had already walked over.

"Dr. Shen, is there anything I can help you with?"

Shen Qing nodded: "Yes, come in with me to help me."

Qin Hao, Qin Mengyao unhesitatingly entered the intensive care unit.

Seeing Qin Hao entering the intensive care unit, Zhang Lekang's evil grin became even wider, and he even secretly sent a text message to Zhang Chu, "Son, I'm afraid you might have your wish granted, because Qin Hao is currently at intensive care unit with Shen Qing, using this so-called acupuncture to save others."

When Zhang Chu received the message, he ran out of intensive care unit excitedly with a joyous smile on his face.

Inside intensive care unit.

Shen Qing was sweating profusely from the anxiety of his acupuncture.

Qin Hao saw the familiar acupuncture, and also saw Shen Qing's nervous face, he could not help but ask: "Dr. Shen, are you sure you want to give acupuncture to the patient?"

Shen Qing nodded his head heavily, "That's right, only acupuncture can temporarily seal the patient's vital energy and blood, and it shouldn't be a problem to wait until Godly Doctor Zhao to rush over."

Qin Hao saw Shen Qing's right hand tremble, and his heart was also in turmoil. In his memories, the Qin Hao from back then had created an acupuncture technique called the The dragon and the phoenix cry out for nine days.

This method of acupuncture could bring the dead back to life, but the prerequisite was that he needed the support of his Innate Qi. Right now, he did not have any Innate Qi in his body, so he could at most release 30% of the The dragon and the phoenix cry out for nine days's power.

Even if he had only 30% of his power, he would still be able to live for a few days for a dying person.

What's more, Chen Jianye who was lying on intensive care unit's sickbed was not someone who was about to die.

Qin Hao said seriously: "Dr. Shen, let me do it!"

Shen Qing was surprised: "You're here?"

Qin Mengyao also looked at Qin Hao with a rather shocked expression.

Qin Hao purposely avoided saying that: "My ancestors studied Chinese medicine, so when they were in my generation, they wanted to change and learn western medicine. But I have always been studying Chinese medicine, so my ancestors' set of acupuncture and moxibustion should be able to help patients temporarily seal their vital energy and blood, and slow down the flow of their blood."

Shen Qing frowned, feeling Qin Hao's confident gaze, he was still a bit worried: "Are you really sure?"

Qin Hao nodded his head heavily, "Yes, absolutely."

Shen Qing patted Qin Hao's shoulders heavily, and said in a serious tone: "Do it without worry, even if something really happens, I will take responsibility for it, feel free to mention anything else that you need."

Qin Hao originally thought that Shen Qing would not agree, but he did not expect him to agree. He felt a sense of joy and also heaved a sigh of relief, then laughed: "Dr. Shen, I really have to trouble you with something. I need a set of gold needles, and also need to prepare a pot of boiling hot water, a hot towel, and a cup of ice water."

Shen Qing nodded his head: "Alright, I'll go prepare it for you right now."

Qin Mengyao asked: "What about me, what do I need to do?"

Qin Hao laughed: "Help me take off the patient's shirt, then everything will be alright."

Qin Mengyao nodded seriously.

Seeing Shen Qing walking out of intensive care unit, many of them were at a loss, thinking that he had given up.

Zhang Lekang jumped out and laughed coldly: "Why did the Dr. Shen come out? Is that not okay? Weren't you very confident in your medical skills?"

Shen Qing did not bother with Zhang Lekang, and quickly left. Three minutes later, he carried a pot of hot water and the things Qin Hao needed to enter intensive care unit.

"I've brought it, what else do I need to do?"

Shen Qing was nervous to the point where he stared straight at Qin Hao.

Qin Hao smiled with extreme confidence. "I now invite Dr. Shen and Qin Mengyao to turn around and block intensive care unit's window when necessary."

Shen Qing asked doubtfully: "Are you afraid?"

Qin Hao smiled lightly and explained: "Oh, I'm just an intern. I'm afraid that something might go wrong, just wait until Dr. Shen finishes and say that it's you who treated the patient."

Shen Qing laughed, thinking that Qin Hao might fail, although there was a suspicion that he was doing it on purpose, but she had just boasted about it.

Shen Qing nodded as he called Qin Mengyao to close the intensive care unit's curtains.

Although they couldn't see what was going on inside, they could see the anxious crowd outside from the inside.

Shen Qing and Qin Mengyao stood at the side and watched in silence.

Qin Hao washed his hands with hot water and held onto a golden needle, attentively staring at the patient's chest.

A pair of eyes seemed to be able to see through everything. Taking a deep breath, Qin Hao's aura rose, as if a tornado swept through intensive care unit.

This tornado caused Shen Qing and Qin Mengyao to squint their eyes.

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