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C8 To die

"It's even rebelling against you!"

President Li was furious, he raised his hand to slap Qin Hao, but was stopped by Zhao Guanghui.

President Li, don't be angry, this guy really has a bit of personality. Didn't he say that he definitely has to wait ten minutes, I'm tired from the flight, just ten minutes. If anything happens to the patients in these ten minutes, like when the patients pass away, he'll be in charge.

Zhao Guanghui straightforwardly sat on the bench to watch the liveliness.

Although the doctors, nurses and interns present were angry, many of them were blaming Qin Hao for his actions. Some even took out their phones to take pictures.

Qin Mengyao said anxiously: "Qin Hao, stop persevering, let Godly Doctor Zhao and the others enter."

Shen Qing said in a deep voice, "Qin Hao, listen to me, hurry up and get out of my way."

Qin Hao looked at the time firmly and said solemnly, "There are still eight minutes."

Zhang Lekang let out a mocking laugh: "Haha, I'm convinced, this year there really is a stubborn donkey, Qin Hao, oh Qin Hao, I think this time you not only will lose, but you will also go to jail."

Chen Guohua and his wife were furious, they rushed to Qin Hao's front and said angrily: "You're called Qin Hao right? Get out of the way, if anything happens to my father, I will make your whole family pay with their blood!"

Chen Luoyao, the daughter of Chen Guohua and his wife, also had an angry look on her face. She gritted her teeth and said, "Dad, mom, I'll call the police and arrest this guy right now."

Qin Hao was still blocking the intensive care unit's door.

No one could enter, and time passed second by second.

Qin Hao kept observing the time. When the hour was right on time, he revealed a smile on his face, and casually brought the intensive care unit out.

"The hour is up. You can go in now."

Zhao Guanghui laughed wickedly: "Oh, is that so? Everyone look carefully. If anything happens to the patient, blame it on this brat."

The doors of the intensive care unit opened, and everyone rushed in.

Shouts of surprise came from within the intensive care unit.

"How is that possible?"

"He must be trying to trick a ghost!"

"Yiyayo, are my eyes playing tricks on me?"

"This is unbelievable."

"He woke up. He actually woke up."

Chen Guohua and his wife rushed to the sickbed and hugged Chen Jianye.

Honestly speaking, Chen Jianye was still a little dazed when he just woke up. When he saw that the people in front of him were his son and his daughter-in-law, he was unavoidably surprised.

"Hey, why are you guys here? Right, where are you?"

Chen Luoyan giggled, "Grandfather, this is the intensive care unit of the hospital. Don't you have any impression of him?"

Chen Jianye shook his head. He was shocked by the number of people voting in the intensive care unit. "I don't remember anything.

President Li smiled: "Mr. Chen Jianye, this is Godly Doctor Zhao. These doctors are all experts of our hospital."

Chen Jianye laughed and held Zhao Guanghui's hands, and said gratefully: "Oh, thank you Godly Doctor Zhao for saving my life. Honestly speaking, I feel refreshed, as if I have returned to being twenty years old."

While talking, Chen Jianye directly got off the bed, and even started to practice his Taichi Fist, if it wasn't for the number of people, he probably would have practiced for a while.

President Li was shocked.

Zhao Guanghui was startled.

Everyone present was dumbstruck.

One must know that Chen Jianye was sent to the hospital in a coma an hour ago, and had even become a person who was on the verge of death.

No one would believe it.

Shen Qing and Qin Mengyao looked at Qin Hao who was outside of intensive care unit at the same time.

Of course, there were still many people who thought of Qin Hao, and the acupuncture that Qin Hao did an hour ago.

Zhang Lekang's expression was somewhat ugly, to the point that his body was trembling, "Impossible, absolutely impossible, this must not be true."

With his shoulders sinking, Qin Hao walked over and whispered: "Director Zhang, don't forget the bet we made before."

Zhang Lekang stared: "Qin Hao, what kind of demonic technique did you use?!"

Qin Hao shrugged his shoulders and laughed: "Everyone has seen it, I only used acupuncture to cure Mr. Chen, and it's not just the roots, if you don't believe me, you can do a thorough medical examination of Mr. Chen."

Zhao Guanghui also did not believe it, and immediately called for the medical team to check it out.

The results of the examination were revealed half an hour later as everyone waited expectantly. The conclusion of the examination shocked everyone present.

A doctor solemnly announced the results of the examination: Mr. Chen Jianye's body was healthy, his body's various indexes were normal, and he did not have any disease.



Everyone looked at Qin Hao with faces full of shock.

Qin Hao looked at Zhang Lekang who had secretly slipped away, laughed and reminded him: "It wouldn't be good for Director Zhang to just leave like this, right?"

Zhang Lekang stopped for a moment, then turned around extremely unwillingly, as he laughed dryly: "Qin Hao, from what you said, I don't want to leave. I'm just strolling around to get some fresh air."

Qin Mengyao rolled his eyes, and said with disdain: "Obviously you want to slip away."

Seeing this, Zhang Chu also shrank back, thinking to himself, "Dad, your son can't help you with this matter."

The corner of Zhao Guanghui's eyes twitched, he remembered that Qin Hao had blocked the intensive care unit's door with confidence, although he was unhappy about it, he had to admit that had some ability.

However, Zhao Guanghui's gaze towards Qin Hao was filled with hostility. He, a mere genius doctor, had actually been robbed away by a small intern.

Zhao Guanghui waved his hand and said: "Since this matter has been resolved, and the patient is safe and sound, President Li, then I will take my leave."

Before Zhao Guanghui left, he looked at Qin Hao fiercely, as if he wanted to memorize Qin Hao's appearance in his heart.

It was obvious that the enmity between Qin Hao and Qin Hao had been resolved.

After all, he didn't treat the patient, which meant that the one million fee promised by Chen Guohua had just passed by.

Everyone's gaze moved between Qin Hao and Zhang Lekang.

Zhang Lekang clenched his teeth, and glared at Qin Hao fiercely, and said unwillingly: Dr. Shen is sorry.

Qin Hao laughed faintly: "I didn't hear it, Director Zhang can't be louder."

Zhang Lekang said fiercely: "Qin Hao, that's enough. After all, I am still the Deputy Director of Surgery, and am your leader."

Qin Hao said coldly: "Is that so? Now that you admit that you are my leader, since you can't let us down, we can only do this, but don't forget to be courteous to us interns, if not we will meet again in the future. As for what will happen, you know."

Zhang Lekang's body trembled, he clenched his teeth, and at that moment, he was even a little afraid of Qin Hao's eyes.

Many doctors were still extremely interested in Qin Hao's methods, they quietly stood there and waited for him to explain.

Those interns felt their blood boiling, and all of them saw Qin Hao as their role model for the future.

Qin Mengyao walked over and reminded her: "Qin Hao, you offended the Director Zhang in such a ostentatious manner. I'm afraid that you will be cheated for your internship in the future."

Qin Hao shook his head: "What's there to be afraid of?

Shen Qing smiled and said gratefully: "Qin Hao, thank you. Come to my house to eat tonight with Qin Mengyao."

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