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Wild Supreme Doctor in the City/C7 Jedi Chicken Eating
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C7 Jedi Chicken Eating

"Gamble!" Why would I not dare to bet! "

Zhang Lekang shouted out without hesitation.

Many doctors secretly shook their heads. They didn't understand why Zhang Lekang wanted to haggle over this with an intern.

Shen Qing's heart felt warm, he could not help but look at Qin Hao more, she felt that Qin Hao was somewhat similar to his own child.

Qin Hao revealed a thought-provoking smile, he had long believed that Zhang Lekang would definitely take the bait, if not he would not have made such a sure bet.

Furthermore, Qin Hao believed in the The dragon and the phoenix cry out for nine days's acupuncture skills. One must know that medicine was based on practice, when he was in the Ling Tian Continent, he was also known as the Medical Saint.

Qin Hao said calmly: "Alright then, if everyone is fine, we can wait for an hour. In an hour, Mr. Chen Jianye will definitely wake up, and it will not be too late when the time comes."

Zhang Lekang laughed coldly: "Alright, I will make this bet with you today, isn't it just for an hour? I want to see what kind of flowers you can play while waiting."

Zhang Lekang sat down on a bench on the walkway, showing an expression of watching a good show, but his mouth still had a cold and mocking smile.

Other doctors chose to stay, while others chose to be busy with the work at hand.

As for the Godly Doctor Zhao, he had already called to request his personally and estimated that it would take another hour for his to arrive.

Shen Qing did not expect Qin Hao to have a stubborn temper, he moved his lips and did not say anything, or perhaps, she also wanted to see what kind of miracle would happen.

There were a lot of people in the corridor outside of intensive care unit, and time passed by second by second.

When it was almost an hour later, a family of three hurried over.

The middle-aged man anxiously asked, "President Li, how is my father? Is his life in danger?"

The middle-aged woman held onto President Li's arm, and said anxiously and seriously: "President Li, as long as your hospital can treat my father, my Chen family is willing to spend any amount of money."

The President Li said in a serious tone: "Mr. Chen, Madam Wang, Mr. Chen's condition is still unstable for the time being, we will need a moment to confirm the specific situation after the examination. Please wait."

A girl with long hair, who had a body of 1.7 meters tall also had red eyes as she anxiously asked: "President Li, how is my grandfather, is he in danger? I beg you, please save my grandfather."

President Li had difficulty answering the three of them, he could only look at Qin Hao, only to realize that Qin Hao had actually closed his eyes at some point in time, as if he was sleeping.

President Li was a little angry, he kicked the ball towards Qin Hao, "Mr. Chen, Lady Wang, that young lad has the most right to speak about Mr. Chen's condition."

Chen Guohua and his wife were at a loss, after all, Qin Hao was still young, and just as Chen Guohua and his wife were suspecting him, Zhang Lekang taunted, "Mr. Chen, it was this intern who shamelessly said that the Mr. Chen was cured, and it was he who made us experts wait here for nearly an hour."

Chen Guohua and his wife's face revealed a look of anger, they stared straight at Qin Hao with their sinister eyes.

Without waiting for Chen Guohua's couple to ask anything, Qin Hao stretched and said seriously: "Director Zhang, why do I hear your words filled with jealousy? There is still an hour and 20 minutes left, I hope that everyone does not enter intensive care unit to disturb the patients."

Qin Hao was waiting, waiting for Chen Jianye to come out on his own. According to his estimations, as long as it was a patient who was treated with The dragon and the phoenix cry out for nine days's acupuncture, an hour would definitely have a distinct effect.

That was why he dared to ask everyone to wait for an hour.

Chen Guohua said angrily, "Little brother, you seem to be an intern, right? How can a mere intern have that much power?"

Qin Hao shrugged his shoulders, and said seriously: "Mr. Chen, it just so happens that I have this kind of illness before, since others cannot do it, I have tried it out. Although I just came here today as an intern, it cannot be denied that I have complete trust in my abilities, and the Godly Doctor Zhao is about to arrive, delaying the patient by an hour is equivalent to forcefully extending the patient's life, as long as Godly Doctor Zhao arrives, I can immediately start the operation."

Hearing this, Chen Guohua let out a sigh of relief, "So that's what happened. Little brother, I almost misunderstood you."

Qin Hao smiled and waved his hand. He then realised that the doctors and interns in the corridor were looking at him with a gaze filled with anger. As a result, he immediately sat down and closed his eyes.

Ten minutes later.

A doctor ran over and shouted, "Godly Doctor Zhao is here!"

Sure enough, ten seconds later, a middle-aged man hastily walked over with five to six doctors wearing white gowns behind him.

"Godly Doctor Zhao, you finally came. If you don't come soon, there will be trouble."

Godly Doctor Zhao's name was Zhao Guanghui and he was already sixty years old. Behind him was his medical team.

Zhao Guanghui nodded his head, passing by President Li and walking towards Chen Guohua's wife, "Mr. Chen, Ms. Wang, how are you, I will do my best to save Mr. Chen."

Chen Guohua held Zhao Guanghui gratefully, "Godly Doctor Zhao, as long as you save my father, our Chen family will definitely give you a million dollars for your treatment."

Zhao Guanghui's eyes lit up, and a faint smile appeared on his lips, he patted Chen Guohua's hands and said: "Rest assured Mr Chen, even if I did not have that one million, I would have given my all to save Mr. Chen."

Chen Guohua felt so grateful that his eyes turned red and swollen, almost falling to his knees.

Zhao Guanghui waved his hand, and said in a deep voice, "Everyone listen up, immediately enter the intensive care unit to conduct a thorough examination."

Soon after, there were five to six doctors dressed in white gowns, holding precision instruments in their hands, who were about to push open the door and enter the intensive care unit.

Everyone revealed a curious and excited expression.

Qin Hao suddenly opened his eyes and shot himself into the air, he quickly walked to the front of the group of intensive care unit and stopped them in his tracks, saying in a serious tone: "Godly Doctor Zhao, please wait for a moment with your medical team, please wait for another ten minutes."


Another ten minutes?

Zhao Guanghui's face revealed anger, and said coldly: "This internship of yours, you must be tired of living, quickly scram, and delay the best opportunity to treat the patient. If anything happens to you, can you take responsibility!?"

No one would realize that Qin Hao actually dared to stop Godly Doctor Zhao's medical team, which undoubtedly caused a huge commotion.

"Qin Hao is crazy!"

"He's just an intern. He caused so much trouble today. Even we are going to suffer this time!"

"Damn it!" Qin Hao, this brat, has his brains squeezed out by a door! "

"AHH!" Who wants to hurry up and pull Qin Hao away, so that he won't continue to have such a bad thing here! "

President Li shouted angrily: Dr. Shen, so this is the student you're leading, why aren't you quickly bringing him away! "If not, I will report this to the Leader and exempt you from the qualification as a surgical specialist!"

Qin Hao's actions openly caused dissatisfaction among the doctors and the interns.

Zhang Chu jumped out and criticized his: "Qin Hao, oh Qin Hao, you really are just a piece of rat poop! A pot of soup, hurry up and f * ck off!"

Just at that moment, Zhang Chu had already arrived in front of Qin Hao. Carrying a lot of grievance, Zhang Chu raised his hand to grab Qin Hao's collar, attempting to pull him away.

Unfortunately, Zhang Chu didn't have enough strength and was pushed to the side with a swing of his hand.

Qin Hao's sharp eyes looked around, his expression extremely serious, and resolutely said: "Unless we wait another ten minutes, no one will be able to enter intensive care unit!"

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